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Form Pages by WPForms – Google Forms Alternative for WordPress

Have you ever tried to create a WordPress landing page free of distraction? If so, you probably realized it wasn’t easy.

The main challenge to date with WordPress forms has been that all shapes are controlled by WordPress themes, and unfortunately most WordPress themes don’t give priority to shapes.

This forced many WordPress users to use Google Forms to create standalone workflow forms. We have created one because in WordPress there was no perfect alternative in Google Forms.

I am glad to announce the launch of WPForms Form Pages, a form free landing page developer for WordPress, which will support you in improving your form conversions.

The form Addon pages for WPForms allows you fast to create dedicated form landing pages in less than 5 minutes without hiring a developer or entering any code.

We made the process “stupid” like everything else in WPForms.

For any of your WordPress forms, you can create a custom landing page, simply activate the “Size Page Mode” from the Form Settings.

Form Pages by WPForms

You can add your logo, title of the custom page, description and the landing page URL to the Settings page.

It is supplied with two modern and classical shape styles. You get the exact same look and feel with Google Forms with the classic style, while the modern design enables you to put your form into 2019.

The shape styles can be combined with six color schematics. By selecting the main color you can also make a personalized color scheme. WPForms creates other colors and gradients to create your color scheme automatically.

Just save your configuration once done, which is it.

You are ready to share your custom form landing page.

Form Pages through WPForms are the perfect alternatives to Google Forms for WordPress because they allow you to build custom form landing pages and combine them with other powerful features of WPForms, such as smart surveys, payment logic, marketing integration, user regression, abandonment technology and so much more.

The additional form pages can be found within the WPForms Pro Plan.

If you want to improve your form conversions seriously, then today you need to start WPForms Pro.

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