Are you searching for the GeneratePress review (updated for 2024) before purchasing the GeneratePress premium theme? 

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GeneratePress WordPress theme is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever used in my blogging journey. 

If you think about switching to a WordPress premium theme then you’re in the right place.

In this GeneratePress review, I will share all the detailed features and pros & cons that the theme offers you. The review is going to be really helpful, so keep reading till the end because there’s a lot to come.

Benefits of Reading this GeneratePress review:

  • You will get to know all about the GeneratePress theme.
  • You will get a detailed review of the GeneratePress WordPress theme.
  • You will also know some unique & best features of the GeneratePress theme.

So, let’s dive into the details.

GeneratePress Review 2024 | Quick Introduction of the Theme

GeneratePress review

Created by Tom Usborne, the GeneratePress theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes among bloggers and affiliate marketers.

GeneratePress WordPress theme is mainly focused on speed and usability. This Premium theme is a multifunctional WordPress theme that will help you customize it for any niche website.

That is why everyone loves this WordPress theme!

The GeneratePress WordPress theme is downloaded over 3 million+ times and has more than 300,000+ active installations with 70,000+ happy customers. You can read all reviews on the site.

It’s a fast-loading, lightweight, mobile-friendly, secure, SEO-friendly, and easily encoded WordPress theme with less than 30KB in size.

GeneratePress review

The GeneratePress theme supports all types of page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder and the landing pages of GeneratePress look more professional.

Now let’s talk about why I switched to the GeneratePress premium theme.

Why I Switched To GeneratePress Premium?

Almost six months ago, I was using the keyword Pro theme for my blog. My previous theme takes too much time to load and I was lacking in powerful customization features that GeneratePress offers you. 

The mobile-first feature of Google is also one of the biggest reasons to change from the previous theme to GeneratePress.

After purchasing the theme I realize how incredible the customization of the theme is. 

With the help of the GeneratePress premium theme, I’m able to customize every part of this theme, it’s speed and mobile responsiveness are better than any other WordPress theme.

I think that I am in a great position now to write this impartial detailed Generatepress review after using the Generatepress Premium theme for over 6 months on my website now.

Here are the key features why I switched to GeneratePress premium:

  • Light-weight and mobile responsive.
  • 14 modular designs.
  • Fast loading and SEO friendly.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium 2024

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

GeneratePress is a freemium theme; It comes with both, free and premium versions. The features of both themes are different. 

You can download the free version of the theme from their official website and use it for a lifetime. The free version of the GeneratePress theme is good but it has some limitations.

However, if you manage to purchase the premium theme (GP premium plugin), you will unlock some additional features that will help you to customize your website more professionally. 

You can activate the pro version of the GeneratePress theme using the plugin called GP Premium. After installing the GP premium plugin, and entering the license, you will be able to access these additional features.

GeneratePress review

The free version is enough for you if you are not looking for extra customizations and have enough knowledge to tweak some CSS code.

Here is the detailed table of GeneratePress Free vs Premium for your better understanding.

FeaturesFree VersionPremium Version
Site UsageUnlimitedUnlimited
Layout ControlLimitedUnlimited
Mobile Friendly✔️✔️
SEO Friendly✔️✔️
Site Library✔️
Menu Plus✔️
Editable Copyright✔️
LinkDownload NowPurchase Now

Unique Features of GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress theme also offers some unique features that no other theme will give you. And this GeneratePress review helps you to get the right WordPress theme for your website.

So, below are some unique features of the GeneratePress premium theme.

Fast Loading Theme

The speed and load time of the theme is far better than any WordPress theme. You can clearly see on the GeneratePress official website, that the entire theme is less than 30KB.

GeneratePress review

Most of the other WordPress-optimized themes are more than 250+ KB and even some poorly coded themes are more than 1 MB!

I’m also using the GeneratePress premium theme, you can clearly see the landing speed of my website on GTmetrix.

Wpbloggerbasic stats on GTmetrix

You can clearly see the grade of my website i,e, an ‘A’ grade

GeneratePress is known for its speed, usability, and functionality. The company never compromises on these things. 

Powerful Customization

Another best option for choosing the GeneratePress premium theme is the customization option that no other theme will give you.

The free version of the theme will give you decent customization. However, if you upgrade to GeneratePress premium, you will be able to customize every part of your website. 

