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GeneratePress Theme Examples

GeneratePress is one of the fastest WordPress themes recommended by most of the big bloggers, and affiliate marketers. Check out the best Generatepress website example before purchasing the premium theme.

Are you looking for GeneratePress theme examples to build your website or blog in 2022

No doubt, the GeneratePress premium theme is the need of everyone nowadays because of its lightweight, SEO friendliness, and its mobile responsiveness. 

If you’re thinking about switching to the GeneratePress premium theme then you are in the right place. 

In this detailed article, you will get your answer about:

  • GeneratePress theme website examples
  • Best GeneratePress theme for blogger
  • GeneratePress landing page example
  • GeneratePress blog example
  • Best GeneratePress websites
  • And lots more.

I will show you some GeneratePress theme examples and how they are using this theme to create their blog & website fast loading, functional, and high-performing.

GP premium examples
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There are some best GeneratePress websites in the market that are doing well. GeneratePress is not just an average WordPress theme- It’s fast loading, super simple, fully customizable theme without knowing any coding skills.

The GP theme supports all types of theme builders and the landing pages of the GeneratePress website look more professional. 

I have been using the GeneratePress premium theme for the last few years and have written a detailed GeneratePress Review on the GeneratePress theme. previously I used so many themes but no other theme gives me customization like GeneratePress.

Why Use GeneratePress Theme?

Tom Usborne creates the GeneratePress premium theme considering easy customization, fast loading, and lightweight WordPress theme. It’s the best WordPress theme for bloggers & affiliate marketers. 

GeneratePress comes with both; free & premium versions. The free version of the theme is available to download and use for a lifetime. However, the premium version comes for $59.00 and is used for unlimited websites.

Geneatepress examples
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The GeneratePress theme has almost crossed 3 million+ downloads all over the world. It has 300,000+ active installations with more than 70,000+ happy customers.

This makes GeneratePresss sites more valuable and trusted in the market.

I’m also using the GeneratePress premium theme, you can clearly see the landing speed of my blog on GTmetrix.

Geneatepress theme examples
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If you are also using GeneratePress on your blog, please don’t hesitate to claim a free site listing in the below GeneratePress theme website examples page using our Comment Form.

Best GeneratePress Theme Website Examples

Below are some of the best GeneratePress theme examples and some GeneratePress starter sites, so you can find one that’s similar to your own needs.

All these GeneratePress sites are using GeneratePress free or premium themes on their website.


Generatepress theme examples
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Yes, As I mentioned above, I am also using the GeneratePress premium theme on my blog. You can clearly see on the homepage where I mentioned I am using the GeneratePress premium theme.

I’m also using the Elementor Pro page builder to build my landing pages and homepage layout. 

The footer is also created by the Elementor Pro plugin. So, here’s the first Generatepress theme example.

Hosting Monks

generatepress theme examples
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Hosting Monks is founded by popular blogger Anil Agarwal. He is generating more than $10,000 per month from blogging.

Hosting Monks can be considered your ultimate one-stop guide for all of your web hosting-related solutions.

And yes it is also using the GeneratePress premium theme and I really like the design and layout of this site.  

Bloggers Passion

GeneratePress theme examples
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Bloggerpassion is a beautifully designed WordPress blog and one of my favorite blogs on the internet.

It is also founded by Anil Agarwal. You will get proven blogging tips and affiliate marketing strategies to grow your blog. 

Bloggerspassion shows the real potential of the GeneratePress premium theme and it is one of the best live examples of the GeneratePress premium theme.


Generatepress sites
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Woorkup is known as a marketing blog created and run by brothers Brian and Brett Jackson. It’s a simple fast loading site with more than 3,00,000 visitors a month.

The layout of this site is pretty simple focusing on building high-traffic and quality WordPress sites. It is also known as one of the best Generatepress websites. 

Woorkup is hosted on Kinsta because the owner Brian actually works at Kinsta. It’s one of the best well-established GeneratePress theme examples.

  • Website: Woorkup.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 300,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Kinsta

Guide Blogging

Generatepress theme examples
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Guide blogging is a WordPress blog created by Umer Qureshi. The aim of this blog is to provide the best tutorials on Blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing that help newbie bloggers to start their own blogs. 

This popular blog is also using the GeneratePress theme + GP premium plugin.

  • Website: Guideblogging.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 10,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: WPX Hosting


example of generatepress theme
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Bloggingqna is a WordPress blog that helps users to get unique content on blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, monetization tips, etc.  

