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wpbloggerbasic v5 – New Site Design and What’s Next

You may have noticed that we have a new web design if you’re currently loading wpbloggerbasic. In view of the latest design since 2012, many of you would say that it is time we made a refreshment for wpbloggerbasic. I would like to share certain insights into our redesign process, what we have learned, why it took so much time and, most of all, what is new in the new design.

A Little Background

In 2009, I began wpbloggerbasic. WPBeginner underwent four redesigns in the first three years. That takes up a lot of resources that could have been better spent on our core task: to help little businesses with our tools, team and training grow and compete with big people.

After WPBv4, I focused on our core task and the findings are amazing.

In the last four years:

  • More than 1000 free tutorials have been created on the blog wpbloggerbasic.
  • On our YouTube Channel, we have added more than 500 new video tutorials.
  • In our WordPress Glossary we have added over 100 terms.
  • We launched OptinMonster, tool that converts visitors to abandons. Our opt-in forms are seen multiple billion times month.
  • In order to help our users easily build photo video galleries without slowing down their web site, we launched Envira Gallery, the powerful WordPress gallery solution.
  • Soliloquy has been launched with an easy-to-use WordPress slider that makes performance and user experience priority.
  • Based on your feedback and proposals, we launched WPForm, the most beginner friendly WortPress form.
  • We purchased and renamed Yoast Analytics to MonsterInsights earlier this year. We are writing the entire  plugin to make it easy for newbies to use Google Analytics.

In total, over 13 million downloads have been done and more than 2,000,000 websites actively use our plugins.

Although these achievements are all great, we have to face a new set of challenges if we are to continue to improve and serve our mission.

It takes me to WPBeginner v5.

Design with Data

The use of mobile devices has increased considerably in recent years for most websites. That’s why we recommended that everybody select a WordPress theme that’s mobile friendly when starting a blog.

It was a little ironic, as we did not respond to our own website. We have been very critical of other WordPress developers and social media.

Sometimes we get readers ‘ comments asking why wpbloggerbasic hasn’t been responsive.

While I understand the importance of responsive design, when it comes to prioritizing tasks in your business it is even more important that you take decisions based on data.

Less than 2 per cent of our audience was mobile when we launched WPBv4 in 2012.

This figure today grew to approximately 7 percent in 2016.

Compared to my other websites such as List25, with over 50 percent of users on the phone. This is very low.

However, it makes sense because most people don’t install plugins via mobile devices on their WordPress websites. Most people don’t modify mobile code. Most people don’t try to fix common mobile WordPress bugs.

This is why it wasn’t our top priority to make wpbloggerbasic responsive. However, after 5 percent of the mobile usage, we began to plan the refurbishment that addressed other challenges.

The usability on-site was another challenge we faced. As more content was added, finding what users were looking for became difficult for users. For example, we had 8 articles about accelerating WordPress, but no detailed solution step by step.

We looked at the top search queries in the search form of wpbloggerbasic to create complete tutorials which are now highlighted promptly in the design step-by-step.

WPBv5 Comprehensive Guides

With full screen search overlay in the header and an additional search bar in the sidebar, we also made searching wpbloggerbasic much more easy. We will help users to find what they want by creating content portals that leverage WordPress tags creatively in the future.

What’s New in WPBv5

The site has maintained the same core functionality. Some notable changes on this website are as follows:

New Start Here Page

You would appreciate the new Start Here page if you’re new to wpbloggerbasic.

Responsive Website Design

The website of wpbloggerbasic is 100% responsive now, so it looks great on all devices. In order to build on our custom child subject we chose to stick to the popular Genesis Framework.

Comprehensive Guides

If you look at each page’s sidebar, you’ll see new section called “I need help …” which highlights wide range of  guides, for instance, how WordPress security can be improved, how WordPress SEO can be optimised and more.

Better Visibility for Our Products

One of the questions I asked in the wpbloggerbasic census was that we named a product. How many people did not know about our products was quite surprising. We will do better to emphasize the product we own in the new design.

This begins with a new WordPress premium plugin page.

In our sidebar as well as in our newsletters, we will also rotate the products.

FontAwesome and New Font

You may notice that the new designer uses icon fonts. He’s called FontAwesome, and Dave Gandy’s work is a huge fan of me.

We are proud supporters of FontAwesome, and use his work on all our products.

In fact, if you are using FontAwesome and our other properties, you can actually add the wpbloggerbasic logo as a font.

We now use Typekit’s Proxima Nova font in the new design.

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