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Bluehost is the officially recommended hosting by itself on its official website. You can start your blog today with the highest discount on Bluehost hosting with a $2.95/month deal. You will get a free domain, a Free SSL, a Free CDN with all hosting plans, and lots more.

If you are going to start your new website with Bluehost, you might see a Bluehost add-on called Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium.

While purchasing any hosting, every hosting company provides you with some extra add-ons at some additional cost.

These add-ons provide website security, backup, and some other features to your website.

Some of them are recommended to add to your hosting package and some of them are avoidable.

In this detailed article, I will answer all your questions regarding Bluehost Yoast SEO premium and also show you:

  • Is it really necessary to add the Bluehost Yoast SEO premium addon to your web hosting bill or not.
  • Comparing Bluehost Yoast SEO with some free SEO plugins (free alternative to Yoast SEO).
  • Compare the actual pricing of Yoast SEO vs the pricing of the Bluehost Yoast SEO package addon.
  • Bluehost Yoast SEO premium worth it or not.
  • And lots more.

The whole article is based on my own experience with Yoast SEO and I try to give you a detailed Bluehost Yoast SEO premium review that will help you which Bluehost package extras are worth purchasing.

So, let’s get started.

Signup for Bluehost First | Bluehost Review 2024

Bluehost sign up discount

If you haven’t purchased Bluehost hosting yet then I am really excited to give you my exclusive 67% discount (for a limited time) on all Bluehost hosting plans.

To claim this discount just click on my special link to land on the Bluehost official website where the coupon will automatically apply when you checkout.

After landing on the Bluehost website through my link, click on the ‘Get Started’ button to get your hosting account.

At an additional cost, Bluehost also provides some additional add-ons which we call Bluehost package extras

These add-ons are Domain Privacy Protection ($0.99/mon), Codeguard Basics ($2.99/mon), Yoast SEO Premium ($2.99/mon) Bluehost Single Domain SSL ($3.33/mon), and Sitelock Security Essential ($2.99/mon).

Yoast SEO premium is recently added to the Bluehost package extra addon. Previously there was an SEO tool called Bluehost SEO Tools offered by the company which is now Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium.

Depending on your convenience, you can buy these add-ons. You may uncheck any of the boxes if you don’t need them, and it won’t increase your bill amount.

If you face any problems, you can read my detailed guide on how to buy hosting from Bluehost for the step-by-step tutorial.

You can also read my guide on which Bluehost plan is best while choosing your Bluehost hosting plan.

Here are the detailed features of Bluehost hosting:

Free Domain for 1st Year & SSL Certificate
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited SSD Storage
Free Website Migration
99.98% Uptime Guarantee
Automated Site Backup
Easy To Use cPanel
Inbuilt SEO Tools
One-Click WordPress Installation
$200 Marketing Offers
24/7 Tech Support
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can skip this step if you already purchased your Bluehost hosting.

What is Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium?

Bluehost Yoast SEO premium

Yoast SEO premium is a Bluehost package extra addon offered to you while purchasing any hosting plan. 

Founded in 2010, Yoast SEO was acquired by the parent company of Bluehost named Newford Digital. Yoast announced this news on their official website.

Yoast SEO is a freemium plugin that means you can use both the free & paid versions of the theme. You can install the free plugin in the plugins area (Plugins > Add new).

When you create any website, you need an SEO plugin that helps your website to rank on search engines. 

The plugin offers lots of features like; Providing SEO analysis, optimizing your content, submitting sitemap to search engines, and more.

Earlier, the company offers Bluehost SEO tools as an SEO addon in the hosting package. Now, Bluehost is offering Yoast SEO premium to its new users.

In the verdict sanction of my tutorial, I will show you whether you need to add Bluehost Yoast SEO premium to your hosting package or not.

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Top 5 Benefits of Yoast SEO Premium Bluehost

In this section of our tutorial, I will show you all the benefits of choosing the Bluehost Yoast SEO premium add-on service.

Yoast SEO free version provides you with some basic features that help you to optimize your content. 

However, some best features come with the premium plugin of Yoast SEO. So, Here are the all benefits of Yoast SEO Premium Bluehost addon: 

Use Multiple Focus Keyword
Orphaned Content
Internal Linking Suggestions
Generating Related Keyphrases
Social preview to boost your social media activity

Let’s get into the details of each of the above benefits.

Use Multiple Focus Keyword

If you purchased the Yoast SEO premium from Bluehost, you can use multiple focus keywords (up to 5 keywords) in your article.

Bluehost yoast seo premium worth it

This is the best feature of Yoast SEO Premium if you want to target multiple keywords.

Your website receives traffic from multiple keywords from search engines. 

Orphaned Content

Orphaned Content is content that is not linked anywhere on your website and which is not easily accessible to search engines. 

Bluehost yoast seo worth it

You know internal linking is the must-do step in order to rank your other content as well. Orphaned content is content that is not linked anywhere on your website or posts.

This is the best part of Yoast SEO as it tells you which part of your website is not linked anywhere so you can fix it as soon as possible.

Internal Linking Suggestions

Yoast SEO Premium offers you internal linking suggestions which is a really good feature if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer.

Bluehost yoast seo premium worth it

The Internal linking suggestions feature suggests which post you need to link to the post you are writing.

