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Have you tried Headway 3.0 yet? Its Mind Blowing

As you probably know about this website last month or so, Headway 3.0 has been at work. We have shown you a practical video about how your drag-drop grid system operates. Well, two days ago, with their new version available for everyone they finally brought their redesign live. You were intelligent for those of you who purchased it before. You’re a grandfather to update yourself for life. This is not about future children’s subjects. Yup, Headway has children’s subjects now. Some famous themes such as Press75, Allure Themes and others are not available to Headway’s dedicated developers.

What’s new in Headway 3.0

Short reply: much. There’s so much to the 3.0 that it’s incredible. have played it and it really is the most amicable WordPress theme for bloggers.

Some new things have been added below:

  • Headway was rewritten entirely from scratch. It has new codebase which is quick.
  • You can do more than ever without ever having to write single line of code: even things in your designs, such as drop shadows and corners.
  • Headway now has kids ‘ topics, including ports of well-known themes from leading theme developers such as Press75, Allure and Bio. Many others come straight from Headway and we’re constantly getting new ones. Any developer of theme can create children’s themes for Headway and even sell them in the Headway market!
  • Only by drawing live rectangles on the page can you create your website. We call them blocks. We call them blocks. Just click and drag and tell Headway the kind of block you’re looking for (header, navigation, content and more) and hey pretty much.
  • In Headway’s Visual Editor, you can easily set fonts, colors, backgrounds and other design elements. Check out your changes live on the screen without any imagination. Just save your changes to your website live.
  • We’ve added a new SEO function based on the Google announcement that xfn’s information will more heavily be included in the rel = author for authors links.
  • The Live CSS Editor now offers developers syntax color coding and Blocks API is available to allow developers to create their own customized block types, even in the Headway marketplace.

Sadly, you who have missed the pricing of your grandfather is a bummer. But you can use only a few coupons to get the best deal.

You can get 33% OFF for all plans except the BASE voucher if you use the voucher HW33. (If this coupon expires, we don’t know).

But if it expires, then you can get 25 percent OFF with the non expiring Headway coupon.

Unfortunately, you who missed your grandfather’s pricing are a bummer. But to get the best deal you can only use a few coupons.

All plans with the exception of a BASE voucher can receive 33 percent OFF if you use the HW33 voucher. (We don’t know if that voucher expires).

But if it expires, 25% OFF is available for the Headway coupon that does not expire.

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