Are you looking for Kadence theme examples to build your website or blog in 2024?

If yes, then you’re on the right page. 

After purchasing a domain name and hosting, the next step is to choose a suitable theme for your website.

Kadence is the fastest-growing WordPress theme in the market, and millions of users worldwide use it.

In this detailed article, I will show you some Kadence theme examples and how they are using this theme to create their blog & website fast fast-loading, functional, and high-performing.

In other themes, you will have some additional plugins to add some features but Kadence gives those features without installing any extra plugins.

It makes your website fast-loading loading that ranks better on search engines.

So, without any delay let’s get started.

What is Kadence Theme?An Overview

Best ForAffiliate Marketers, WordPress blogs & Business websites
PricingStarts at $59
Money-Back Guarantee30-days
Best AlternativesGeneratePress, Astra
Free versionAvailable
FeaturesFast, 100% page speed score, Responsive, accessible to all, etc.

Kadence is a freemium WordPress theme which means it is available in both free & premium versions. You can download the free version at the site.

It is offered by the theme shop named KadenceWP along with some other themes and plugins. 

The Kadence Block plugin (Read Kadence Blocks review) is also one of them, it is a page builder plugin that unlocks the capabilities of WordPress’s Gutenberg editor.

KadenceWP Theme is the most feature-rich free WordPress theme that has ever been released.

It is a very lightweight WordPress theme that helps your site perform better on search engines and offers far more design & customization features than you’ll find with most free themes.

kadence theme exanples

If you’re also using the Kadence theme on your blog please don’t hesitate to claim a free site listing on the Kadence theme examples page using our comment form.

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15+ Best Kadence Theme Examples in 2024

Here are some of the best Kadence theme examples for you so you can find one similar to your needs.

All the below-mentioned Kadence sites are using the Kadence free and pro on their website. If you want to unlock more functionalities of the Kadence theme you can purchase the premium version of the theme at $59 for a year.

Fluent CRM

Kadence theme examples

FluentCRM is a Self Hosted Email Marketing Automation Plugin website for WordPress. It is a good example of the KadenceWP theme.

It manages your leads and customers, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, learner and affiliate management, and monitors user activities and many more in one place; without ever having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

The website design is impressive and built with the Kadence Pro + Kadence block plugin.

  • Website:
  • Theme: Kadence Pro
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Services

WP Crafter

Kadence theme examples

WP Crafter is a very popular website for WordPress tutorials by Adam Preiser. He also runs a YouTube channel named WordPress For Non-Techies.

This WordPress website is one of the best Kadence theme examples. He beautifully designed his website using the Elementor Pro plugin and Kadence pro WordPress theme.


Kadence theme examples

Guru99 is known as the best website to learn programming languages on the internet. If you wonder which type of website you can make with the Kadence theme just have a look at this website.

It’s a well-designed professional-looking website that loads with lightning speed and it is another best Kadence theme examples.

  • Website:
  • Theme: Kadence Pro
  • Hosting: Cloudflare


Kadence theme examples

Crosslist is a productivity tool that allows sellers to list quickly on the world’s largest online marketplaces.

It’s a clean & user-friendly example of the Kadence Theme that utilizes light tones and a bright purple highlight color.

The Kadence Theme does an excellent job of meeting the design & functionality needs of this SAAS website and many others in the space.

Blogging Den

Kadence theme examples

Blogging Den mostly writes about WordPress tutorials, Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing. If we talk about their theme, Bloggingden is also using the Kadence theme on their blog.

The layout of the website looks really good as they built their homepage with the help of Elementor Pro and Kadence theme.


Kadence theme website examples

Sanders is a WordPress web design company that provides website designing or Freelance graphics design services for your business.

The animation of this website looks so cool. This is one of the cool Kadence theme examples.

It’s a good design with the best animation and yes it is the best Kadence WordPress theme example you want to see in 2024.

Uniqe Blog

Kadence examples

Uniqueblog is a WordPress blog that provides affiliate marketing & WordPress-related tutorials. The speed of this blog is like a rocket because it uses hosting

The whole blog layout is designed using the Kadence Free theme without the help of any page builder plugins.

Fresh Of The Grid

Kadence theme examples

Fresh of the Grid is a food blog that provides blog posts on cooking outdoors. Basically, this blog is a place to share their favorite camping and backpacking recipes.

The layout of this website is just amazing, You can see the home page layout is in grid form which looks great and unique.

Fresh of the grid in another best Kadence website examples built with Kadence theme + Kadence blocks plugin.

Bloggers Desire

Kadence wordpress theme examples

Bloggers Desire is another WordPress blog to help struggling Bloggers and affiliate Marketers.

