This is the detailed Cartflows free vs pro comparison for all my readers to know which Cartflows plan is best between free vs pro plugins.

If you own an eCommerce store or eCommerce website, you should definitely use a WordPress sales funnel plugin.

A sales funnel plugin can boost your revenue and make your website an optimized selling machine.

So, In this article, I will compare the Cartflows free vs Cartflow pro plugin in every aspect including features, pros & cons, pricing, etc.

Cartflows free plugin is the most feature-rich funnel plugin in the market.

And in the Cartflows premium version, it even gets better. That’s why you must compare Cartflows free vs pro plugins before choosing the right one.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Short on time? Here’s a quick summary of which plugin I found best after comparing both the Cartflows free and pro plugins:

Winner (Our pick): CartFlows Pro – Cartflows Pro comes up with exciting features including 2- step-based checkout, cart abandonment (serves to be the most effective), high fields, custom fields, and countdown timers, which are strongly recommended to create a successful WordPress sales funnels.
Runner up: CartFlows free– The free version of the CartFlows plugin is only best for small eCommerce websites as it comes with fewer features compared to the CartFlows pro plugin.

What is CartFlows Plugin?

cartflows free vs pro

Founded in 2008 by Adam Preiser, the Cartflows plugin is now trusted by 200k+ users around the world.

Cartflows is the freemium WordPress sales funnel plugin that lets you create sales funnels for your eCommerce website.

Cartflows is one of the best WordPress sales funnel builder plugins to increase conversions & maximize profits.

The free plugin is available to download on the WordPress plugins directory with fewer features.

However, for more advanced features you can buy the premium plugin from the official website of Cartflows.

It is not only for eCommerce website owners but course creators, event organizers, coaches/trainers, bloggers, niche sites, small businesses, and many others can also use this plugin for more leads and conversions.

Moreover, Cartflows works with all types of page builder plugins as well as all types of wooCommerce WordPress themes.

Now, that I think you have a basic understanding of the Cartflows plugin, let’s get into the detailed Cartflows free vs pro comparison so you will be able to choose the right one.

CartFlows Free vs Pro Comparison 2024

As I mentioned above Cartflows is a freemium WordPress plugin. The free plugin is free to use for a lifetime and the premium plugin offers three pricing to access the plugin.

The free plugin offers two templates – a two-column checkout page template and a custom thank you page template.

Whereas the premium plugin offers One-Click Upsells, A/B Split Testing, Canvas Mode, Conversion Optimized Templates kind of important features.

It has templates specifically made for landing pages, and checkout pages, including one-click, upsells, and downsells.

Below is a quick comparison between the Cartflows free vs pro plugin:

FeaturesCartflows FreeCartflows Pro
Order Bumps on CheckoutNoYes
One-click Upsell/DownsellNoYes
A/B Split TestingNoYes
Custom Fields for CheckoutNoYes
Dynamic OffersNoYes
Canvas ModeNoYes
Checkout TakeoverNoYes
Landing Page TemplatesLimitedYes
Checkout Page TemplatesLimitedYes
Thank You Page TemplatesLimitedYes
Upsell TemplatesLimitedYes
Custom Thank You PageYesYes
Two Column CheckoutYesYes
Cart AbandonmentYesYes
Dynamic LinksYesYes
Facebook Pixel IntegrationYesYes
Number of Flows AllowedLimitedUnlimited
Exclusive LinkGet NowBuy Now

CartFlows Free vs Pro Features Compared

In this section of our CartFlows free vs pro comparison, I will mention all the features offered by CartFlows free and CartFlows pro plugins.

You should have to know whether CartFlows free plugin features are enough for you or if you need the CartFlows pro plugin for your online store.

So, let’s start with the free version of CartFlows.

CartFlows Free Plugin Features

In this section of our Cartflows free vs pro tutorial, I will mention the best features offered by the Cartflows free and pro plugins.

You will get instant access to the free plugin after installing it from your WordPress plugins area.

Here are the best features offered by the CartFlows free plugin:

Ready to Use Templates (Limited)
Works with All Page Builders
WooCommerce Checkout Page Replacement
Custom WooCommerce Checkout & Thank You Pages
WooCommerce Facebook Pixel Integration

Let’s get into the details of each of the above free features of Cartflows.

Ready to Use Templates (Limited)

Cartflows provides some ready-to-use high-converting templates that you can use to create your first sales funnel.

cartflows free vs pro

With just one click, you can add a multi-step, well-designed funnel, or you can create your own funnel from scratch.

