How to embed Google Forms in Website

How to Embed Google Form in Website (WordPress)

Do you really want to Embed Google Form in WordPress website? Embedding a Google form should be a simple process as the creation of a Google form. The interface is intuitive, all things are in your place and you can come up with a form in no…

What is

Do you want to know what is myftpupload? well, if you have ever used Godaddy’s web hosting, you may have seen in your control panel. Obviously, this is a strange looking domain, and it does not have anything to do with your site. is registered…

Df a8'H Default Error

How to Solve ‘DF A8’H Default Error’

DF A8’H Default Error is a very irritating error in any phone. Basically, it occurs with your sim card. It happens as a result of some technical issue of the device. This is a really annoying error because you have tried several ways to eliminate it, but still, it comes….

All in one wp migration

Migrating a WordPress website with “All in one WP Migration”

It is not a very difficult task to migrate a website. But sometimes the most annoying and irritating method is to migrate WordPress sites. All in one wp migration is a free WordPress Plugin which focused entirely on migrating your site to a new server…


Detecting WordPress Themes & Plugins with ‘What WP Theme Is That’

Suppose that you loved a website while browsing on the internet. And You know that the website is using WordPress. After that, you start thinking about What WordPress theme or plugins are these websites using? Can I use this theme or design for my website? Well,…