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How to Find Bookmark Answers and Save Drafts Answers in Quora App

bookmarks answers in Quora?

Quora is a Global knowledge sharing website and lots of people have trouble in finding some features in the Quora app. So in this tutorial, I am going to explain ‘How to find Bookmark Answers in the Quora App’ and ‘How to find Saved Draft Answers in the Quora App’.

Video Tutorial:-

How to find Bookmark Answers in the Quora App

  • Open Quora App (Make sure you are logged in)
  • Slide the Topics you Follow on Quora

Bookmark Answers on Quora

  • In the end, you will the Bookmark Icon

bookmark option on Quora

  • Tap on the Icon and you will get your Bookmark Answers

Note:- Make Sure your app is up to date, Different versions have different methods.

How to find Saved Draft Answers in the Quora App

Save draft helps you to do further edits in your answer but many peoples unable to find this in the Quora App. You can find this by the below mention methods:

  • Open Quora app
  • Go to the ‘Answers

Save Draft in Quora

  • In the upper corner side, you’ll find save. Just right side of the request.
  • Tap on it.

saved draft in quora

  • Then you’ll get the draft section of your profile.

draft in quora

  • Click on it and you will get your saved draft answers.


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