If you’re a WordPress developer, agency owner, or designer who creates websites for different clients around the world, you may face a big problem between you and your client.

The problem is communication between your and your annoyed client.

Sometimes you’re too busy to reply to those emails and messages from your client and this may ruin your client’s experience.

It doesn’t matter how great you’ve worked on their project, if they get unsatisfied with any type of your behavior they never come back.

Now I think you understand why client communication is important for your company or WordPress business.

There are some WordPress feedback plugins like Projecthuddle – A Feedback Plugin for WordPress, that can help you to overcome these situations.

So, In this article, I will share why feedback is important to your WordPress business and how you can manage all those clients’ messages in one simple place.

So Let’s get started.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is the best tool for any agency, freelancer, or web designer.

When you’re working on your client’s website, feedback or suggestion become so important for your client’s satisfaction.

There are three types of feedback, Positive feedback, Negative feedback, and Neutral feedback.

If you’re giving a reply to all your feedback there are more chances that you get more sales or clients in a positive way.

The more quickly and easily you solve your client’s query, it will show you in a long term. 

So always try to handle your client feedback in the easiest way.

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Why Feedback is Important for your WP Business?

While working on any of your client projects it is very important to listen, reply, and understand your client’s requirements and give positive feedback to them.

No matter whether it is positive or negative, you have to reply to them in order to improve your product, services, and WordPress business.

A study says that 52% of consumers say that businesses must take action based on feedback.

The more genuinely you handle your client’s feedback the more quickly you grow.

And if you’re getting positive feedback from your clients, you will be automatically motivated to provide a good service.

The good service gives you good reviews. In a recent survey, 91% of customers trust more on online reviews rather than personal recommendations.

How To Collect Feedback for a Web Project?

Wordpress feedback plugin

How are you collecting feedback from your client’s matters most when you develop any WordPress website.

The easiest method you choose for Feedback, the easiest it will be for you to reply and satisfy those annoyed clients.

Here are some platforms that help you to get feedback from clients:

  • Emails: Feedback or suggestions through emails are the most used method that people use globally.
  • SMS: SMS is still used by many small businesses.
  • Social Media: Mostly people refer to social media like Skype or Facebook to talk with their clients about suggestions for their web projects.
  • Feedback Form: These methods are still in the use in this era of digitization. It’s a kind of personal feedback tool that individually collects feedback from clients through the feedback forms.

None of them gives you that much freedom or clearance to make your point on which area of a page you’re talking about.

One more drawback is you will receive messages from different clients on different social media devices or emails. No one gives you all feedback in a single place.

That is why a WordPress feedback plugin like Projecthuddle is here to help you.

Suppose that a plugin that allows you to click anywhere on your website and place blue sticky notes with your thought or suggestions about your modifications.

It will allow you to give feedback directly to your developer in one single place.

You can collect all types of feedback, and suggestions on your website dashboard and reply to all their queries in a single place.

Isn’t it amazing?

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Why is Direct Client Feedback so Useful?

It makes sense that you would want to please your customers. They are the client, after all. However, in some cases, you can actually keep clients pleased by telling them what you need to do in order to work more quickly and effectively.

And direct client feedback helps you in several ways to refine your process. 

If you’re frustrated by the client feedback from different platforms that slows down your work process, then here are a few ideas to make feedback faster and more actionable.

Helps You Deliver a Quality Project

Not always “Good Services” is what people looking for. Peoples prefer services that offer real-time or premium support.

Direct client feedback helps you to deliver a quality project that meets the client’s needs.

According to 66% of customers, the most critical part of any online customer experience is valuing the customer’s time.

Makes Customers Feel Valued

That’s the most important thing if you want to establish a successful WordPress business. If your customers feel valued by your direct client feedback or your consistent feedback they start trusting you and your company.

Clients who feel they’ve made a good service are more likely to get you again and share their positive experiences with others.

