Are you looking for the best Kajabi alternatives or any other platform that is similar to Kajabi and fits all your needs?

If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Undoubtedly, Kajabi is one of the best business management systems for course creators, coaching programs, and more.

Kajabi offers you everything in one single place.

But sometimes you need something different and exploring other options is always a good idea too.

In this article, I will mention some of the best Kajabi alternatives that are really similar to Kajabi and some of which are also free.

That means you can use the free option to use their services before you buy.

So, without further delay let’s start with some of the best Kajabi Alternatives 2024.

Top 6 Best Kajabi Alternatives 2024 (Free & Paid Options)

Best Kajabi Alternatives
Kajabi AlternativesPricingLink
ThinkificStarts from $0/monthGet Started with Free
LearnWorldsStarts from $39/monthTry for Free
PodiaStarts from $0/monthTry for Free
Systeme.ioStarts from $0/monthTry for Free
Passion.ioStarts from $79/monthTry for Free

ThinkificBest For Course Creators

Kajabi alternatives

Thinkific is the best and most popular Kajabi alternative in the market. Thinkific is the course builder platform with lots of other useful features.

You can create a professional-looking course without using a single line of code as Thinkific provides pre-designed templates to choose from.

With Thinkific, users can design and customize their own course content, create quizzes and assignments, manage student enrollments and progress, and track their course analytics.

The platform offers some useful features like drag & drop page builder, drip scheduling, live sessions, and lots more.

It also allows you to do quizzes and assignments to track student progress and offers assessments & certificates.

Thinkific also provides support and resources to help course creators succeed, including a comprehensive knowledge base, community forum, and customer support team.

Here are the best features of Thinkific:

Create & sell courses, communities, bundles, and memberships.
Built-in voice-over PowerPoint presentation tool.
Student surveys, quizzes, and assignments.
Students can leave reviews.
Higher plans come with Exam Integration.
Custom web themes and domains
Bundles, coupons, and cross-selling.

Thinkific Plans & Pricing:

Thinkific offers three prices along with the free plan. The Thinkific pricing starts at $36 per month and goes to $149 per month.

Free Plan: $0 per month
Basic Plan: $36 per month
Start Plan: $74 per month
Grow Plan: $149 per month

The best thing about Thinkific is there are no transaction fees even in the free plan. All the above plans come with different features.

Thinkific Pros

Zero transaction fee
Creates unlimited courses for unlimited students
Drag & drop page builder
No coding and designing skills required
Create beautiful online courses & websites

Thinkific Cons

The templates are quite outdated
No email marketing tool is available
No mobile access is available

LearnWorlds – Best All-In-One Course Creating Platform

Best Kajabi alternatives

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one cloud-based platform that enables entrepreneurs, educators, trainers, and businesses to create, promote, and sell online courses and digital content.

The platform offers a variety of features including course creation tools, customizable templates, multimedia support, assessment tools, and integrated payment gateways.

With Learnworlds, creators can build and publish their courses and content quickly and easily, and then market and sell them to a global audience.

Additionally, Learnworlds offers advanced analytics and reporting tools to help creators track student progress and engagement, as well as marketing tools to help increase course visibility and sales.

Learnworlds is a mobile & tablet-ready platform, so your audience can access your course from anywhere.

Overall, LearnWorlds is one of the best Kajabi alternatives with many features and benefits.

Here are the best features of LearnWorlds

Easy-to-use course builder platform
Interactive courses with multimedia support, including videos, images, and quizzes.
Offers a wide range of customizable templates.
You can build your own website and manage your affiliates easily.
Various tools to increase student engagement, such as gamification features, discussion forums, and social learning tools.
Assessment Tools
Learnworlds integrates with major payment gateways, allowing creators to sell their courses directly from their websites.
Built-in marketing tools, including landing pages, email marketing campaigns, and affiliate marketing programs, to help creators promote and sell their courses.
You can create your own mobile app for your brand.

LearnWorlds Plans & Pricing

Starter Plan: $24 per month
Pro Trainer: $79 per month
Learning Center: $249 per month
Corporate Plan: Custom pricing for this plan

LearnWorlds Pros

You can create unlimited courses
Keep your audience engaged with its Interactive Video feature
Build community using built-in community features
You can create your own mobile app
You will be able to customize the language of your course
Learnworlds accepts all payments plans including subscriptions, memberships, and payment plans

LearnWorlds Cons

The free plan is not included
Premium support is only available on higher plans

Podia – Cheaper All-in-One Course Platform

Kajabi alternative

Podia is an online platform that allows creators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to create and sell digital products, courses, and memberships.