This blog is the best example of why newbie bloggers are going with the Kadence theme. Lots of other bloggers also use the GeneratePress theme on their blogs as it is also a lightweight and SEO-friendly WordPress theme.

You can read my GeneratePress vs Kadence tutorial to know which theme is best.

Tansley Photography

Best kadence theme examples

Tansley Photography is a beautifully crafted website using the Kadence WordPress theme. It is totally on a photography niche website.

This website is the best Kadence theme example and another best example that you can build your website in any niche.

Question Blogging

Kadence theme examples

Question blogging is yet another great example of the Kadence pro theme. This blog is all about providing quality content to newbie bloggers.

It is powered by a Kadence premium theme and has been designed with the Kadence block page builder.

Blogging Wizard

best kadence example websites

Blogging Wizard is a leading learning resource for anyone who wants to start and grow a blog.

They provide plenty of helpful content for new bloggers, and they also provide in-depth resources for entrepreneurs who want to take their blogs to the next level.

You can see how professional this blog is looking after using the Kadence theme. It is another best example of the Kadence theme.

Fluent Forms

Kadence theme examples

Fluent Forms is known as the most beginner-friendly WordPress form builder. It is a well-designed website using the Kadence WordPress theme.

You really need to look at the design of this site to understand the customization power of the Kadece theme.

ITech Tics

Kadence theme examples

ITech Tics is another best Kadence theme example with the grid layout of each of its posts. It is a tech blog that offers news, opinions, trends, and updates related to technology.

If you’re thinking of putting Adsense ads on your website you can look at how beautifully they manage ads on their website.

  • Website:
  • Theme: Kadence Theme
  • Hosting: Amazon AWS

Code with Mukesh

examples of kadence theme

Code with Mukesh is a beautifully designed Website and one of my favorite website designs on the internet.

I like the layout of this website and he created this website to share the knowledge he gained while working with big tech giants.

This one is another and our last example of the Kadence WordPress theme.

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Kadence Free vs Premium

Now, if you think the Kadence theme is the right WordPress theme for you think about which one you should choose between the free version or the pro version. 

Then there is the detailed table on the Kadence theme free vs pro comparison.

Key FeaturesKadence ProKadence Free
Theme Price$59/yearZero
Header AddonsYesNo
Hooked ElementYesNo
WooCommerce AddonYesNo
Ultimate MenuYesNo
Custom FontsYesNo
LinksGet NowGet Now

Kadence Theme Pricing 2024

The Kadence theme comes with different pricing options as you can access the Kadence pro theme in three different ways.

Kadence Pro comes with three different plans which are Kadence Pro, Essential bundle, and full bundle.

Kadence theme pricing

Kadence Pro: First, let’s talk about the basic plan of Kadence which comes at $59 a year. In this plan, you will get only a Kadence Pro theme without any additional plugins that other plans offer. 

Essential Bundle: This plan is the best one if you want the Kadence block plugin and Pro starter templates. The Kadence Essential bundle comes at $129 which includes the Kadence pro theme, Kadence page builder plugin, and Pro starter templates.

Full Bundle: The full bundle plan gives you access to their all plugins and themes. It comes at $199 for a year. You will get everything in this plan including: 

  • Kadence Pro Theme 
  • Kadence Blocks Pro 
  • Pro started Templates 
  • Kadence Cloud 
  • Child Theme Builder 
  • Kadence Shop Kit 
  • Kadence AMP 
  • Access to all future products

There is also a lifetime deal for the full bundle plan. If you want to purchase the Kadence lifetime deal it costs you $649 and you can access all their plugins and themes as well as their future products.


Now I write everything about the Kadence theme in this article. I searched a lot to find the best Kadence theme websites for you.

And I think these websites are the best Kadence theme examples in 2024.

If you’re also using the Kadence theme then you can write in the comments section to claim your website or blog on the above-mentioned list.

If you want to start your own blog, then I highly recommend you go for the KadenceWP theme.

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FAQs on Kadence Theme Examples

Is Kadence a free theme? 

Yes, Kadence is a free theme but it also comes with a paid version which unlocks more functionalities of the theme. The pro version comes at only $59. 

Is Kadence a good theme?

Yes, the Kadence theme is the most feature-rich WordPress theme in the market. It is the fastest-growing theme as well.

Does the Kadence theme work with all page builders?

Kadence theme works with all types of page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, etc. However, KadenceWP offers its own page builder called the Kadence block.

Is Kadence theme mobile responsive?

Yes, the Kadence theme is a responsive theme for all types of devices like; mobile, tablets, and Windows.

Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key?

No, your website won’t break. You will not receive any updates and support when your license expires. You can renew it with its renewal charges.

What’s the refund policy?

Kadence theme offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It means you will get all your money back in 30 30-day periods if you are not satisfied with the theme.

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