Here is the picture of the Layout area, you can configure detailed settings for your: 

GeneratePress review
  • Site Identity: You can change your site title and tagline.
  • Layout: You can choose which type of layout you want for a specific page.
  • Colors: Manage the colors of your website.
  • Menus: Here you can edit the header and footer section of your website. 
  • Background Image: Choose the background image for your website’s page.
  • Typography: Control the font for every single page of your website including buttons.

If you are a beginner, this amount of detail can be a little confusing. But once you understand the setup, you have total control of how the site looks.

Layout of a Single Page

After purchasing the GeneratePress premium theme, you will be able to customize every single page of your website. 

Most of the themes will use the same settings or layout for most pages or posts. 

But with GeneratePress, you can choose what type of layout you want to pick for your audience.

Below is the screenshot of the GeneratePress layout settings.

Sidebar Layout
Footer Widgets Layout of GP
Disable Element Layout
Content Container of GP

You can choose this meta box to:

  • Sidebars: Adjust the number of sidebars or the direction of your sidebar (like changing the sidebar from right to left)
  • Footer Widgets: Choose how many footer widgets you like to use.
  • Disable Elements: Disable certain elements, like your header, navigation menu, post-featured image, post title, or footer.
  • Page Builder Container: Choose your page builder and content container type.

By disabling a certain element, you will be able to create a proper benchmark for your page builder plugin. This makes creating custom content as necessary simple. 

GeneratePress Site Library

GeneratePress review

This feature of GeneratePress Premium is very helpful for beginners as it gives users to import a ready-made design layout for their website.

Previously, you had to create GeneratePress sites on a blank campus, which made the theme difficult for beginners.

But now you don’t need to worry about it!

If you purchase the GeneratePress premium theme, you will get lots of pre-designed templates in your site library, which you can import in a single click.

After importing any template, your site looks exactly what it was in the template. And yes your site still uses GeneratePress!

GeneratePress Elements

GeneratePress Elements

It is one of the exciting features of the GeneratePress premium theme. With the help of GeneratePress elements, you can add certain codes to your header, footer, or any different sections of your website.

Whether you want to create a custom deals section below your blog post or want to add an author bio, with GeneratePress elements, you can do these things in just a few clicks.

GeneratePress elements is a type of small page builder that enables you to design the custom-looking footers, sidebar, and headers of your website. 

You can even install the GenerateBlocks module to further expand the website’s features to the next level.

Basically, you can create 4 different types of elements using the element module.

  • Block Element
  • Header Element
  • Hook Element
  • Layout Element

Now, let’s learn more about these elements.

Block Element: Block Feature lets you create personalized website blocks that can be used to create your website’s custom headers, site footers, or website sidebars.

You can choose the location for your chosen pages and posts to show the Block Feature.

Header: This feature also allows you to create a custom header for posts and pages on your blog.

Hook Element: The Hook element helps you to add custom hooks to the different locations of your website.

With the help of this element, You can apply various codes to different parts of the website, including headers.php, footer.php, and other parts. 

This element helps you to add custom hooks like author bio at any place on your website. I create my author bio using the hook element of GeneratePress premium. 

Here is the detailed video on how to add an author bio in the GeneratePress premium theme:

Some people who don’t have enough coding knowledge used a plugin to paste codes into the theme files, but with the GeneratePress hook element, you don’t need to install any additional plugins.

Layout Element: With the help of the Layout element, you can change the sidebar layout on specific categories or set the content layout to full width on your entire site if you’re using a page builder everywhere.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing & Renewal Cost

As I told you above, GeneratePress is the freemium theme.

The core version of the theme is free to use, however, if you want to increase the functionality of the theme, then I would highly recommend you to purchase the premium theme for your website.

GeneratePress pricing comes with two plans, recently the company added the one-time payment option for their premium theme.

If you purchase their lifetime pack, then you don’t need to pay any other charges for a lifetime period.

Generatepress pricing

The GeneratePress premium theme costs you $59 for one year and the lifetime access of the theme costs you $249 (One-time payment)

The yearly plan renews at a 40% discount every year.

The following are the key features of the GP premium plugin: 

  • All premium modules 
  • Full access to the Site Library 
  • Unlimited websites 
  • 1 year of updates & support 
  • 40% renewal discount 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you pay the one-time payment i,e, $249 then you don’t need to renew it and you will also get lifetime support & access to GeneratePress.

