This is the detailed tutorial about Bluehost free trial 2024. You will find everything related to the free trial Bluehost.

No doubt, Bluehost is the first hosting company that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about purchasing web hosting.

Bluehost is one of the three web-hosting companies that is officially recommended by the website.

But sometimes you want to test their services on your own rather than reading someone else reviews.

This is where Bluehost free trial comes into existence.

In this article, I will mention all the details about the Bluehost free trial and give you a genuine way to use the Bluehost web hosting services.

I will also answer your first question; Does Bluehost offer a free trial? So without further delay let’s answer your first question.

Does Bluehost Offer a Free Trial?

Bluehost free trial

The short answer to your question is NO. Bluehost doesn’t offer a free trial on any of its web hosting plans.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t use their web hosting services.

There’s a good thing about Bluehost that lets you use Bluehost hosting for 30 days without paying anything.

I will also give you a special discount on Bluehost hosting that gives you a 70% discount on Bluehost shared hosting plans.

So, below are all the details about Bluehost free trial and how to use Bluehost hosting for free.

Bluehost Free Trial 2024: How To Use Bluehost for Free?

Now, You all know that Bluehost doesn’t offer anything like a 30-day Bluehost free trial coupon or Bluehost free domain trial, etc.

But Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as per their refund policy on all their web hosting plans.

Here are the Bluehost hosting plans that cover the refund policy.

Shared hosting plans
WordPress hosting plans
VPS hosting plans
eCommerce hosting plans
Dedicated hosting plans

If you choose any of their above-mentioned hosting plans for 30 days you don’t need to pay anything as they offer a 30-days refund policy.

Additionally, I am giving you 70% discount offers on all the shared hosting plans to start your blog or website.

How To Get Bluehost For Free Under Trial Offer

If you are ready to use the Bluehost free hosting by claiming the 30-day money-back guarantee then you just need to follow the below steps.

You lose nothing while claiming Bluehost 30 day money-back guarantee. Bluehost services are really great and affordable.

The Choice Plus plan comes with a free domain, free SSL certificate, Daily Website back up, Domain privacy, and much more.

You will get a Bluehost free trial in two minutes by just following some steps.

Step 1: First, You need to land on the official website of Bluehost by clicking this link.

Bluehost free trial

Step 2: Choose your Bluehost hosting plan. If you have more than one domain, I recommend choosing the Choice Plus plan.

Bluehost free trial

Step 3: Then Claim your free domain by Bluehost. It is totally free for the first year.

Step 4: Enter your personal information like name, email id, country, etc, and choose the period of your hosting trial.

Step 5: Choose the package extra addon you would like to add. There are four Bluehost package extras:

Step 6: Choose the payment method and accept the terms and conditions to complete your purchase.

Free trial bluehost

This is how you can purchase Bluehost hosting by following these simple steps. If you have any problems while purchasing you can read my detailed guide on how to buy hosting from Bluehost.

Here is also a detailed guide on Which Bluehost plan is best.

How To Cancel Bluehost Account? 

After purchasing the Bluehost hosting you have to cancel it within the 30-day refund period. If you don’t cancel it within 30 days you will not get any money back.

So, you have to know some things before canceling your Bluehost account.

Let’s say you have a website on Bluehost hosting and you are not satisfied with the service. So, In this condition, you definitely want your money back.

But before your Bluehost account consolation, make sure:

  • You backup everything including files, database, email accounts, etc.
  • You have already migrated your website to another web host.

Now let’s go back to your Bluehost account cancellation method.

There are two methods, The First is to contact the sales team at 888-401-4678 (US only), and in other countries, customers can visit to see the phone number of their country.

The second is by visiting Bluehost cPanel > Account > Renew > Do Not Renew and telling them the reason why you want to cancel your account.

Bluehost free trial

You can also ask the Bluehost support team to cancel your hosting account.

After your request is processed your account will be permanently deleted as soon as possible.

Will You Get a Full Refund Under the Money Back Guarantee?

The answer is No, Bluehost is a web hosting company and they can only offer refunds for their services only.

It’s a loss to them if they offer a refund on their add-on services. They have clearly mentioned this in their refund policy.

Bluehost free trial refund policy

You will get a refund of your hosting amount and the rest add-ons you have included in the hosting package will not stand for a refund including your domain cost.

Bluehost will deduct the domain cost as you can not unregister a domain name until its got expired.

Similarly, Addon services are also non-refundable.

Pros & Cons of Bluehost Free Trial

Before going for the free trial of Bluehost hosting you must need to know the pros & cons of it.


You will get a 70% discount on Bluehost new account sign up
You can use the hosting services for up to 30 days
The hosting comes with a free domain
You can cancel it anytime to get your refund
Website hosted on Bluehost loads really fast
Bluehost offers excellent uptime
Bluehost comes with its own cPanel that is really user-friendly for newbie
You can choose multiple server locations


Bluehost offers a money-back guarantee instead of a free trial hosting
You will not get a refund for the registered domain name
You will not get a refund for the add-on services

Alternative to Bluehost Trial Offer 

If you search for the Bluehost alternative offering free trial web hosting, you will find that most hosting companies don’t offer a free trial.

Most web hosting companies only offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their services.

While some companies offer a free trial with just only a few days.

Similarly, Cloudways is a lightning-fast web hosting provider and offers a 3-day free trial without a credit card.

Bluehost free trial hosting

You will get these features in your Cloudways free trial:

  • 3-day free trial (no credit card, no charges)
  • Free Object Cache Pro & SSL Certificate
  • 24/7/365 real-time expert support
  • Unlimited websites

Conclusion – Bluehost Free Trial 2024

So, this is all about Bluehost free trial 2024. The truth is, that no hosting company will offer you a free trial.

All websites that claim like; Bluehost free trial code, Bluehost free domain trial, website hosting free trial, etc are fake.

The only thing you can use is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

After using Bluehost hosting, you will never switch to another web host as Bluehost offers high-performing budget-friendly hosting including a free domain.

You can use my 70% discount on Bluehost hosting + free domain + free SSL on all Bluehost shared hosting plans.

Let me know in the comments box if this tutorial helps you to get your answer to “Does Bluehost offer free trial” or not.

FAQs on Bluehost Free Trial Offer

Does Bluehost offer a free trial?

No, Bluehost doesn’t offer a free trial but you can your their refund policy and use Bluehost web hosting for 30 days without paying anything.

How to cancel Bluehost free trial?

You can cancel your account by contacting their sales team at 888-401-4678 (US only) and international customers can go to the for their country phone number.

How much does Bluehost cost?

Bluehost generally costs $3.95/mon for new customers but you can claim my discount by clicking this link and get Bluehost hosting as low as $2.95/mon only for my WPbloggerbasic readers.

Does Bluehost charge monthly?

No, Bluehost doesn’t offer monthly payments on any of their web hosting plans for new customers. However, there are some web hosting companies that offer month-to-month web hosting services.

Is Bluehost free for the first year?

No, Only the Bluehost domain name is free for the first year when you purchase web hosting. Bluehost doesn’t offer a free hosting plan.

What is the 30-day money-back guarantee of Bluehost?

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its web hosting plans which means if you claim your refund within 30 days you will get your money back for hosting services only.

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