If you are an Elementor user you may encounter an error called “Elementor changes not showing live” or “live site not showing Elementor changes” once on your WordPress website.

No doubt, Elementor is the widely used WordPress drag & drop plugin for website customization and lots of other things.

Elementor is the #No. 1 page builder plugin that allows you to customize your website without using a single line of code.

However, sometimes users experience various errors like whenever you make any changes to your page it doesn’t appear on the live page.

There are various things that could cause this error. 

So, In this detailed post, I will discuss some common causes of this error and how you can fix Elementor changes not showing live on your WordPress website.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

What Causes the Elementor Changes Not Showing Live?

If you faced this issue for the first time then you must know what causes the Elementor not showing live error.

As I mentioned above there are various things that can cause this error. Some of the most common things that are causing this issue are mentioned below:

  • Browser Cache: Browser caching can sometimes prevent you from seeing the latest changes that you’ve made recently as it stores specific data, such as images and stylesheets, in its cache to speed up page load times.
  • WordPress Caching Plugins: Caching plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache can store static versions of your pages. And when you don’t clear caches, it may prevent all changes to your page. 
  • Plugin Conflicts: If you are using more page builder plugins alongside the Elementor plugin then there’s a lot of possibility it may override the content you have made with the Elementor, hence changes are not showing updated.
  • Theme Issue: Some themes may conflict with Elementor, preventing live updates. Switch to a default WordPress theme (e.g., Twenty Twenty-One) to check if the issue persists. 

Some hosting providers use server-level caching. You can also check with your hosting provider or in your hosting control panel to clear the server cache.

So, these are all the reasons why your page is not showing all the recent changes you have made.

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How to Fix Elementor Changes Not Showing Live in 2024?

Elementor Changes Not Showing Live

At this stage of my tutorial, You have a basic understanding of why such Elementor errors occur. 

Now, let’s get to all the solutions of the Elementor changes not showing live. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Fix 1: Clear all Browser Cache

The browser cache is the most common reason for most of the WordPress errors including Elementor pages not updating.

You need to clear all the cache to fix this Elementor error. The process of clearing the cache is different for different devices depending on the browser.

Here is how you can clear the browser cache on Google Chrome:

Step 1: Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser and click on settings.

elementor changes not showing live

Step 2: Type cache on the search bar and click on clear browsing data.

Elementor Changes Not Showing Live

Step 3: Then select ‘clear data’ to clear all your browsing history and cache.

Now restart the browser and check if your page showing changes or if you’ve still got the same issue.

You can also try the incognito mode to see if your changes are live or not. If changes are live in incognito mode then the problem is with your browser cache.

If still some elementor changes not showing live then go to the next solution.

Fix 2: Clear Cache using Cache Plugin 

If clearing the browser cache didn’t solve the issue the culprit is most likely a cached plugin. 

It is also the most frequent reason for this issue. You can try clearing the cache using the cache plugin you’ve installed on your WordPress website.

Let’s suppose you have installed the W3 Total Cache plugin or Litespeed Cache, you just need to click on ‘Purge All’ to clear all cache.

Elementor Changes Not Showing Live

You can also try to deactivate the plugin temporarily and activate it again. Now clear the cache and see if your Elementor changes are live or not.

Fix 3: Server Cache Issue 

Some hosting companies use server caching that prevents Elementor changes not showing up. 

The server stores static copies of web pages or specific elements (such as database queries or API responses) in a cache. 

These static copies can be quickly delivered to users without regenerating the content each time a request is made.

Clearing the server-side cache is crucial when making real-time updates. If the cache isn’t cleared, users will continue to see the old, cached version of the page.

You need to check with your hosting control panel or support team to clear the server cache.

Fix 4: Regenerate Stylesheets/CSS Files

Elementor updates may affect your current stylesheets/CSS files if all this happens after updating the Elementor or Elementor Pro plugin as it prevents your changes from appearing online. 

Elementor has a tool to regenerate CSS files which could solve this issue quickly. This will clear your CSS files and regenerate the new ones.

Just follow the step-by-step process to regenerate CSS files in the Elementor Plugin:

First, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate Elementor > Tools.

Elementor Changes Not Showing Live

Then click on ‘Regenerate Files & data’. After that clear the cache and refresh the page to see if the error gets fixed or not.

Elementor Changes Not Showing Live

In most of the cases, this fix helps lots of people, and their Elementor changes start showing on the live page.

Fix 5: Plugin Conflicts

Another possible reason your change to the editor doesn’t appear online can be the use of another page builder.

If you are using more than one page-builder plugin along with the Elementor plugin, then there are lots of chances that it may override the changes you have made with the Elementor plugin.

Hence it shows the old unupdated page.

To fix this issue you need to deactivate the other page builder plugin to see the changes you have made get live.

You should create your page as a template If you can’t deactivate the other page builder plugin.

Just create your page as a template and use it on a new page. In this way, you can keep both plugins and your Elementor changes will also go live.

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It’s frustrating when you spend lots of time changing something on your page and it doesn’t go live.  

However, Elementor changes not showing live on your website can often be attributed to a variety of factors.

From browser caching to server-side complexities, troubleshooting this issue requires a systematic approach.

Ensuring Elementor and its components are up-to-date, checking for Javascript errors, and verifying compatibility with your hosting environment are integral steps in this troubleshooting journey.

Additionally, maintaining a backup of your site before implementing significant changes provides a safety net in case unforeseen complications arise.

If, despite your efforts, the issue persists, reaching out to Elementor’s support or seeking assistance from experienced developers can provide specialized guidance tailored to your specific setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elementor Plugin?

Elementor is the best drag & drop Page builder plugin with 5+ million active installations. You can create any type of website from scratch and it works with all types of WordPress themes.

Why are my Elementor changes not showing up live?

There could be several reasons for this issue, including browser caching, server-side caching, conflicts with themes or plugins, or outdated Elementor versions. Carefully follow the troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the specific cause.

Should I deactivate all plugins to troubleshoot Elementor live update issues?

Yes, deactivating all plugins (except Elementor) can help identify if a plugin is causing conflicts. Reactivate each plugin one by one to pinpoint the specific plugin causing the issue.

What should I do if changing the theme resolves Elementor live update issues?

If changing the theme resolves the problem, it suggests a theme compatibility issue. Consider reaching out to the theme developer for support or exploring alternative themes that work seamlessly with Elementor.

Is it necessary to update Elementor to the latest version?

Yes, using an outdated version of Elementor can lead to compatibility issues. Regularly update Elementor to the latest version to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your WordPress installation.

How can I ensure Elementor Pro license issues are not causing live update problems?

Verify that your Elementor Pro license is active and valid. If there are issues, contact Elementor support for assistance. A deactivated license can affect certain features, including live updates.

Can server-side caching be selectively disabled for Elementor pages?

Yes, some caching plugins and server configurations allow you to exclude specific pages, URLs, or content types from caching. Explore the cache management settings in your caching plugin or server to configure exclusions.

What should I do if none of the troubleshooting steps resolve the issue?

If the problem persists, reach out to Elementor’s support for specialized assistance. Additionally, consider consulting with experienced developers or seeking help from your hosting support team for further investigation.

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