GeneratePress Pros & Cons Comparison

Now, You will know everything about the GeneratePress theme. Let’s check the pros and cons of both the GeneratePress free and premium theme.

So, your vision gets clear before buying between GeneratePress free vs premium.

GeneratePress Free Theme 


  • Fast loading & Mobile-friendly. 
  • Free to use for a lifetime. 
  • Very lightweight & Good for SEO. 
  • 14+ add on modules 
  • Use unlimited sites for a lifetime. 


  • You need to have good coding knowledge to use it fully. 
  • No premium support.
  • No import & export option. 
  • Unable to remove Powered by GeneratePress. 

GeneratePress Premium Plugin 


  • Child theme supported. 
  • 100% accessibility-ready. 
  • Get GeneratePress premium modules. 
  • 100% Mobile-friendly and fast loading. 
  • Good for SEO & very lightweight. 
  • 100+ customizing options. 
  • GP Premium plugin size is less than 30kb. 
  • 33+ Demo sites are available to use. 
  • Full access to the site-library. 
  • 24/7 support by experts. 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee. 


  • There’s nothing wrong with this theme.

GeneratePress Reviews by Users

GeneratePress theme is the highest-rated theme by users on It has 5 out of 5 stars, rated by 1151 users till now. You can clearly see some best GeneratePress ratings below:

GeneratePress reviews by users

Some Popular Websites Using this theme (GeneratePress Examples)

The GeneratePress theme is quite popular between bloggers & affiliate marketers. That is why lots of popular bloggers and affiliate marketers are using the GeneratePress premium on their websites or blog.

So, below are some live GeneratePress theme examples of the popular bloggers who are using a premium themes on their blogs:

Guide Blogging

Generatepress theme examples

Guide Blogging is one of the most popular blogs on the internet. If you are a blogger then you definitely know this blog. 

Founded by Umer Qureshi, Guide blogging helps you to succeed in your blogging journey. You can find lots of informative tutorials on blogging tips, SEO strategies, reviews, etc.

Master Blogging

Gp plugin sites

Master blogging is also very popular among bloggers & affiliate marketers. The main aim of the blog is to help other newbie bloggers with their informative tutorials. 

Master Blogging is founded by Ankit Singla, and he is a popular blogger from India.


Geneatepress example sites

Woorkup is known as a marketing blog with more than 40,000+ visitors per month. It is run by two brothers named Brian and Brett Jackson.

The layout of the site is really simple and attractive focusing on building high traffic.

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How to Activate the GeneratePress Premium Theme

Step 1: First, click on this special link to land on the official website of GeneratePress.

Step 2: Scroll down, and you will see the two plans of GeneratePress. Choose your plan, I recommend you to get the lifetime plan of the theme as it allows you to get lifetime access to the GP premium theme.

Step 3: Now, you’re on the checkout page. You can pay through Paypal and credit card.

GeneratePress review

Step 4: Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded to the GeneratePress premium after the successful payment. 

Step 5: After a few moments later, you will receive an email from GeneratePress containing your account login credentials and secret API key

Step 6: Install and activate your GeneratePress premium addon from your WordPress plugins area.

GeneratePress review

Step 7: After activating the premium addon plugin, enter your secret API key in the settings area.

Conclusion on GeneratePress Review

No doubt, the GeneratePress WordPress theme is one of the best WordPress themes as you can build your website in any niche with this theme. 

Whether you are going to start your own Blog, eCommerce website, or any kind of WordPress website, GeneratePress is the best WordPress theme for all kinds of needs.

If you’re interested to buy the Generatepress premium theme then you can definitely go for it.

I guarantee you, that buying GeneratePress Premium helps you to save time on blog customization the way you want.

I hope this GeneratePress review helps you to solve every query related to the GeneratePress theme. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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FAQs on GeneratePress Review

What is the GeneratePress premium addon?

GP premium plugin is the pro version of the GeneratePress theme. You can download this plugin from the WordPress add new plugins area.

How many websites can I use GP Premium on?

You can use the GP premium plugin on as many websites as you like, whether they’re for you or your clients.

Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key? 

Definitely No, your website won’t break or change. After purchasing the GeneratePress Premium theme, you own it for a lifetime and are free to use it for as long as you like.

What happens after 1 year of updates and support?

If you renew your license key then you will continue to receive updates and priority support in forums. If not, then you will not receive any updates and support.

What’s the refund policy?

GeneratePress offers no questions asked for a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the theme.

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