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How to Add Live Stream in WordPress with Live Theme

Live broadcasting was always the wish of many bloggers. But WordPress wasn’t about a great topic. Well, it’s over waiting. The Standard Theme’s John Saddington informed us that they have created a new topic, called Live Theme, which focuses on live event broadcasting.

Live Theme is a video-centered WordPress theme designed to broadcast live events, interactions with the community and to captivate everyone. Based on standard theme codebases, this topic allows you to embed third party services such as Ustream, Livestream live video broadcasting. You can build a hype before broadcasting an event by showing a prominent timepiece until the starting time. In addition, the Facebook area which recommends spreading the word and the animated twitter stream which captures pre-event chat to keep the users engaged can encourage sharing.

You can also use rotating “bumper” images to pay for the broadcast to guide visitors to the sponsors.

When you go live, the timer and turning bumpers fade away and the video stream disappears. Visitors can continue to communicate on the #hashtag via twitter. Updated tabbed pages provide information without disconnecting the user’s stream. To further increase participation, photographs captured during the event can be accessed via an optional photo stream.

Live Theme has an easy-to-use administrative panel. It is not only intuitive but also includes built-in plug-ins. The whole purpose of the subject is to be ready to go, so try and find the perfect widgets for you not to waste hours. You’re here to save time and effort already.

You thought you would start a radio site? You thought. Here’s your chance to do it with WordPress. Now get the topic live.

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