This blog is founded by Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj and he is a Youtuber too. He runs a Youtube channel called Bloggingqna. 

And yes, He uses the GeneratePress theme on his blog and has lots of organic traffic.

  • Website: Bloggingqna.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 25,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Siteground

12 Minute Athlete

Geneatepress examples
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12 Minute Athlete is a very famous fitness site, using the GP premium theme. The site looks so professional and has a simple layout. It is one of the best Generatepress websites in 2022.

It also provides different types of content like blogs, apps, recipes, workout routines, and even a store. The site also uses the Thrive Leads plugin for email subscriptions.

  • Website: 12minuteathlete.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 35,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Routed Through CloudFlare


Geneatepress example sites
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FeedGrabbr is another best example of a GeneratePress theme, with clear sections describing the product and its benefits.

FeedGrabbr is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) website that makes RSS widgets for all types of websites. 

  • Website: FeedGrabbr.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 6,800 Monthly
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Service


Generatepress theme examples
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The main aim of Askblogging is to provide quality content to its readers. It is a well-crafted beautifully designed WordPress blog. 

Shivansh Singh is the creator of this blog and he is very passionate about its content. This blog is using the Elementor pro plugin to design the layout and it’s another best GeneratePress theme examples. 

  • Website: Askblogging.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 1000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Namecheap

Environmental Leader

Wordpress Generatepress example sites
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Environmental Leader is a website that writes only on Environment issues. This site used the default GeneratePress layout. 

Only a few sites used the default GeneratePress layout and once I also used the same. Environmental Leader is an example of a WordPress magazine site that handles different content types.

  • Website: Environmentalleader.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 96,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Amazon Web Service

Blogging Lift

Best generatepress example
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Blogging Lift is known as an authority blog run by Sumit Sao. He writes amazing blog posts and informative content that helps many newbie bloggers.

Blogging Lift has an amazing blog layout developed by the GeneratePress premium theme, Elementor Pro plugin, and Thrive Leads. 

He is a very talented guy in the blogging industry. He has lots of experience in blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, web designing, and more.  

  • Website: Blogginglift.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 50,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: WPX Hosting

Strong Lifts

Geneatepress theme examples
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StrongLifts is a weightlifting blog that is created by Belgian lifter Mehdi. It has a simple GeneratePress layout that looks very attractive. 

This fast-loading, simple website has more than 1.5 million monthly traffic. This site uses a very minimalist design – no sidebars or distractions, emphasis on the content and images.

  • Website: Stronglifts.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 1.5 Million Monthly
  • Hosting: WPX Hosting

Stay Me Online
Generatepress example sites
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Staymeonline is another one of the best GeneratePress theme examples. This WordPress blog is created by Ravi Dixit and he made this blog frustrating from his 9 to 5 freedom less job.

This site loads very fast, It has one of the useful resources for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and everyone who wants to be a better digital marketer. 

  • Website: Staymeonline.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 10,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Cloudflare


GP premium sites
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Tyootech is run by a popular Youtuber Amit Mishra. If you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer then you will probably know about him on Youtube.

This blog helps users to get the best blogging content like starting their own blog, blogging tips & tricks. If you’re a blogger too then this blog’s content helps you to get your blog to the next level.

After using the Genesis framework now he updates his blog by GeneratePress pro theme. This is another best GeneratePress theme example for you.

  • Website: Tryootech.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 20,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: Paidboom Hosting

Master Blogging

Gp plugin sites
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Master Blogging is yet another great example of the GeneratePress premium theme. This blog is created by Ankit Singla and he is known for providing free knowledgeable tutorials, blogging tips, & SEO tips.

He also has a Youtube channel where he provides some best informative tutorials to newbies. 

Master blogging is powered by GeneratePress premium and has been designed with the Elementor Pro page builder.

  • Website: Masterblogging.com
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 35,000 Monthly
  • Hosting: WPX Hosting

Blogging Den

Geneatepress examples
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Blogging Den writes about WordPress tutorials, blogging, affiliate marketing, and SEO. This blog posts very informative content on blogging using the GeneratePress premium theme.

It looks so professional, the homepage of this blog is well designed with the help of GP premium and Elementor Pro.


GeneratePress theme example
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Morikami.org is one of the bests GeneratePress theme examples in 2022. This website is for Japanese museums and gardens in Florida.

It’s a good design and the best GeneratePress WordPress theme example you want to see in 2022.