Works with All Page Builders

If you don’t want to use any free template you can create your own using your page builder plugin.

These templates support all types of page builders including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, Divi & Gutenberg, etc.

WooCommerce Checkout Page Replacement

Everyone is using the default wooCommerce checkout page which is really old and common.

Cartflows give you the option to replace that traditional checkout page with the conversion-focused checkout page that you can make using the Cartflows plugin.

Cartflows free vs premium

That means whenever someone buys any products, they will be redirected to the custom-made CartFlows checkout page instead of the usual WooCommerce checkout page.

Custom WooCommerce Checkout & Thank You Pages

As I mentioned above Cartflows offers custom wooCommerce pages to create your sales funnel from scratch and using a conversion-focused template.

With CartFlows, the complex default checkout is replaced with a simplified one that may instantly boost conversions and help you earn more money.

Moreover, Cartflows also offers custom thank you pages as the customer journey doesn’t end after checkout.

Cartflows free vs pro

You can create a personalized thank you page that directs the customer on how to continue engaging with you after the sale.

WooCommerce Facebook Pixel Integration

You will be able to add Facebook Pixel to your sales funnels to track ROI from your Facebook ads.

Cartflows free vs pro

Learn how you can further optimize your advertising and funnels for the best possible outcomes.

CartFlows Pro Plugin Features

Cartflows pro features

Cartflows pro comes with the most advanced features including 2- step-based checkout, cart abandonment, and particularly designed templates for landing pages, and checkout pages, with one-click upsells and down sells.

The pro version will boost your sales and revenue with its additional remarkable abilities.

Let’s have a look at what the Cartflows Pro plugin offers you in comparison to the free plugin.

One-Click Upsell & Downsell
One-Click Order Bump
A/B Split Testing
Dynamic Offers
Canvas Mode
Conversion Optimized Templates
Cart Abandonment

These are the best features offered by Cartflows pro plugin that you definitely need in your woo-commerce website.

So, let’s discuss each of the Cartflows Pro features in detail.

One-Click Upsell & Downsell

Another method to raise a customer’s transaction value is through upsells and downsells, which are forward to sell the following:

  • One-time offers 
  • Mastermind courses 
  • Higher pricing for software 
  • Large quantities of products 
  • Tripwire offers

Cartflows offers you templates to upsell or downsell pages or you can import your own or build your own from scratch.

You can click on Add new step after clicking on edit flow to add any upsell or downsell pages.

You will also be able to import upsell/downsell page template when you click on edit flow.

One-Click Order Bump

One-click order bump helps you boost your sales because they convert 10% – 30% of the time.

Cartflows review

With Cartflows one-click order bums show additional offers at the checkout page with exciting offers. 

Your customers can be able to add these add-on products to their cart with a single click and the total revenue will show in the total payment.

A/B Split Testing

Cartflows free vs pro

A/B split testing helps you to understand which sales funnel needs improvement with the right data.

It also gives you data on which sales funnel is giving more sales and revenue so every update helps you further your business.

Benefits of CartFlows A/B Split Testing:

  • Find the top-performing pages
  • Figure out what needs to be changed on the page
  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Directs visitors to pages with higher performance
  • Higher conversion values & Everything is testable

Dynamic Offers

Cartflows dynamic offers is one of the most working features that can boost your revenue and sales.

cartflows free and pro plugin

With Dynamic offers, you can show the products based on what your users have in their carts.

That means it shows order bump offers based on user interest or category.

Canvas Mode

Cartflows pro canvas mode helps you understand the entire customer journey of your sales funnel in a visualized view. 

cartflows free vs pro comparison

From step one to the end of your funnel, you can see how your customer is interacting with your funnel in the easiest way.

Conversion Optimized Templates

cartflows pro templates

Cartflows pro offers conversion-optimized templates including pro features like upsells, downsells, and dynamic offers with the template.

The premium plugin also offers sales funnel templates for selling eBooks, online courses, consultation calls, and more.

Moreover, you can choose the template for landing pages, thank you pages, opt-ins, checkout flows, upsells, downsells, etc.

These templates are compatible with all the page builder plugins.

Cart Abandonment

One more best Cartflows premium plugin features in Cart Abandonment. There is a fact that say over 70% abandoned their cart for multiple reasons.

This feature allows you to return your customer to your cart when they leave without purchasing. So this feature reminds them they have something in their cart with lots of built-in email templates.

