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Jasper AI Lifetime Deal 2024

Jasper ai (formerly Jarvis) is one of the best AI writing tools that will help you to write any type of content no matter how long you want to write. It generates 99.99% of the unique article that ranks well on search engines. Grab the Jasper ai free trial to check this tool.

Are you looking for Jasper ai lifetime deal in 2024?

Jasper becomes so popular AI content-writing tool for everyone who needs to generate content very fast.

It is a highly recommended tool for Bloggers, Book writers, and affiliate marketers.

But Don’t waste time searching for a Jasper ai lifetime deal as Jasper does not offer any lifetime deals for its plans and pricing. 

So don’t waste your time searching these terms like Jasper ai AppSumo, Jasper ai discount code, Jasper AI AppSumo, LTD, Jarvis ai lifetime deal, etc on Google

You can choose the Jasper ai free trial for 7-day access with unlimited words credit for no cost.

Why Does Jasper ai Don’t Offer any Lifetime Deals?

Jasper ai Lifetime deal

Jasper ai lifetime deal is not available in the Jasper ai pricing because it’s not a suitable idea for a growing startup idea.

So, the answer is a big NO. There is no Jasper ai lifetime deal available for the Jasper ai writing assistant tool.

This type of tool needs a recurring commission to keep the tool updated with the best features. So, they compete with their competitors.

The founder needs continued investment to keep their startup alive and updated. That is why most startup-like Jasper ai doesn’t offer any lifetime deal and lifetime support.

Jasper ai offers very affordable pricing with a 7-day money-back guarantee. As well as you will get a 20% discount (almost 2 months of free access) if you buy the tool’s yearly plan.

What is Jasper AI?

jasper ai free trial

Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is one of the best GP-3 technology-based content writing tools that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate unique content.

It helps you to get effective sales copy, marketing copy, blog posts, books, emails, ad copy, social media posts, and 30+ other tools.

With, you can create 100% unique content in any niche according to your audience personas.

Here are the following things you can write with

Blog posts
YouTube video attractive intro scripts
Sales copy
Script for YouTube videos
Facebook Ads copy using AIDA, PAS, and Before-after-bridge copywriting framework
Amazon and any kind of product description
Books and many more.

How Much Does Jasper ai Cost? -Pricing of Jasper AI

Jasper ai pricing

So, you may think How much is Jasper monthly? Let’s discuss How much does Jasper writing costs?

Jasper ai comes with two pricing plans:

Creator Plan [$49/month]
Teams Plan [$125/month]
Business Plan [Custom Pricing]

Here’s a summary of all the features and advantages of each Jasper AI subscription plan so you can better understand them and choose the best Jasper AI plan for your needs.

1. Creator Plan: The Creator plan of Jasper AI will cost you $49 per month with unlimited words of credit limit per month. You will get 50+ templates, one brand voice, 50 memories, and many more features.

Benefits of Jasper ai Creator Plan: 

  • Starts at just $49 per month 
  • You can use unlimited AI-generated words every month 
  • Access to all 50+ templates 
  • 1 Seat
  • One brand voice
  • 50 memories
  • Reads and writes in 30+ languages
  • And much more.

2. Teams Plan: The Teams Plan of Jasper AI starts at $125 per month and it will also give you access to unlimited AI-generated words credit each month with command-level functionalities, SEO mode, and Jasper Recipes to write content faster. 

The limit of seats increased to 3 seats and 3 brand voices, 150 memories, browser extension, surfer SEO integration, and much more.

Benefits of Jasper ai Teams Plan: 

  • Generates long-form content 
  • Access to all 50+ templates 
  • You will get an unlimited words credit limit every month 
  • Access to Jasper AI commands & recipes 
  • 3-Seat which is best for businesses 
  • 1500 character lookback 
  • Surfer SEO integration to optimize your content
  • You will get SEO mode access for optimizing content for search engines 
  • A plagiarism checker is available in this plan 
  • Jasper Art to create AI images in seconds
  • Grammarly extension to fix grammar mistakes 
  • Documents & Workflows
  • 3-brand voice for personalized content
  • 150 memories
  • Reads and writes in 25+ languages

Bonus tip: If you are a blogger, small business owner, affiliate marketer, or content writer who loves to write long articles then I highly recommend you to buy Teams Plan. It helps you to write long and informative articles.

3. Business Plan: The business plan is for big businesses, departments, and organizations. It comes with custom pricing which means you need to contact them with your requirements and they will give your pricing accordingly.

Jasper AI business plan comes with all the features mentioned in the Teams plan but you will get some unlimited features like unlimited brand voice, unlimited memories, and custom templates.

How To Get Jasper ai Free Trial 2024?


Jasper ai offers a 7-day free trial with unlimited word credit for no cost. I’ve written a step-by-step guide on how you can get your free trial of jasper ai in 2024.

What Are the Uses of Jasper ai?

