Does Hostgator Charge Monthly or All At Once (All Hostgator Monthly Plans 2022)

does hostgator charge monthly
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Product Name:- Hostgator


Hostgator is the best option if you want to start your new blog or business. Click on the below link to get 65% Off ($2.75 per/mo) on all hosting plans along with a free domain.

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Hostgator is one of the oldest and trusted web hosting companies in the hosting industry. They provide one of the best web hostings nowadays.

But some people all around the world search for a question with Hostgator is- Does Hostgator charge monthly or all at once?

Some other hosting companies charge yearly for their web hosting plans and some don’t.

In this tutorial, I’m going to answer your question related to Hostgator and give you a promo code that gives you up to 65% off on yearly hosting plans and also show you-

  • You need to go for Hostgator monthly plans or not.
  • Comparing Hostgator monthly plans and annual plans (Which is best for you).
  • And most importantly, Give you a decent answer on “Does Hostgator charge monthly or all at once”

So, Let’s get started.

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HostGator Overview 2022

does hostgator charge monthly
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If you know little about hosting companies you might aware of HostGator also. Hostgator is a leading web hosting provider of secure and affordable web hosting.

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Starting from beginners to pro-level developers they have every hosting solution. Not only shared hosting, but Hostgator also provides dedicated servers for large websites.

The best thing is you will get a free domain and SSL certificate for every new user who purchased their web hosting.

If you go with Hostgator then you get lots of benefits like:

  • Free Domain & SSL Certificate
  • Strong and Stable Uptime of 99.98%
  • One-Click WordPress Install
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • User-Friendly Support
  • Site Security Feature
  • Free Website Migration
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Now, let’s come to the primary question. Which is – Does HostGator charge monthly or all at once?

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Does Hostgator Charge Monthly or All At Once?

So, the question here for Hostgator hostings is “Does Hostgator bill monthly”?

The Answer is Yes, You can pay monthly with Hostgator hosting plans. Hostgator has three monthly plans options Hitching, Baby, and Business plan, ranging from $2.75 to $12.71 per month depending on how long you purchase the host

It is a great deal when you have less amount of cash or are not sure to go along with your web hosting. You will get a free SSL certificate and a free domain also in the monthly plan.

But you can’t be paid monthly for such addons like an SSL certificate or domain name. You have to pay annually for these addons no matter from where you purchase your domain name.

Now come to the hosting, Hostgator offers various options to pay for the following duration:

  • 1 Month (Monthly)
  • 6 Month 
  • 1 Year (12-month plan)
  • 3 Year (Highly affordable and recommended plan)

The above are Hostgator month-to-month plans. You can choose any above-mentioned plan, However, if you want to save your money I recommend you to go with the 3-year plan to avoid renewal charges.

Hostgator is one of my favorite websites for web hosting and when it comes to paying monthly for web hostings, Hostgator becomes highly recommended in the market.

So, I highly recommend you choose Hostgator if you’re thinking about going with it.

As I previously mentioned in this post I have a special promo code from Hostgator that allows you up to 65% off depending on how long you purchase the host.

Use our promo code NEWATWPBB to get a 65% discount on hosting plans + free domain for one year.

Click here or any link on this page to land on the Hostgator official website, after filling in all details jump on the coupon section where one coupon already applied.

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You can remove that coupon code and enter our coupon code for the maximum discount on Hostgator hosting plans. If you plan to purchase hosting for 24 to 36 months, use our promo code which is above mentioned for the maximum discount on hostings.

If you want to pay monthly your maximum discount is only 25% off on the regular pricing for the Hostgator monthly pricing.

does hostgator charge monthly
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The monthly Baby plan comes with $10.95 per month but if you applied our promo code NEWATWPBB, you have to pay $8.21 instead of $10.95 per month on Hostgator hostings.

The 36-month plan will cost you $2.70 per month (Lowest Hostgator price) instead of $2.75 per month if you use my coupon code on checkout.

How Much Does Hostgator Cost For Monthly

Now, I’m going to talk about the Hostgator monthly plans, and let’s see which plan you need to buy for your website.

Hostgator provides three different plans; Hatchling plan, Baby plan, and Business plan. I recommend you to go with the Baby Plan because it allows you to host the unlimited domain at the same price.

Apart from this, the Hatchling plan only allows you to host only one domain.

does hostgator charge monthly
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The business plan provides unlimited websites along with services such as Free Positive SSL, Free & Secure Dedicated IP, and Free VoIP Phone Service.

The Hatchling plan comes with $2.75 per month, the Baby plan comes with $3.95 per month or the Business plan comes with $5.95 per month depending upon the time you chose for your hosting plan.