Here are some benefits of making your customer feel valued:

  • Increase your reputation among clients
  • Helps you to grow faster.
  • Measure customer satisfaction.
  • Provide a positive experience.
  • Improve customer retention.
  • Show you value their opinions.
  • Create the best client experience.

Helps Measure Customer Satisfaction

You can measure your customer satisfaction if you handle your client feedback directly through the WordPress feedback plugin.

It will boost confidence, helps motivation, and show people that you value them most. 

This will keep users returning to your business repeatedly to make purchases and recommend you to their contacts.

As a customer satisfaction, you can ask follow-up questions and respond with praise if you receive positive feedback from clients. 

Helps Speed Up the Design Process

When you communicate with your client well it will help you to speed up the design process. Clients will continuously talk about their doubts very clearly and give you suggestions to improve their web project.

Receiving regular direct feedback from clients keeps a company’s employees informed of their strengths, & weaknesses.

If you will be able to provide your clients with a platform where they can give feedback visually then it will help you to understand your client’s minds and also help you to better understand their suggestions.

It can happen using WordPress feedback plugins like Projecthuddle.

Saves Using Multiple Platforms (email, messages, SMS, etc.)

This could be frustrating if you’re switching to multiple platforms like email, messages, SMS, or social media platforms to communicate with your clients. 

It takes lots of time and effort to control all of them and takes too much time.

That’s why direct client feedback helps you to save your time as well as prevent you to go through multiple platforms.

And you can do it by simply installing a WordPress feedback plugin into your WordPress dashboard.

A feedback plugin can track user responses to web content and help you customize your site in the best way possible to meet your goals.

How To Collect Client Feedback?

There are many different ways to collect client feedback like social media, email, feedback forms, project management systems, or using a feedback plugin.

So, In this section, I will tell you which methods help you to collect clients’ feedback along with their pros & cons.

Feedback Form

This may look outdated but most websites & agencies still use this method to communicate with clients. Sometimes this method can frustrate your clients in different ways.

If you want hassle-free communication it’s not a good idea to use a feedback form on your website.

Here are the pros and cons of putting a feedback form on a website.


  • The feedback form can be easily implemented on your website.
  • Customers or clients navigate it and reach you quickly.
  • They feel valued to get a quick response from you.
  • Feedback forms can ultimately increase retention rates and loyalty.


  • It collects user data like names, email, etc so users hesitate to give feedback through it.
  • You need to install an additional plugin to your website.
  • The popup feedback form could make the customer abandon your site.
  • It could detract users from the action they actually want the user to take on your website.
  • Customers could find the feedback form annoying.


Communicating through email is the primary way and it is used by most agencies, small businesses, and web developers.

But it is very messy to receive a bunch of different emails daily.

Sometimes it is very irritating for you because you don’t know what is your client talking about.

Especially when the questions like this section need more padding, that font is not looking professional. And you ask more questions for verification.

This could be a prime situation for causing friction between you and your clients. That’s why you need the best tools to communicate with your clients.

Here are the pros & cons of using Email as a communication method with your clients.


  • Easy to use and available to free.
  • Email offers immediate outreach.
  • Greater speed of information
  • Access through any place.
  • Emails are Informal and conversational.
  • Ability to communicate globally.


  • Increase security Issues.
  • Need to check the inbox regularly.
  • The client’s feedback or suggestions are difficult to understand.
  • Risks of email scams.
  • Spam emails issue.
  • Risk of Data Loss.
  • Not suitable for businesses.

Project Management System

Planning, organization, and discipline are all necessary components of project management to guarantee teams reach project deadlines.

To accomplish predetermined goals and objectives typically entails working as a team with several workers.

For teams in web development, social media, marketing, real estate, and many other small company categories, some organizations use WordPress project management plugins.

If you’re a big organization then you may need to have a project management system to stay organized and on task.

However, here are some pros & cons of using a project management system.