Jasper ai is an all-rounder tool that can help you in different ways. From writing a blog post to searching for a specific topic, Jasper can do many things in minutes.

Here are the following reasons why you should purchase this tool without having any lifetime deal:

  • It can be the best choice for you to write articles.
  • This tool can help you create high-converting sales copy.
  • This tool might help you come up with blog post ideas.
  • It is capable of sending cold emails on your behalf.
  • This tool can help you come up with email subject line ideas.
  • It can write the first paragraphs of your blog posts for you.
  • It may compose a concluding paragraph for your blog post.
  • You can use this tool to write the entire book.
  • Using the AIDA, PAS, and Before-After-Bridge frameworks may assist you in writing amazing copy.
  • You can use it to write Quora answers.
  • It can create the title, introduction, description, and whole script for a YouTube video.
  • This tool can be used to create product descriptions.
  • And so on.

Jasper AI Discounts 2024: How to Get a Discount on Jasper ai Pricing Plans?

If you are looking for a discount on Jasper ai pricing plans, I have something for you that will give you 2 months of Jasper access for free.

Yes, you heard it right.

You can get a 20% discount on Jasper pricing, equal to 2 months of free access to the tool. 

Just follow these steps to claim your discount on the Jasper Creator and Teams plan. You should go for this Jasper Ai deal.

Step 1: Click on this link to land on the Jasper ai website then Choose your plan.

Step 2:- Scroll down and you will see the pricing of Jasper. Switch it from monthly to yearly billing.

You can see the pricing of the Creator plan reduced from $49/month to $39/month and the pricing of the Teams plan from $125/month to $99/month which is nearly 20% off (i,e, 2 months free access to Jasper).

Step 3:- Choose your Jasper plan and click on the signup button to create your account.

Just follow the next few steps and complete the payment process. Congratulations, You have successfully saved 20% on Jasper ai pricing plans. Pros & Cons

In this section of our, Jasper AI lifetime deal tutorial for 2024, I will give you some pros & cons of Jasper AI which will help you to decide to go for the Jasper AI plan.


Very easy to use
Affordable pricing ($49)
Discount on yearly plans
You can write any type of content using this tool.
Powerful features; SEO mode, Recipes, Plagiarism checker, Revision History, etc.
It can write a blog post, email, ad copy, Amazon product description, video script, and anything you want.
Very simple user interface
You can produce long-form content.
Produce original & 100% Plagiarism free content.
Support 30+ languages
Up to 5 users
50+ AI Templates
7-day 100% money-back guarantee.


Sometimes the tool provides irrelevant content. But you expect this from AI tools sometimes.

FAQs | Lifetime Deal 2024

What is is the greatest artificial intelligence (AI) content writing and copywriting solution based on the GPT-3 language model that can help you generate content, high-converting sales copy, and emails.

Is Jasper ai worth it?

Absolutely Yes, this software has an affordable pricing structure, with the Creator plan starting at $49 per month. There’s also a money-back guarantee.

Does Jasper offer a Lifetime Deal?

At this time there is no Jasper ai lifetime deal available. You have to pay monthly or yearly for both of their plans. In the future, if there may any Jarvis lifetime deal available, I will let you in this post.

Does Jasper ai generate original content?

Yes, Jasper’s content is entirely original. It means you won’t have to worry about the accuracy of the data Jasper AI generates.

Does Jasper ai offer a free trial?

Yes, Jasper ai comes with a 7-day free trial on any plan, with an unlimited word limit.

Which plan of Jasper should I purchase?

It is dependent on your requirements. The Temas plan of Jasper is for you if you wish to write large articles, blog posts, novels, and other long-form material. You’ll need to purchase Jasper’s Creators plan to produce SEO titles, descriptions, Engaging Headlines, short articles, or Stories.

Is there any student discount?

No, Jasper doesn’t offer any student discount. The only deal you will get is to purchase the yearly plans for Jasper.

Is there are any Jasper ai alternatives?

There are lots of AI tools that you can also use like Shortlyai, Wordhero, or Copysmith.

Does Jasper offer a refund policy/money-back guarantee?

Both of Jasper’s plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. This means that if the software fails to meet your expectations, you may request a full refund by writing within the first five days after purchase.

Conclusion on Jasper Lifetime Deal 2024

So, you already know there’s no Jasper ai lifetime deal available at the Jasper ai pricing

I recommend you subscribe to their monthly plan or yearly plan for a maximum discount on the Jasper tool. In the future, If they offer any Jasper Ai lifetime deal in 2024, I will let you know in this detailed post.

But most probably they never offer any lifetime deal for Jasper ai pricing plans.

You can also try their 7-day free trial before purchasing their monthly plan and get unlimited words of credit for free.

Let me know in the comments box what you think about Jasper ai lifetime deal 2024.

If you have any doubts about this tool, you can reach me in the comments section. I’ll reach you as soon as possible.

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