SiteGround Renewal Discount 2021 | Get Up to 60% Off On SiteGround Renewals


Are you searching for the Siteground renewal discount in 2021 to renew your web hosting at cheap prices?

Don’t look further, here is everything I covered about the Siteground renewal discount.

Siteground is one of the best web hosting providers in the hosting industry. Everyone recommends Siteground to newbie bloggers because of their best service quality, loading speed, and uptime.

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There are also some affordable WordPress hosting providers to choose but low costs web hosting provides can ruin your online experience.

In this article, I will share how you can save a good amount of money while renewing your Siteground hosting.

So let’s get started!

Why Siteground Hosting is Best for New Bloggers

Siteground is the highest rated hosting company by lots of popular blogger around the world. Not even the top blogger, but WordPress also recommends Siteground WordPress hosting on its official website.

In addition, Siteground provides a Free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress install, auto-updates, automatic backups, and a secure hosting environment. Siteground also provides a month to month payment option for its web hosting plans.

The first year is a very discounted period by Siteground as there’s a huge discount on web hosting plans for one or two years plans.

That is why lots of newbie bloggers manage to sign up with Siteground hosting for at least one or two years period.

But Siteground recently increase its web hosting plans including WordPress hosting and shared hosting plans. So, the renewal cost of Siteground is out of range for beginners who haven’t made a significant income from their blog yet.

How Much Does SiteGround Cost?

Siteground is a little expensive while compare to the other web hosting companies. But when you compare the services then they worth it.

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Siteground offers three different plans – Startup PlanGrowBig, and GoGeek.

The Startup plan comes with $6.99 per month that gives you to host one website, 10 GB of storage, and handle 10,000 visitors per month.

GrowBig plan of Siteground in recommended hosting plan for bloggers. It comes with $9.99 per month and gives you to host unlimited websites, 20 GB of web storage, and handle 25,000 visitors per month.

The GrowGeek plan comes with $14.99 per month that gives you to host unlimited websites, 40 GB of web storage, and handle up to 1,00,000 visitors per month.

If you purchase higher-tier hosting with more than one year, it costs you a little extra per month but gives you additional features to use.

Take a look at the key features of the Siteground Hostings:

  • Strong and Stable Uptime of 99.99%
  • User-Friendly Support
  • Site Security Feature
  • Monthly Plan Payment
  • Free SSL
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Automatic Free Database Backup
  • Free Site Migration
  • 24/7 Support

SiteGround Renewal Pricing – Too Expensive?

The Renewal price of Siteground’s StartUp plan costs $14.99 a month for 10GB of storage which only allowed 1 website. The GrowBig renewal plan costs $24.99 and comes with 20 GB of storage & more backup options. The GoGeek cost is $39.99 and has 40 GB of storage and some advanced features.

This question also arises when your initial hosting is about to end. You need to renew your hosting service at a regular price, which costs too expensive while compared to your initial discount period.

It’s business tactics and everyone is following this method.

After the payment increase, there are lots of people who still recommend Siteground hosting over others.

Here is the result of the FB pole, Sitegorund has still rated no. 1 host:

Siteground review
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Siteground review
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Siteground review
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Siteground review
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Siteground review
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Siteground review
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Siteground review
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How To Get SiteGround Renewal Discount Coupon

If you’re reading this line that means you loved Siteground hosting and their services and still want to go with Siteground hosting.

well, it’s the best thing for you.

So, how you will get a Siteground renewal discount?

You can easily save as much as $156 on SiteGround’s StartUp shared hosting plan, $240 on Siteground’s Growbig plan, and $360 on SiteGround’s GoGeek plan by signing up with their one-year subscription plan.

Note:- Currently Siteground does not offer any renewal discount code on web hosting but you can enjoy the benefit of SiteGround’s initial discount pricing to postpone the higher Renewal costs by at least going for a Yearly plan with their 24-month or 36-month plan subscription giving you maximum savings.

But you can still contact via the support channel with Siteground and ask for a discount code for the renewal of your hosting.

It all depends on your negotiation skills.

You may receive an additional discount code on your web hosting renewal bills.

How to Get Upto 60% SiteGround Renewal Discount

What if you’re not ready to negotiate with Siteground. There’s also another trick which saves your money while purchasing Siteground renewal plans.

If you’re one of those who don’t want to pay the full amount while purchasing Siteground hosting and you don’t generate enough revenue in your first year of blogging.

Just follow these steps to get maximum Siteground renewal discount.

Note: This method will work for those who have an active Siteground plan and it’s about to end.

1. First, click on this link and Sign up for the New Siteground web hosting plan. By purchasing our link you will get up to 60% discount on Siteground hosting plans.

2. Don’t forget to sign up with the new email address.

3. Choose the plan you want to purchase with the Siteground. I recommend you to choose the GrowBig plan where you can host unlimited websites.

4. After the successful checkout, log into your new account and navigate to Websites > Site Tools > WordPress > Migrator and generate a new website migration token.

