Fix Netflix error 1.20 ‘There was a Problem Playing the Video. (1.20)’


Netflix error 1.20 usually occurs on android phones and tablets. It usually indicates the data that is stored on the device to be refreshed. If you get the Netflix error 1.20, you’ll see a message like this:

There was a problem playing the video. (1.20)

We faced Netflix error 1.20 so many times, so before going to the solution, we must need to know why such error occurs.

What are the causes of Netflix Error 1.20?

  • Cache data: Sometimes cached data is the thing behind this error because of Netflix stores scripts, images and other media files on your device. There are more chances that the cached data on your device might be causing the issue by interfering with the service.
  • Netflix App data is corrupted: Usually, Netflix error 1.20 indicates that your device has an issue with the Netflix app, or the data stored by the app has been corrupted.

Now you have the basic understanding of why Netflix error 1.20 occurs. Below are some solutions to the error ‘There is a problem playing the video. Please try again. (1.20)‘.

Video Tutorial: 

Solution 1: Restarting Your Streaming Device

Sometimes the Netflix error 1.20 caused by your streaming device. There may be a bug or some loading problem that could prevent it from connecting to the internet, so we recommend that you try these steps:

  • Unplug your device from power at least 1 minute.
  • plug in your streaming device and see if Netflix works.

Solution 2: Reset or Sign out of Netflix.

Sometimes signing out of Netflix, and then signing back in, is sufficient to refresh your data and clear this error. There is no option for certain devices to sign out of Netflix. Instead, you can reset your Netflix settings with these devices. This updates the data and enables you to sign in back.

Follow these steps to sign out of Netflix:

  • After Sign in to the main admin Tap on the More icon and choose Accounts.

Sign out of Netflix
  • Save

  • Scroll down under Settings and tap sign out of all devices.

Solution 3: Clear the Netflix app data

Netflix stores some require files in the app data cache and sometimes this data gets corrupted and we get this error. Follow the below steps to clear the app cache:

Note:-  Clearing app data will delete any titles you have downloaded to the device.

  • Navigate settings in your device and select app.
  • Select the app manager.
  • Tap on Netflix app and select “Clear Data” to clear the cache.

Try to Stream video again to see your error is fixed or not.

So these are some methods to solve this error. I hope the above fixes were useful and the Netflix error 1.20 problem is fixed.

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