Marikarmi used large block-wise images to showcase the venue and the footer is soo attractive as Generatepress premium comes with five-footer widgets areas to customize.

  • Website: morikami.org
  • Theme: GeneratePress Premium
  • Estimated Traffic: 90,000 Monthly

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

If you start thinking about purchasing the premium theme after watching the above-mentioned websites or blogs. 

Then here are the detailed table comparing GeneratePress free vs premium features.

FeaturesFree VersionPremium Version
Site UsageUnlimitedUnlimited
Layout ControlLimitedUnlimited
Mobile Friendly✔️✔️
SEO Friendly✔️✔️
Site Library✔️
Menu Plus✔️
Editable Copyright✔️
Exclusive linkTry NowBuy Now

How to Activate the GeneratePress Premium Theme

If you are ready to buy the GeneratePress theme after watching the above GeneratePress theme examples.

GeneratePress offers two different plans; the one-year plan comes with $59 and the lifetime access to the theme costs you $249 for the lifetime access.

I recommend you purchase the lifetime plan to avoid any additional charges further.

Just follow the next few steps to activate the premium version of the theme:

Step 1: First, click on this special link to land on the official site of the GeneratePress theme.

Step 2: Scroll down and you will see two plans.

Generatepress pricing
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Step 3: Choose your plan and you will land on the checkout page.

checkout of GP Premium
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Step 4: Select your payment option. You can pay with Paypal and your debit card.

Step 5: After the successful payment you will receive an email from GeneratePress containing your account login details and the Secret API key.

Now you can download the GP premium addon plugin from the WordPress plugins area. After installing and activating the plugin, fill in your secret API key on your GeneratePress settings. 

Congratulations! You have successfully activated the GeneratePress premium theme. Now, you will be able to receive further updates and support.

Final Words on GeneratePress Theme Examples

So, above are the list of the most popular sites & blogs which are using the GeneratePress theme and they are the best example of GeneratePress.

These GeneratePress sites are the live example of why the GeneratePress theme is so popular on the internet. Purchasing the GP premium theme can take your site to the next level. 

If you also want to be featured on the above list then comment below and next time when I update my post I will surely add your site too. 

Personal Recommendation: Is GeneratePress Premium Worth It? 

As you can see in the above best GeneratePress theme example list, how much GeneratePress theme is popular in the WordPress theme directory. You can create any type of website with this premium theme. 

I’m personally using this theme and never think to change it for many reasons. This lightweight, SEO-optimized WordPress theme gives you a head-start if you need a push in the right direction.

FAQs on GeneratePress Theme Examples

Is GeneratePress theme Free?

Absolutely Yes, GeneratePress theme comes with two versions free or paid. You can download the free version from the GeneratePress theme WordPress official website.

Is GeneratePress Premium worth it?

Yes, it is worth your money. The theme gives you incredible customization, speed, usability, SEO benefit, mobile-friendliness, and more.

What is the starting price of GeneratePress Premium?

GeneratePress theme comes with two plans; One year plan or a lifetime plan. The one-year plan costs you $59 per year and after one year you need to renew your license. The lifetime plan of GeneratePress costs you $249 for unlimited websites. 

If you manage to purchase the lifetime plan you don’t need to renew your license for the lifetime period.

How to switch to the GeneratePress theme?

Step 1:- First backup your website.

Step 2:- Download and Install GeneratePress WordPress Theme.

Step 3:- Activate GeneratePress via the WordPress Dashboard

You have done it Successfully.

GeneratePress theme examples
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Hey there, welcome to WPbloggerbasic. I’m Ayush Singh, founder of this blog. I am a part-time blogger and affiliate marketer. I help Bloggers to get unique blogging, SEO, WordPress, and Affiliate Marketing guides to take their blog to the next level.

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    That’s an amazing post. You have collected a very good list of sites that are using the GP Premium theme.

    GP premium is my best favourite theme because of its lightweight and premium features.

    Thanks for mentioning my site in the list.


    • Hi Anidya Nath,
      I’ve not update this post from a log time but these three blogs are currently not using the GP theme which are- Bloggingqna, Bloggingden and Krtrack as they switched to the another theme.
      Apart from these all are using GP premium theme.


  2. Hello My Dear Ayush,

    Thank you for this amazing post. There is no doubt that Generatepress theme is a great WordPress theme. I used GP Premium for a long time. This theme is extremely fast. But there is some problem in this theme when you want to use it with AMP for mobile speed optimization. However, it is a good theme.

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