5. Now, log in to your existing website (Old) and install the SiteGround Migrator WordPress plugin.

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6. You can see an option on your dashboard’s left side panel called SG Migrator.

Siteground Renewal Discount
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7. Click on the SG Migrator plugin.

8. Just paste the migration token that you were created in the new SiteGround account and click the Initiate Transfer button.

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9. Your data will be transferred from your existing hosting account to the newly created SiteGround account after the migration start.

10. If the migration of the website is over, SiteGround offers you a temporary URL to check if everything functions as expected.

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11. Adjust the nameserver that SiteGround has given with a new account after validation.

12. After a few hours, Check for the propagation of nameservers through the free online service

13. Finally, you should back up your old SiteGround account on your local drive and order your hosting sales team to cancel your hosting account.

Note:- These changes may require up to 48 hours of propagation time. However, it’s less than 24 hours in most cases. During this period, please don’t modify the site or any file to avoid the data loss.

This method will help you to save some of your money and you can continue using SiteGround WordPress hosting without paying any renewal charges. 

By doing the above method, one mistake will harm your entire website. So if you are out of budget then you can choose the Siteground alternatives. 

Below are the two best Siteground alternatives for your website that are high-performance and budget-friendly.

Choose SiteGround Alternatives

If you don’t want to choose the migration method because you fear losing your SEO & search engine rankings, then you can choose the best alternatives to Siteground web hosting.

You can still save lots of money by choosing Siteground alternatives.

I recommend these two hosting because of their best features, load time, and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

These two hosting companies are the best Siteground alternatives and also provides up to 60% discount on the first-year hosting plans.

Why Choose Bluehost for Your Web Hosting?

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Bluehost is also one of the most popular and trusted web hosting companies for the past couple of decades. It provides the best WordPress hosting on budget-friendly costs.

Not even the Siteground hosting, but WordPress also recommends Bluehost WordPress hosting on its official website.

These are the best features of Bluehost hosting:

  • Strong and Stable Uptime of 99.98%
  • User-Friendly Support
  • Free Domain
  • WordPress Panel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Site Migration
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support

Why Choose Hostgator for Your Web Hosting?

Hostgator is one of the oldest and trusted hosting companies in the web hosting market. Hostgator also provides 99.9% uptime, If you experience any type of downtime then you’ll get your one-month money back directly in your account.

Hostgator hosting
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You can pay month to month payment for its web hosting plans.

Installing WordPress on Hostgator is so easy, there’s no need to install WordPress manually as it can be installed easily via Quick Install.

These are the best features of Hostgator hosting:

  • Unlimited EmailSubdomains
  • Strong and Stable Uptime of 99.9%
  • User-Friendly Support
  • Site Security Feature
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Domain & Website Transfer
  • 24/7 Support


Overall, Siteground WordPress hosting is one of the best hostings for all your needs. But keep in mind that there’s no renewal discount or coupon code on Siteground hosting.

So, always check the renewal prices before purchasing hosting from any hosting company. It is always advised to purchase a maximum period of hosting to avoid renewal charges.

You should also try Siteground alternatives because a newbie blogger can not afford the Siteground premium hosting.

I recommend you purchase the high period hosting to avoid renewal charges and if you can’t afford the renewal charge, go for Siteground alternatives.

FAQs Related to SiteGround Renewal Discount

What will happen if I don’t renew SiteGround hosting on time?

Your site goes down and you will lose all your data if you don’t renew your hosting in 7 days period after your hosting ends.

How do I renew my SiteGround hosting account?

You can easily renew your Siteground hosting by going through your SiteGround User Area > Billing Section > Click on Renew option. After the successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email from Siteground.

Can I set it to automatically renew my plan?

Yes, you can set automatic renew your plan. If you’ve stopped the “automatic renew” for your hosting plan and want to activate it again, Navigate Services find the desired hosting plan and click Manage.

After that select Renewal Settings then use the Autorenewal Off/On toggle button to activate the autorenewal.

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Hey there, welcome to WPbloggerbasic. I’m Ayush Singh, founder of this blog. I am a part-time blogger and affiliate marketer. I help Bloggers to get unique blogging, SEO, WordPress, and Affiliate Marketing guides to take their blog to the next level.

2 thoughts on “SiteGround Renewal Discount 2021 | Get Up to 60% Off On SiteGround Renewals”

  1. I’m not convinced your advice is all that good, Siteground detect if you’re migrating from an existing SG account to a new and will block the domain name.

    Additionally, and on a side note, Bluehost are horrendous!! I signed up with them to migrate away from Siteground, they were so abysmally poor that I cancelled my 2-year subscription from them. Bluehost tech-support staff are less computer savvy than a drunk 80-year-olds whose misplaced their reading glasses trying to answer a phone.
    I was forced to contact them as I was unable to solve the migration problems that were unresolvable on their control panel and without sufficient privileges to correct it through bash or ftp. Suffice to say I was at the mercy of spending over 90 minutes in a chat session in order to migrate a WP website I had packaged up in zip files for them, they were unable to resolve the problem that a previous tech support agent had asked me to do. Hands down Siteground are worth staying with.


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