You can send them emails and remind them about the cart that they abandoned. 

CartFlows Pricing 2024: How Much Does CartFlows Pro Cost? 

Cartflows pro offers some affordable plans to get you the best WordPress sales funnel plugin.

CartFlows pro comes with three exciting pricing plans which are:

The features you will get in these three plans are different from each of them. The more premium plans you will purchase the more Cartflows features you will get.

Let’s look into each of the plans in detail.

CartFlows Starter: This is the Cartflows starter plan that costs you $79/year and you can use this plugin on only one website. The Cartflows starter plan is the best for stores wanting to upgrade their checkout page.

CartFlows Plus: The Cartflows plus plan costs you $149/year and is Perfect for stores that want to increase their average order value. You can use this plugin on up to 10 websites with more features than the starter plan.

CartFlows Pro: The most premium CartFlows pro plan costs you $269/year which is perfect for stores that want to maximize their revenue and automate their store. You will be able to use this license on up to 30 websites.

All the above plans are a 14-day money-back guarantee with 100% satisfaction.

CartFlows Pro Bundle Bonus

If you purchase any of the Cartflows pro bundle plans then I have a special bonus for you.

cartflows free vs pro

With Cartflows pro, you will also get instant access to the library of online training courses from SkillJet Academy worth $1199 for FREE.

Get instant access to the premium courses and Kick-start your business growth for web entrepreneurs and web design professionals.

Who is the Ideal Customer of CartFlows?

Before purchasing CartFlows Pro you have to know who is the ideal customer of Cartflows WordPress sales funnel plugin.

Anyone who is using wooCommerce on their website can use the Cartflows plugin.

However, Cartflows is the must-have plugin if you are an:

eCommerce website/store owner
Course creators/coaches/trainers
Event organizations
Affiliate marketers
Niche sites
Businesses/Local business
List item
List item
Personal brands
Real state agents
Photographers & artists
And more.

CartFlows Pros & Cons

In this section of our CartFlows free vs pro comparison, I will mention some pros & cons of the plugin.


High-Conversing templates in free and pro versions
Integrates with wooCommerce
Compatible with all page builders
A/B testing of the sales funnel
Upsells, downsells, and order bump features to boost revenue
Dynamic thank you pages
Canvas mode to understand the customer journey
Email templates for cart abandonment
Powerful analytics
Multiple payment gateway support
14-days money-back guarantee


Only works with woo-commerce
You can’t share templates outside your website

Conclusion: Cartflows Free vs Pro 2024

No doubt, Cartflows can boost your sales and revenue with its lots of features including the premium version.

Cartflows free and pro both can help you to create a successful sales funnel.

But the Cartflows pro plugin is very essential for any eCommerce website or store. It offers premium templates, one-click order bumps, upsell & down-sell, dynamic offers, and cart abandonment that will surely take your store to the next level.

After comparing the Cartflows free and pro plugins, here are my suggestions to you between Cartflows free vs premium plugins.

Cartflows Free Plugin: You can go with the free version of Cartflows if you want to replace the default wooCommerce checkout page with your custom checkout page.

Cartflows Pro Plugin: You should definitely go with the Cartflows Pro plugin if you want to increase your sales and revenue by implementing a one-click order bump on checkout, dynamic offers, premium conversion optimized templates, upsell/downsell, and A/B split testing features.

I really recommend the Cartflows Pro plugin for any eCommerce website, store, sales funnel, or landing page you want to build.

FAQs on Cartflows Free vs Pro

Is Cartflows a free plugin?

Yes, Cartflows is a freemium plugin, which means you can use the free version for a lifetime or you can purchase the premium version for more additional features.

Is Cartflows good for sales funnels?

Yes, Cartflows is built to create a successful sales funnel that replaces your default checkout page with a custom checkout page that you want to show to your customer.

What is the pricing of Cartflows?

Cartflows offers three different plans which are the Cartflows starter plan [$79/year], the Cartflows Plus plan [$149/year], and the Cartflows Pro plan [$269/year].

Is there any Cartflows lifetime deal?

Yes, Cartflows offers a lifetime deal that costs you $999 for 30 sites lifetime license.

What are some Cartflows alternatives?

Some Cartflows alternatives are WooFunnels, Optimizepress, Thrivecart, and ClickFunnels, etc.

Who is best between CartFlows vs WooFunnels?

In my opinion, Cartflows offers some good features compared to the WooFunnels funnel builder.

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