This is a Cost Overview for Hostgator Monthly Plans:

HostGator Hatchling Plan:

  • 1 Month @ $8.21/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 3 Month @ $8.21/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 6 Month @ $8.21/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 12 Month @ $5.37/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 24 Month @ $3.50/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 36 Month @ $2.75/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)

HostGator Baby Plan:

  • 1 Month @ $8.96/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 3 Month @ $8.96/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 6 Month @ $8.96/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 12 Month @ $7.17/ month (with promo code SHARED3665)
  • 24 Month @ $5.48/ month (with promo code SHARED3665)
  • 36 Month @ $3.93/ month (with promo code SHARED3665)

HostGator Business Plan:

  • 1 Month @ $12.71/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 3 Month @ $12.71/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 6 Month @ $12.71/ month (with our promo code NEWATWPBB)
  • 12 Month @ $8.98/ month (with promo code SHARED3665)
  • 24 Month @ $7.02/ month (with promo code SHARED3665)
  • 36 Month @ $5.91/ month (with promo code SHARED3665)

I highly recommend you to go for the baby plan if you want to pay monthly for your hosting. Click here to get started with Hostgator.

You can enter our promo code NEWATWPBB to get up to 65% off on Hostgator shared hosting and 25% off on Hostgator monthly hosting plans only by using this website link.

Hostgator also comes with WordPress and provides one-click installation of WordPress.

If you’re getting any problem you can check our detailed guide on how to start a blog on Hostgator with WordPress.

Benefits of Choosing HostGator hosting

I recommend Hostgator hosting because they give some extra benefits in a budget amount. I seriously lost my lots of money while choosing the right host.

I get my right hosting after spending in almost 3 web hosting providers and I also lose a good amount of money.

So, here I am going to show you some extra benefits of choosing HostGator hosting.

Free Domain For One Year

There are some other web hosting providers who doesn’t offer any domain along with their hosting plan but HostGator gives free domain name for a year if you purchase HostGator hostings.

After one year you have to renew the domain name at their standard price.

Free SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate of a website is most important, it converts your site HTTP to HTTPS.

This helps search engines like Google to ensure that your website is safe for everyone. Every time when a user enters some information into your site, SSL makes sure it can securely travel from their browser to your web server.

HostGator offers SSL certificate in their all plans, so you don’t need to purchase it from somewhere.

One-Click WordPress Install

HostGator offers one-click WordPress install and has its own website builder. It has its own drag & drops editor with over 4500+ beautiful templates to choose from. 

However, WordPerss can be the best choice for you as it run more than 30% websites of the world.

WordPress is the free and most recommended platform if you want to make money through blogging and affiliate marketing. 

Installing WordPress on HostGator hosting is not a big deal. You can install WordPess in just a few clicks Quick Install.

Unmetered Bandwidth

The unmetered bandwidth means that you will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth for your website. 

Some hosting providers limit the amount of disc space available with some of their plans, however the Hatchling and Baby plans provide limitless disc space.

Free Website Transfer

HostGator also provides a free website transfer, which is something that many other hosting companies charge for and just a few companies provide for free.

When you buy a hosting package from them and wish to transfer your website to HostGator, simply fill out the free transfer form and relax!

HostGator takes care of everything all by itself. You are not required to take any action. If you have any questions, you may contact their customer service team at any time.

Ads Credits

Hostgator offers upto $150 Google ads credit with their shared hosting account after spending $25 on Google advertising.

does hostgator charge monthly
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Alongwith the Google ads credit, you will also get $100 in Bing ads credit.  

45- Day Money Back Guarantee

Let’s suppose you paid the full amount for your hosting plan and you are not satisfied with their services.

In this condition, a money-back guarantee matters most. Hostgator provides 45- days money-back guarantee for all their new users.

If you’re not satisfied, go for a refund and you will get all your money back in your back account.

Best 24/7 Support

The support is the most important part of any hosting provider.

A dedicated knowledge base and a blog are two of HostGator’s support options. Additionally, the HostGator live chat is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Pros & Cons of Hostgator Monthly Plan


  • The Control Panel for web hosting is very user-friendly.
  • Inexpensive
  • Free Domain & SSL
  • Reliable uptime
  • Fast Setup & Free Cpanel
  • CPanel access makes accessing information easy.
  • Customer and Technical Support is fantastic.
  • Emails provided with the domain. Better than having to rely on 2nd party email servers.
  • One-click WordPress install.


  • Renewal prices are higher.
  • Support team response time is fairly slow. You have to be prepared for long holds.

Conclusion on Does Hostgator Charge Monthly

So, your answer is yes, you can pay monthly with Hostgator. I hope you get all your answers on; Does Hostgator charge monthly or all at once.

The more month you chose for your web hosting, the less monthly cost you’ll get.

If you signed up with Hostgator month-to-month option, please let us know in the comment below! We love listening to you.

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Personal Recommendation

The Hostgator monthly hosting plan is good but I don’t recommend you to go with Hostgator monthly plan as you can save more money with their yearly subscriptions.

You can save up to 65% off on yearly billing if you use my promo code NEWATWPBB and you will get a free domain for one year in all hosting plans.

The pricing starts at $2.70 per month after using my coupon code which is the lowest ever hosting price of Hostgator. 

You will also save 25% after using my promo code with Hostgator monthly hosting.

You can check my detailed post If you have any doubt about choosing Hostgator Hatchling vs Baby plan.

Does Hostgator Charge Monthly
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