8 Best Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Site [FREE]


Do you want some plugins to speed up your WordPress site immediately? Then you need to use plugins. Plenty of plugins are available in the WordPress directory for cache, JavaScripts, and other types of Scripts optimization.

However, it is difficult for beginners to choose the best speed optimization plugin out of 200+ speed optimization plugins.

In this post, you will discover the top 8 FREE powerful plugins that will make your WordPress site super faster.

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Below we mention caching plugins, Minifying Plugins, Lazy Load Plugins, Image optimization plugin, and so on.

Note: Before installing any cache plugin, you need to back up your site completely.

Why the WordPress Site Speed Matter?

Google announced Speed algorithms, as known as “Speed Update” back in July 2018. This Speed Update causes a sharp decline in the ranking of slow-loading sites in search engines.

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Based on the Akamai Technologies case study on online retail performance, one second delays in page loading speed could result in a 7% loss in conversion, reduce 11% in page views, and decrease 16% customer satisfaction score.

In other words, as a website owner, you have only 5 seconds to display your content to your visitors.

Top 8 WordPress Speed Enhancing Plugins

These plugins will help you speed up your WordPress site so that you will never leave a single user with your hands.

1. W3 Total Cache

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W3 Total Cache plugin is the most popular speed enhances plugin in the WordPress directory. This plugin is all in a one-speed optimization plugin, you can optimize the minifying, database, javascript, and so on.

As well, you can easily embed CDN like Cloud Flare with W3 Total Cache plugin easily in one click.

On the contrary, W3 Total Cache configuration is too difficult. If you don’t set the W3 Total cache plugin correctly, it can break your site. Whether you have the knowledge to set up perfectly, otherwise you can go for an alternative plugin.

W3 Total Cache Plugin Features

  • All types of CDN Support
  • Clear Browsers Cache
  • Clean and maintain Database in one click
  • Clear Object Caching
  • Optimize Minifying
  • And Much More

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2. WP Super Cache

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WP Super Cache Plugin is the best alternative of W3 Total Cache and it has more than 5.5 million downloaders. This plugin is very easy to use and easy to configure with other third-party integrators.

WP Super Cache offer wild range of caching facility like Mod_Rewrite, PHP, Legacy, and so on. Along with this, they provide pre-cache loading and CDN interpretation.

WP Super Cache plugin

  • Multiple Caching types support
  • Preloading caching
  • Server static HTML file
  • All types of CDN support

3. Cache Enabler

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 Cache Enabler is the best lightweight performing cache plugin offering by KeyCDN. Cache Enabler plugin offers a better facility than other normal caches plugins such as auto cache clear, one-click minify CSS and JS, and so on.

To be honest, The Cache Enabler plugin has also a negative point that is, they do not provide the CDN support feature. However, if you use the Cache Enabler plugin in your WordPress blog, then for the CDN management you need to install the KeyCDN parent plugin that is CDN Enabler.

Cache Enabler Plugin Features

  • Easy to ember with all types of WordPress site
  • Auto clear cache facility
  • One-click to minify CSS, JavaScripts, and HTML
  • Can exclude the particular page from the Cache setting

4. WP Super Minify

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According to case studies on page weight, after images and videos, Java Scripts, CSS and HTML make up to 50% of the total web page weight. So, it’s necessary to optimize them for better site performance.

WP Super Minify helps you to minify unnecessary JS, CSS, and HTML and reduce their size by combining them in one main file.

When you set up the WP Super Minify plugin, pay more attention because earlier this plugin was not running properly with plenty of the themes and plugins.

WP Super Minify plugin Features

  • Easy to Minify Java Scripts, CSS and HTML files
  • Allow deleting unnecessary CSS, JS and other scripts from database
  • One-click integrate with other security and speed plugins

5. WP Faster Cache

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WP Faster Cache plugin is dedicating the cache management plugin for WordPress website because it offers lots of advanced cache management features.

This plugin is a blessing for the beginners because this plugin comes with those entire features that are required for speed optimization.

The second big advantage of using the WP Faster Cache plugin is that it provides easy to set the auto cache expiration time for particular URLs.

WP Faster Cache plugin Features

  • Allow you to exclude post and pages from the cache
  • Allow integrating CDN
  • Few clicks to set up for better speed performance
  • Minify JS, CSS and HTML
  • Beginner-friendly interface

6. Lazy Load by WpRocket

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If you publish long posts in detail, including lots of images and videos, then the entire site will load when users visit the website, so images will slow load your website.

Don’t need to load all images together at once, just load those images that display on the user screen.

You can do this by using any Image Lazy Load plugin. I personally use Lazy Load by WPRocket plugin, so it works fine with all cache plugins.

Lazy Load by WP Rocket Plugin Feature

  • Replace all types of Images with thumbnail
  • Work without JQuery or JavaScripts
  • Youtube video framework replace with its thumbnail images

7. Imagify – Best Image Optimization Plugin

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Based on UX research, Images make people 80% more likely to read your content and people easily can engage with attractive images.

On the contrary, images make up on average 34% of the total weight of webpages.

In other words, if you don’t optimize images file size, then I will hurt you more than helping.

You need to use a good image optimization plugin like Imagify to reduce image file size after uploading on your site.

If you use the Imagify plugin in your WordPress site, then you don’t need to do anything else. This plugin automatically reduces file size when you upload it on your site.

ImagifyPlugin Features

  • Provide 3 levels of image optimization facility (Normal, Aggressive and Ultra)
  • Reduce image size up to 90%
  • One-click setup
  • Store original image file
  • Without losing image quality remove unnecessary bytes of file size

8. WP Smush – Image Optimization Plugin

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WPSmush is another Image Optimization plugin, and it is an alternative to the Imagify plugin. This plugin is based on Yahoo Smush. it service for WordPress site image optimization.

WP Smush offers “Lossy” and “Lossless” both format image optimization services.

Previously, the Smush plugin had lots of bugs such as it will break post image thumbnail. However, now they fixed it. Now it’s working fine.

WP Smush Features

  • Remove un-useful visual from images
  • Optimize JPG and PNG both image format
  • Easily integrates with the Smush.it API
  • Manually image optimization option


Above all plugins are FREE plugins, but they offer useful and powerful facilities to speed up WordPress sites.

There are plenty of best WordPress cache plugins are available in the wordpress.org plugin section, but these top 8 plugins are most popular and downloadable. As well, they have good ratings and feedback by their currently using customers.

Advanced Tip: Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) with cache plugins for maximum performance.

I hope you like these plugins. I am sure, these plugins will make your WordPress site faster immediately.

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