com vs net

Com vs Net : The Difference Between Domain Extensions 2019

Users are required to select a domain name along with a domain extension when creating a website. Initially, commercial companies were expected to use the .COM extension and network-related companies such as the Internet and email providers would use .NET. However, the Com vs net distinction…

buddypress vs bbpress

Buddypress vs bbPress : Difference between bbPress and BuddyPress

If you’re new on WordPress then bbPress & BuddyPress is very confusing. The fact is they both start with the same letter and end with the same. With its wide range of plugins and themes, WordPress can help you create almost everything, including social networking functions….


Fix : Error establishing a database connection in WordPress

If you surfed the web for some time, you saw this error at least a few times. Error establishing a database connection in WordPress is one of the causes of many reasons which irritates you. This could be terribly frustrating, especially if it happened alone without you changing anything, as a WordPress beginner. It took a little more than 20 minutes to detect…

What is

Do you want to know what is myftpupload? well, if you have ever used Godaddy’s web hosting, you may have seen in your control panel. Obviously, this is a strange looking domain, and it does not have anything to do with your site. is registered…

All in one wp migration

Migrating a WordPress website with “All in one WP Migration”

It is not a very difficult task to migrate a website. But sometimes the most annoying and irritating method is to migrate WordPress sites. All in one wp migration is a free WordPress Plugin which focused entirely on migrating your site to a new server…