How To Make Your Photos Come Alive With This Video Collage


Video collage makers use the images, infographics, and small video clips in between to create a visual treat to the customers. They help to provide complete details in a short duration.

Creating a video collage is simple and easy to learn. There are thousands of video collage makers available as apps for mobile and desktop.

Besides brand advertising, you can create video collages for your events, birthday invitation, testimonials, teasers, product promotions, motivational stories, holiday plans, and messages.

There are thousands of templates with different slide preferences to enter text, images, and side-by-side shows with pictures and videos on the internet.

These collages are indeed great for professional services and personal activities.

Most of the video collages made with photos can be shared instantly on Instagram, LinkedIn Feed, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can create videos from scratch and upload it in your social media like a pro using collage makers.

How to choose a video collage maker for your photos

If you want to create a suitable video collage, then you have to be a little creative to use the transitions. Transitions can make or break the video, so use it concisely.

Use the images that have the same theme or same mood. If you can’t create the exact mood, then you have to use a good background template. Sometimes the templates will be more pleasing than your images.

So, it is good to use some.

Picking a collage maker is an important aspect, and you have to look for some crucial factors in them. You have to check whether your video collage maker can fulfill the need.

The same video collage maker cannot fit your videos shared on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes you may need a lengthy video for Facebook and a short one for Twitter. Make sure that you get both done in the same video collage maker.

Some video collage makers will restrict any modifications to the existing templates. In that case, your creativity has no space, and you may fail to get the desired results.

So always prefer a collage maker that has some room for creativity.

Templates are the next thing that you have to consider in a collage maker. Many collage maker apps provide plain templates and leave the rest in your hands.

These will help you to incorporate your concept beautifully into the video. But if you are not confident enough to create one, then use the premade templates for your projects. Make sure the templates have features for using images, GIFs, and videos.

You can prefer a collage maker with a frame for the video next to the image for sharable clips. This will provide more details on the concept and watch it from multiple perspectives.

Most collage makers are free to use, while some have both free and paid versions. Some collage makers provide free trials for one or two projects. After that, they may need a subscription to extend their service.

You can choose the later ones for a better understanding and subscribe later.

Apart from creating a simple collage for your products, they also act as the best video editors for YouTube. If you have some concept in mind and want to express it as pictures, videos, and texts in between, then video collage makers are the best choice.

Tips to make better collages

  • Choose the frame shape aspect ratio to be 16:9 that suits well for smartphones. Since 80% of videos are viewed on mobile, it is best to fix that aspect ratio for all videos and collages. A full portrait or vertical model is usually preferred for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Prefer high-resolution collage makers. Some video collage makers create collages with lower resolution for smartphones. So always prefers higher resolutions more than 1920 x 1200 pixels.
  • Follow the suggestions provided by the in- house experts. Rather than trying every template for your project, follow the expert advice.
  • Arrange the images using grids and frames. After aligning, crop the image for better composition and framing.
  • Use filters to add more drama to the video. Filters and effects make your video more attractive and explorable.
  • Adjust the speed of the video based on the theme.
  • Use a perfect background for the video. The collage maker requires an appealing backdrop to highlight the images and texts; the video will not be appreciated.
  • Use the same theme for the entire video. Using the same theme will create a unique feeling to the video. For example, if you want to announce your engagement, use bright templates with flowers and heart to create the mood.
  • Learn about the editing tools in the video maker and use them wisely. Not all video collage makers are the same, yet some essential aspects are similar in all. It is good to have some basic knowledge for creating your masterpiece.

Final words

Many apps produce perfect video collages on your phone and laptops. These video collages are the best way to outpour your mind.

Video collage apps help you to create videos from images with little music for your special moments. If you have an excellent gallery of photos and want to convert them into a video to express your idea, try some video collage app free on the internet.

These apps have thousands of templates and millions of music for any moment of your life.

Make Your Photos Come Alive With This Video Collage
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