The platform is a good alternative to Kajabi and provides tools for creating landing pages, hosting content, processing payments, and communicating with customers.

Podia is designed to be an all-in-one solution, allowing users to manage all aspects of their online business from a single platform.

It also provides users with a dashboard that allows them to monitor their sales, revenue, and customer engagement.

You can upload documents, quizzes, audio, video, and picture files with Podia.

Your course can be sold even before it is released. If you want to generate interest in your course, use this option.

The best thing is there are no transaction fees and no coding or designing skills are required.

Here are the key features of Podia that you’ll love:

Podia has everything you need to create your course.
You can sell courses, webinars, downloads, or anything you want.
Create your website with ease.
You can sell your course before launch.
Built-in marketing and messaging tools.
Payment Integration with Stripe and PayPal.
No transaction fees are applied.

Podia Plans & Pricing

Free Plan: $0 per month
Mover Plan: $39 per month
Shaker Plan: $89 per month
Earthquaker Plan: $199 per month

Podia Pros

Sell anything you want
Create courses, memberships, and websites with ease
Embeddable checkout form
Email marketing tool
No transaction fees
Use content like text, images, videos, and audio files
Create Quizzes for your audience
Affordable pricing
Create unlimited courses

Podia Cons

No sales funnels
Limited free trial – All-in-One Marketing Platform

Best Kajabi alternative is the all-in-one solution for your online business and another better alternative to Kajabi.

It is designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses streamline their online operations and grow their businesses more efficiently.

With, users can easily create and customize their own websites, build sales funnels to capture leads and sell products, and manage their email marketing campaigns all in one place.

You can not only create your own online course but can create a sales funnel, sell products, blogging, email marketing, and lots of other things.

They have everything you need to start a successful online business.

Creating a website or blog using is very easy using ready-to-use templates and an easy interface.

They also offer an affiliate dashboard where you can manage your affiliate links and payouts in one place.

Overall, provides a comprehensive set of tools for online entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses.

Let’s have a look at the best features: offers to drag & drop website builder.
Comes with the sales funnel builder with pre-built templates and customizable landing pages.
Built-in email marketing tool to manage email campaigns, automation, and newsletters.
Users can create and manage their own membership sites.
It includes an affiliate program management tool.
The platform offers automation features such as triggered emails, sales funnels, and workflows to help streamline operations. integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.
Users can host live webinars and automated webinars with’s built-in webinar platform. Pricing

Free Plan: $0 per month
Startup Plan: $27 per month
Webinar Plan: $47 per month
Unlimited Plan: $97 per month Pros

They offer a free plan
It offers a Sales funnel and Email marketing tool
Website builder available
An affiliate management dashboard is provided
Sell your physical products as well
Build your online course and manage your students
Affordable pricing plans
All in one fully integrated tool Cons

Limited template customizations – Create Your Course App

platforms like Kajabi (Review) is an online platform that enables people to turn their passion or expertise into a profitable online coaching business.

In simple words, You can create your own app using the drag & drop feature without using and coding & designing skills. is designed for individuals who have a particular area of expertise, such as fitness, nutrition, or personal development, and who want to share their knowledge with others and earn a living doing so.

The platform also offers support and guidance on how to create effective coaching programs, market them, and grow a profitable business.

Overall, provides a valuable service for people who want to share their expertise and passion with others while building a successful online coaching business.

Here are some app examples.

Here are the best features of the app builder platform:

Offers a 14-day free trial to test the platform.
No coding & design skills are required for app creation.
Your app works on all devices.
Provide you best Modules and lessons to help you learn.
On-demand live streaming.
Group-Based Challenges for the Community.
Offers Drip content to keep your customers engaged, focused, and aligned.
Built-in payment processor for subscriptions. Plans & Pricing offers three plans including a 14 day free trial.

