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How to Add PDF Files in WordPress Post Without Plugin

Add PDF files in wordpress

Do you want to embed PDF files in WordPress website or page without a plugin? Well, It’s quite simple to embed pdf files in any WordPress website or page. You can also do this with some plugins but adding more and more plugins makes your website slow.

When we add these PDF files without plugins, then why should, we compromise the speed. When you are uploading and adding the Media PDF files to the WordPress post by default, it only includes a PDF in your blog and only displays the PDF file name together with a link.

In the event that you want to only give a user the ability to download a pdf file, this is a good idea, but not if you want the pdf file to be viewed and read on your site directly without leaving it, so you can also reduce the bounce rate.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add PDF files in WordPress post without using any plugin.

Steps to Add PDF files in WordPress page:

  • Open WordPress post which you want to embed PDF file.
  • Click on Add Media button.
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  • Tap on Upload files>>Select Files
  • Select and upload your PDF file to the WordPress media gallery.
  • After upload return to your post.
  • Click on the line where you want to add pdf file viewer and after that click on the TEXT tab given on the right top side of your text editor.
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  • Paste the following code inside the text editor.
<embed src="" type="application/pdf" width="774" height="774"></embed>

  • After that click on add media and copy the URL of a pdf file which we uploaded recently.
Image Source:- Google Search
  • After copying the URL, just replace the with your own pdf file.
  • The size of the embedded pdf file can also be increased or decreased by changing the values of width and height attributes given in the code.
  • Once you substitute the URL you will see that without an external plugin you have successfully added an embedded PDF file viewer.

I hope this tutorial helps you to embed PDF files in your WordPress post. If you have any doubts then you can ask in the comment box.

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