This linking suggestion is related to the post you are writing on.

Generating Related Keyphrases

Apart from multiple focus keywords, Yoast SEO also recommends optimizing your web content for additional keyphrases too.

Bluehost yoast SEO premium

With Bluehost Yoast SEO premium, you can generate related keyphrases in just a click along with its trend history.

You can add these related keywords in your blog post which results in your blog post ranking on multiple keywords. 

Social Preview Option

When you use lots of images in your blog post you don’t know how your post looks when you share this post on social media.

Bluehost Yoast SEO premium worth it

Maybe your social media handle takes the wrong image when you share your post.

With Yoast SEO premium Bluehost, you can check what your post will look like on Facebook or Twitter without even going to these websites.

Pros & Cons of Bluehost Yoast SEO

In this section, You will know the detailed pros & cons of Bluehost Yoast SEO premium that help you better understand “Is Bluehost Yoast SEO premium worth it.”

Pros of Bluehost Yoast SEO

It improves your website ranking.
You can use more than one focus keyword in your blog post.
With Yoast SEO, you will get related keywords to your primary keyword.
It automatically submits a sitemap to search engines.
You will get Orphaned content on your website dashboard.
Social preview option.
Automatic internal linking suggestions.

Cons of Bluehost Yoast SEO

Many security threats.
No redirect feature if a link is changed.
Your Website gets slow if you use all the options.
Some SEO plugin like Rank Math gives some Yoast SEO premium options in their free version.
Not increasing the security features of the plugin.
Some spam backlinks will automatically be created after using Yoast SEO.

Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium Pricing

Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium

When you purchase Yoast SEO from Bluehost’s official website, the plugin costs you $2.99 per month (Billed annually at $35.88/year).

Here is the image below showing Yoast SEO premium at the Bluehost checkout page.

The price of Yoast SEO premium at the checkout page is the discounted rate from Bluehost.

If you haven’t purchased the Yoast SEO plugin on the checkout page then you will have to bear a higher cost.

The Bluehost Yoast SEO premium price hikes to $6.58 per month after checkout and the yearly cost goes to $79 per year after checkout.

it Bluehost yoast seo premium worth it

This is almost the double amount you would pay during the initial checkout.

When you purchase the plugin from the official website of Yoast, it will cost you $99 per year.

Yoast SEO premium pricing

The discount will only be applicable if you are using Bluehost hosting.

Free Alternative to Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium

To be honest, you don’t need Yoast SEO in your Bluehost package extras add-on. It costs you $2.99 per month and even Bluehost’s basic shared hosting plan costs you $2.95 per month.

Here is the free alternative to Yoast SEO premium.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

Spending more than your website costs on the SEO plugin is not a good thing.

There is a free SEO plugin called Rank Math that gives you so many premium features on its free version.

Rank Math is the most popular SEO plugin nowadays, and lots of bloggers and online content creators switched to Rank Math as it is the most advanced SEO plugin in WordPress.

You should also check Rank Math Free vs Pro to know why Rank Math is a better SEO plugin in WordPress.

The plugin also provides content AI to optimize your content for better search engine rankings.

Yoast SEO Free Plugin

You can skip the purchase of the Yoast SEO premium plugin from Bluehost and install the free plugin from the WordPress directory.

I also used the Yoast SEO free plugin for almost two years and received good results on my blog.

However, I switched to Rank Math after using Yoast SEO for almost two years as Rank Math gives more features compared to the Yoast SEO premium.

You can also use the Yoast SEO free plugin which is absolutely free for a lifetime.

Verdict: Is Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium Worth It?

So, the answer to your question ‘Is Bluehost Yoast SEO premium worth it’ is a big NO. The reason is the plugin is so costly and doesn’t give you many features compared to Rank Math.

No doubt, Bluehost hosting is the most affordable and budget-friendly hosting and offers various package add-ons to increase your website security and ranking.

But spending in Yoast SEO premium by Bluehost won’t make much difference in your website’s rankings.

I don’t recommend you to purchase Bluehost Yoast SEO premium as investing in the premium version will only add to your monthly website maintenance costs.

So, choose free alternatives like Rank Math, ahrefs, and SEMrush tools that are trusted by lots of people.

FAQs on Bluehost Yoast SEO Premium 2024

Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions that are worth mentioning in this article.

What is Bluehost Yoast SEO premium?

Yoast SEO premium is an SEO plugin offered to you in the package extras while purchasing the Bluehost hosting. It gives you all SEO solutions for your website.

How much does Bluehost Yoast SEO cost?

If you purchase the Yoast SEO premium from Bluehost addons it will cost you $2.99 per month (billed annually at $35.58 per year). If you purchased from the official website of Yoast, It will cost you $99/year.

Is Bluehost Yoast SEO premium worth it?

No, purchasing Yoast SEO premium add-ons from Bluehost is not worth your money. You can go with the free alternative like the rank math plugin. 

Which SEO plugin is best Rank Math vs Yoast?

I would say Rank Math is the best free SEO plugin compared to Yoast SEO. It offers you some best features in its free version which Yoast offers in their premium version.

How to get a Bluehost discount?

If you have not purchased the hosting yet, you can use my special offer gives you a 67% discount on all Bluehost hosting plans.

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