If you’re a Xiaomi smartphone user then you may one notice the Wfd Service in your smartphones. Lot’s of people don’t understand “What is Wfd Service” and why it is used for. There are lots of other system apps on Xiaomi phones which you also can’t understand what they are working for.

If you’re searching for the same question “What is Wfd Service on Xiaomi smartphones?” then you get your answer here.

What is Wfd Service?

This app is released for Xiaomi Smartphones. It is also known for Wi-Fi Direct Service. WLAN Direct enables one to connect devices with each other without requiring a wireless router. Wi-Fi Direct Service is one of the most important apps on the Xiaomi smartphone along with its MIUI system.

Wfd Service
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Xiaomi’s Wfd Service controls the link between smartphones with Wi-Fi networks. It also sets up the phone’s Wi-Fi connection so that internet access can be used.

Basic Functions of Wfd Service

As you can understand that the main function of this app is to provide wireless connectivity for your phone. However, the basic function of Wfd service is mention below:

  1. It gives WiFi access to your phone.
  2. Establish a shared link between your Smart Phone, smart TV, game console and much more, on other WiFi-powered devices.
  3. It gives internet connectivity to your smartphone.

Uses of Wfd Service

The main function of the app is now to connect your smartphone to other Wi-Fi-powered devices. With this app, your device is able to have so many ways to make your smartphone more enjoyable.

Wfd Service
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Read the explanation below for the benefits of Wfd Service on Xiaomi.

  1. You can able to print any document with your smartphone.
  2. You’re able to connect your phone to a smart TV to enjoy watching videos or streaming on the bigger display.
  3. You can use professional consoles to connect the phone to game consoles to play online games.

Final Words

Now you have a basic understanding of what is Wfd Service on Xiaomi Smartphones. Now let’s go to the biggest question: should you disable it or not?

Xiaomi mobile applications and MIUI system are usually given the option to disable any app. But don’t ever disable the app.

It’s because so many errors and malfunctions can occur while Xiaomi’s Wfd Service is disabled. This won’t be easily linked to Wi-Fi and you certainly won’t want it to happen. The mobile would also be unable to connect to other Wi-Fi networks, thus reducing its functionality.

If you disable this app, it will heavily disturb the phone’s performance.

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