Pro Plan: $97 per month
Ultimate Plan: $297 per month
Ultimate Plus Plan: Custom Pricing

Get 90% Huge discount on Plans Pros

Create an app for your online course with ease
Drag & drop app builder with user-friendly Interface
No coding & designing skills
Pre-built template for any type of course app
Live streaming option
Push notifications when customers sign up
In-app purchases
Drip content
Easy payment and payouts Cons

The platform fee is 3.9%

SendPulse – Streamlined Learning with Integrated Marketing and Automation

Kajabi alternative

SendPulse’s course builder platform emerges as a dynamic alternative to Kajabi, offering a seamless blend of user-friendly design and robust functionality.

With SendPulse, creating and managing online courses becomes an intuitive experience, empowering educators and entrepreneurs alike.

The platform excels in versatility, supporting various content formats such as video, quizzes, and downloadable resources. Its responsive interface ensures an optimal learning experience across devices, enhancing accessibility for diverse audiences.

SendPulse goes beyond traditional course creation by integrating email marketing tools, allowing users to effortlessly engage with their audience through targeted campaigns.

The platform’s automation capabilities streamline administrative tasks, from enrollment to progress tracking, facilitating efficient course management.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or a business professional, SendPulse stands out among Kajabi alternatives as an all-encompassing solution, combining functionality and user-friendliness for a comprehensive online learning experience.

Here are the best features of SendPulse’s course builder:

Versatile Content Support: Videos, quizzes, downloads, and more.
Responsive Design: Ensures an optimal experience across devices.
Email Marketing Integration: Seamlessly connect and engage with learners.
Automation Tools: Streamline administrative tasks for efficient course management.
User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for both creators and learners.
Diverse Course Formats: Easily create and manage various learning materials.
Detailed Analytics: Track student progress and engagement effectively.
Customizable Templates: Tailor your courses with personalized branding.
Interactive Quizzes: Enhance learning with dynamic assessment features.
Affordable Pricing: Competitive rates for a comprehensive course-building solution.

SendPulse Plans & Pricing

FREE Plan: $0 per month
PRO Plan 1K students: $21 per month
PRO Plan 5K students: $74 per month
PRO Plan 25K students: $155 per month
PRO Plan 100K students: $310.50 per month

Prices listed are for a yearly billing period that comes with a permanent 50% discount (there’s also a 35% discount for a 6-month billing period)

SendPulse Pros

Versatile content support
Responsive design
No coding & designing skills
Email marketing integration
User-friendly interface
Diverse course formats
Detailed analytics
Customizable templates

SendPulse Cons

Learning curve for beginners
Limited advanced customization
Email marketing may require adjustment
Some features may be redundant

FAQs on Best Kajabi Alternatives

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a popular all-in-one platform that provides tools for creating and selling online courses, memberships, and digital products.

Why would I need a Kajabi alternative?

There are a few reasons why someone might want to consider a Kajabi alternative. Some people might find that Kajabi is too expensive or that its features don’t meet their needs. Others might want a more flexible platform that allows for more customization.

What are some free Kajabi Alternatives?

Thinkific and Podia are the best when it comes to a free Kajabi alternative as they offer a free plan to use the platform.

How to cancel the Kajabi membership?

Here are the steps to cancel your Kajabi membership:
– Select settings on your dashboard
– Click on billings under your account settings
– Scroll down and find your subscription
– Click cancel subscription

What features should I look for in a Kajabi alternative?

This will depend on your specific needs, but some features to consider might include course creation tools, payment processing options, marketing tools, and customization options.

How do Kajabi alternatives compare in terms of price?

Kajabi’s pricing starts at $149 per month, while many of its alternatives offer more affordable pricing plans. For example, Teachable’s basic plan starts at $29 per month, Thinkific’s basic plan starts at $39 per month, and Podia’s basic plan starts at $39 per month.

Final Words on Good Kajabi Alternatives 2024

So, above are some good Kajabi alternatives for 2024 compared to features, pricing, pros & cons, etc.

Some of them are all in one platform that could meet all requirements for your online business.

I am going to make it more simple for you.

If you are a beginner then Thinkific is the best option for you as it is easy to use with good features, If you want an all-in-one platform for your business then is better.

If you want an app to create and market your course then is the best option for you. It comes with some good features like drip content to provide a great user experience for your students.

So, this is all about the best Kajabi Alternatives in the market. Some of them are free to use and some of them are really cheap compared to Kajabi pricing.

Let me know what you think about these alternatives to Kajabi in the comment box.

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