So in this article, I will share the top 5 niches to start blogging or micro niche blog in 2019. It is not always easy to choose topics for your blog. We choose our website’s topic on the basis of trends and what we like most but maybe google Adsense have not high CPC for your blog niche but I am sharing top 5 niches that are also CPC high for Adsense and other ads network platform.

But Make sure what category you choose it should be based on your interest not just for high CPC from Google Adsense because if you choose according to high CPC then after writing 10 to 15 articles you will be demotivated due to low traffic or some other reasons and after all, you will quit from blogging so make sure what topic you choose it should be based on your interest.

TOP 5 Niches For Your Blog

1 – Hosting

Hosting is the most popular category or niche for your blogging career, you can start your blog with this Adsense friendly topic and it will also pay you about 40$-50$ and you can also start a micro niche blog with this topic so if you are interested in this niche then you can start with this category.

2 – Finance

Yes, It is finance, Google Adsense pays you about 50$-60$ for this niche and it is the widest niche because there are different types of sub-niches ( like the credit card, loan, banking, etc ). you can start your blogging website with this Finance Niche or you can start with sub-niches that I have mentioned above. What you choose, It should be based on your interest.

3 – Tech News and Android

This is mostly used niche that is used by any blogger and I think its CPC is also very high but I am placing this on 3rd no because of its widely uses, Every 1 of 6 Blogger uses Tech News and Android Niche, So it is a very competitive niche but if you succeed in this niche then you can make a large amount of revenue by placing ads or by affiliate marketing and It’s CPC is 45$-50$ so it will be your permanent business if you make your interest in this category.

4 – How To Make Money Online

“How To Make Money Online” This is the most searched keyword in the google and there are thousands of websites that are built on this topic and they are earning a lot of income from this niche and if you know some good ways and if you have good writing skills then you can write blogs on this topic and you can also earn some good amount of income from this topic.

5 – Video Blogs

Friends I am telling you that the future is not of written blogs but it’s a video blog I mean Future is of video blogging so you can shift to video blog, I am not saying just make a video and upload it to youtube. You can also make a video blogging website by just uploading your videos of that particular topic below your article and you can monetize your article and videos from Google Adsense and some other ads network and by Affiliate Marketting.

I Just Hope, You have Enjoyed My Short Blog On This Topic And If You Want Any Other Topic Then You Can Comment And If You Have Any Query Then You Can Ask On Comment Box I Will Happy To Answer All Your Questions.

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