In This Blog, I will share Some important points about backlinks and How they affect our Blog or Is they really matter to make our article on the top of the search engine?

But The most important thing in blogging is your content if your content is not worth then no one will spend there time on your blog and if you are ranking on the top of the search engine by using some SEO tools then you will fall below in search engine results So before making any blog, The most important thing is your content.

You really don’t need more than 10 backlinks (Except No Follow Backlink) to rank on Google (and on other search engines).

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Steps To Check With This Keyword

1- Let’s Search this keyword On google do follow backlinks

2- Now Scroll to the bottom and look for the

importance Of backlinks

3- Now copy there link address by right-clicking on there article’s link address.

4- Now open Ahrefs and paste veewom’s website link address to Ahrefs free backlink checker.

(Ahrefs is one of the top SEO company in the world, If you have enough knowledge then you can easily rank your article in search engines with the help of Ahrefs)

5- Now Click on the check backlinks, and You will get there backlinks information.

importance Of backlinks

6- As you can see from the backlinks, There are less than 10 backlinks (some do follow and no follow backlinks have limited time), But this article is still ranking on the first page of google and also on other search engines.

So I want to say something to new bloggers and also to those, Who spend their time making backlinks for their article and they value their backlinks more than their content but they still do not rank on the search engine.

Thoughts For You

Do not spend more than enough time to make backlinks, But you can spend more than enough time to make your content in initial days


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