How to Fix Add Media Button not working (WordPress)

I know the pain when you’re ready to publish your post and decided to add some images, But when you click on Add Media it doesn’t respond. This Error doesn’t display any type of warning so the user doesn’t know about this cause. This type…

Intelligynce review

Intelligynce Review: Pros and Cons of the Tool

We all know that it is really one of the toughest tasks to find reliable and profitable products when we don’t use any tools. Manual product searching is a time – consuming task and we ultimately waste our time and money on bad products. In…

wordpress for dummies

Know All About WordPress for Dummies Book – For Beginners

You can really tailor a website to your own tastes and needs with WordPress. All the publishing tools you need are readily available: Some are packaged with WordPress software; others are plugins and add-ons from third parties created by WordPress users. With a little research,…

Remove Date from Your WordPress Posts

How to Remove Date from Your WordPress Posts

If you don’t update your website regularly, it can also be helpful to remove the date – posts with older dates may give the impression that your content is out of date. I’ll show you a few ways to remove your posts from the date….

php max input vars wordpress

How To Increase PHP Max Input Vars WordPress

When you see Maximum Input Vars: 1000 notification in the control panel, you need to increase Max Input Vars in your host in order to use our theme’s maximum potential. We explain two most common ways to increase this setting in this short article. For…


How to Add Custom Items to Specific WordPress Menus using wp_nav_menu_items

WordPress menus are amazing. The drag-drop interface makes it easy for developers and users of WordPress themes. We’ve shown you how to add a custom menu in WordPress and how to design a custom menu in the past. One thing that is limited to the…