Are you looking to buy a Siteground monthly plan in 2024?

Siteground is one of the leading hosting companies in the hosting market. If you’re looking for the best service quality, uptime, and loading speed then Siteground monthly plans are best for you.

However, some people complained that their hosting is pricier than compare to other hosting companies.

In this article, I will show you the detailed cost of the Siteground monthly plan and whether you need to go for a monthly plan or not.

Siteground is the highest-rated hosting company by lots of popular bloggers and I’m going to show you what Syed Balkhi (Founder of Wpbeginner) says about Siteground.

siteground rating by wpbeginner

Not even top bloggers,  but WordPress also recommend Siteground hosting on their official website

You can see in the below pictures that Siteground Hosting voted #1 in almost every big blogger’s group on Facebook.

Siteground review
Siteground review
Siteground review
Siteground review
Siteground review
Siteground review

So, if you are really planning to buy Siteground hosting, Then you need to read the full article to know which hosting plan Siteground will be best for you.

In this post, I’m going to solve your doubts about Siteground monthly plans and give you some offers to buy Siteground hosting at cheap prices in 2024.

Does Siteground Offer Monthly Hosting Plans in 2024?

The answer is Yes, You can pay monthly for the Siteground Hosting

Purchasing Siteground’s monthly plan is a great deal when you have less amount of cash or are not sure to go along with your web hosting. 

However, I need to remind you that Siteground recently updated its pricing structure. Previously, Siteground offered a one-month trial pack to test their hosting service. However, with the new pricing structure, you can pay month-to-month very easily.

If you really want to buy the Siteground monthly plan then you also have to know the downside of the monthly plan of Siteground hostings.

siteground monthly plan

You have to pay $19.99 (Startup Plan) for their monthly which is very expensive while signing up for their annual plan could cost you only $6.99/month instead (big savings).

SiteGround Monthly & Yearly Billing Cycles

siteground monthly plan

Siteground comes with three different plans- Startup Plan, GrowBig, and GoGeek. All three plans come with different amounts and different features. Let’s see which plan you need to purchase for a profitable website.

If you’re a beginner then you can go with Startup Plan. The Startup plan comes with $6.99 per month. 

You can only host one website in this plan. It’s the best hosting plan for bloggers who just want to start their own blog.

If you have two websites or plan for having more than one website then you can go with the GrowBig plan. It costs $9.99 per month. 

You can host more than one website and it can handle more than 25,000+ monthly visits.

The GoGeek plan is the best hosting plan on Siteground. If you have thousands of traffic per day, the GoGeek plan is best for you. 

It can handle up to 100,000 visitors per month. This plan comes with $14.99 per month.

Note: The longer the billing payment cycle you decide to go for, the cheapest will be your Monthly Plan with SiteGround as the Monthly Renewal Plan costs more.

Siteground Startup Monthly & Annual Plan [Cost Breakdown]

The monthly plan of the Siteground StartUp plan is $19.99 for the first month plus which is very expensive compared to the yearly billing plan.

The yearly (12-month) billing cycle costs you only $6.99/month which is very cheap compared to the monthly billing plan. 

siteground monthly plan

Thus, you can save big with SiteGround StartUp yearly or a higher duration plan!

  • 1 Month Trial Plan» $19.99/month » $239.88 Yearly
  • 12-Month Plan» $6.99 Monthly» $83.88 Yearly (Best Deal)
  • 24-Month Plan» $9.99 Monthly» $239.76 Yearly 
  • 36-Month Plan» $10.49 Monthly» $377.64 Yearly

Siteground GrowBig Monthly & Annual Plan [Cost Breakdown]

The GrowBig monthly plan for the first month is $29.99 which is really very expensive compared to the 12-month billing plan. 

The 12-month billing plan costs you only $9.99/month, which is very cheap compared to the monthly billing plan.

Siteground monthly plan

If you pay for their GowBig plan yearly or a higher duration plan, you can save big.

  • 1 Month Trial Plan» $29.99/month » $359.88 Yearly
  • 12-Month Plan» $9.99 Monthly» $119.88 Yearly (Best Plan)
  • 24-Month Plan» $14.99 Monthly» $359.76 Yearly
  • 36-Month Plan» $17.49 Monthly» $629.64 Yearly

Siteground GoGeek Monthly & Annual Plan [Cost Breakdown]

If you go for the GoGeek monthly plan, the total payable amount for the first month would be $44.99 Which is also too expensive compared to the 12-month billing plan. 

The 12-month billing plan costs you only $14.99/month, which is very cheap as compared to the monthly billing plan.

Siteground monthly plan

So, there’s a huge difference between the monthly and yearly billing plans. 

  • 1 Month Trial Plan» $44.99/month » $539.88 Yearly
  • 12-Month Plan» $14.99 Monthly» $179.88 Yearly (Best Deal)
  • 24-Month Plan» $24.99 Monthly» $599.76 Yearly 
  • 36-Month Plan» $27.99 Monthly» $1007.64 Yearly

SiteGround Alternatives Who Charge Monthly

1. Hostgator

does hostgator charge monthly

Hostgator is one of the main competitors of Bluehost in the web hosting market. Hostgator is one of my favorite web hosting companies and when it comes to paying monthly for web hosting, Hostgator becomes highly recommended in the market.

If you go with Hostgator then you get lots of benefits like:

  • Strong and Stable Uptime of 99.98%
  • User-Friendly Support
  • Site Security Feature
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you like to go with Hostgator, you can click here for more details about Hostgator Hosting plans & pricing.

If you want to start a blog, Click here for step by step guide on how to start a blog in 2024.


I hope this guide on buying Siteground monthly plans helped you. There’s no doubt that Siteground is the best in speed, load time, support, and performance.

Choosing Siteground hosting can be the best decision for your website or blog.

Let us know in the comments below if you signed up with Siteground and if you went with the Siteground month-to-month plan or their annual plan. We would love to hear from you.

Personal Recommendation

I don’t recommend you to go with the Siteground monthly plan. As you can see above there’s a big difference in their monthly or yearly plan.

I recommend you go with Siteground’s yearly plan. If you go with the Siteground yearly billing plan, you can save a lot of hard-earned money.

You can click here to get a 70% discount on all Siteground hosting plans.

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FAQs Related to Siteground Monthly Plan

Does Siteground charge monthly?

As you read above, Yes, Siteground charges monthly and the Startup plan of Siteground is $19.99 per month.

Which Siteground plan is best?

The GrowBig plan is one of the best Siteground plans for beginners. The monthly cost of the GrowBig plan is $29.99.

Is Siteground easy to use?

Yes, Siteground is easy and intuitive to use as they provide easy migration and advanced WordPress tools.

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