How to Remove Date from Your WordPress Posts

Remove Date from Your WordPress Posts

If you don’t update your website regularly, it can also be helpful to remove the date – posts with older dates may give the impression that your content is out of date. I’ll show you a few ways to remove your posts from the date.

How to Remove the Date With a Plugin

If you want to remove the date from the post then the easiest way to remove the date is with WP Meta and date remover. It has 70000+ installation on WordPress and it works well. You can remove your meta with this plugin. There are two ways of removing the meta from the posts.


  1. Install the WP Meta and Date remover.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Choose to hide from Backend or Frontend or Both
  4. Save changes
  5. And you have done!


This plugin uses two methods to delete your meta.

Removal using the CSS file

Plugin register custom CSS which hides any information contained by metadata class.
This plugin provides CSS file and you can also edit it in the plugin editor.

Removal using php

The Plugin filters results of functions like get_date(), get_time() etc.
In some cases, the CSS file does not work, which is why PHP code is used to remove it.
Plugin removes Metadata from source code. Which means even search engines can’t see it.

If you want in detailed see the video:

How to Remove the Date With Code

It’s very easy to remove the date from your posts. Simply create a (child theme) and after that add the following snippet to your newly created stylesheet:

{code type=php}
.entry-date {
display: none;

This code removes the date and the clock icon next to the date on topics such as Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Thirteen.

I tested for this code all the default WordPress themes. Although it completely removes all the theme dates, it does not remove words such as “Posted on,” which is usually published on the Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes before the date.

To remove the additional words for Twenty Eleven, click Editor in the admin sidebar and open functions.php. Search for the text “Posted on” and the following code will be found:

Remove Date from Your WordPress Posts

Delete “Posted on.” Maybe you want to capitalize on “By,” so the front – end looks good.

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