  • Improve activities overview.
  • Reduce the management load.
  • Best collaboration with the client.
  • Involves working with multiple members on a team to achieve pre-determined goals.
  • Best for individuals and freelancers.
  • Up-to-date status reporting.


  • Security & privacy concerns.
  • Clients can’t describe their doubts visually.
  • Sometimes it takes too much time to respond to the team.
  • Potential distraction.
  • Don’t give other features to your clients.
  • Unavailable when there’s no internet.

Direct Feedback Using a Plugin

Using a WordPress feedback plugin for your WordPress project can take your web business to the next level.

Collecting clients’ feedback or doubts and replying to them immediately is necessary for most WordPress businesses.

The designer and clients both need to spend lots of time & effort chatting on emails or social media platforms.

So, plugins like Projecthuddle are simplifying this process by changing the way the client and agency communicate.

Isn’t it looking cool?

Let’s discuss.


  • Users can click on the specific page of your website and comment on it about their concerns.
  • All your client’s feedback on your business website dashboard.
  • You can also use it on Non-WordPress websites.
  • Password protected with easy client access.
  • Automatic email notifications keep everyone informed on project progress.
  • Manage unlimited projects with unlimited users.
  • Use markdown in comment replies.
  • Assign and Resolve Issues.
  • Connect with 1500+ app integrations.
  • Keep Track of Mockup Changes with Versions.


  • You need some time to understand how this plugin works.
  • Some plugins are too expensive.

Introducing ProjectHuddle – A Feedback Plugin

wordpress feedback plugin

The ProjectHuddle is a WordPress feedback plugin to visually communicate with clients with ease. 

Installing a WordPress feedback plugin directly into your business website allows you to get user problems, suggestions, and doubts directly into your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin essentially serves two purposes: it allows you to develop and produce mockup projects for your clients while also giving them the chance to comment on those mockup projects and approve them when satisfied.

You will be able to use this plugin not only on WordPress but also on Non-WordPress websites.

Your clients will be able to give feedback visually on any page or element of your website after using it. 

Here is the screenshot so you can better understand.

Wordpress feedback plugin

If you still have some questions then here is a video that clears all your doubts regarding the ProjectHuddle feedback plugin.

Here are the best features of ProjectHuddle:

  • Unlimited projects with unlimited users
  • Unlimited mockups
  • Central dashboard
  • Completely customizable
  • White label
  • Sketch sync
  • 3 Dashboard site (Depend on plan)
  • File upload (Depend on plan)
  • PDF support (Depend on plan)
  • Future add-ons (Depend on plan)
  • 30 Days-money back guarantee.

ProjectHuddle Pricing

The ProjectHuddle comes with two different plans; Regular Plan and Professional Plan.

Projecthuddle pricing

The ProjectHuddle Regular Plan pricing starts at $109 annually. It means you have to pay $109 for one year and after that period you need to renew your plan for the next period.

You will get all the above-mentioned features except file upload, PDF support, or future add-ons. Also, you will get only 1 site dashboard in the regular plan.

The ProjectHuddle Professional Plan starts at $139 for a year. This is the top plan of the ProjectHuddle WordPress feedback plugin.

You will get all the above-mentioned features in this professional plan. These two plan comes with 30 days no question asked money-back guarantee and top-notch support.


If you’re a web developer or an agency you must need to try this plugin at once. It can boost your client experience and make clients feel valued.

It helps in managing multiple clients at the same time and same place with easy to use interface. 

ProjectHuddle comes with affordable pricing starting at $109 annually. If you look at the ProjectHuddle alternatives you will find the pricing of those plugins is extremely high.

There is also a ProjectHuddle lifetime deal available which comes at $599. You don’t need to pay any extra amount after getting this lifetime deal.

You know you need to make your existing customers happy rather than the ones who you still yet to take on.

The ProjectHuddle plugin helps you to do this very easily.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this plugin in the comments section below.

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