Kadence Free vs Pro 2024

Kadence Pro offers amazing customization and is an excellent choice if you own an agency or have clients worldwide. The Kadence Pro version is strongly recommended for creating professional websites, WordPress blogs, or eCommerce websites. Want any discount on Kadence?

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Are you looking for a detailed Kadence free vs pro comparison to know which is best for your website in 2024?

If Yes, then you’re on the right web page. I will guide you on whether the Kadence free theme is enough for you or if you should buy the Kadence pro theme.

No doubt, KadenceWP Theme is the most feature-rich free WordPress theme that has ever been released.

Kadence theme gives you packed with features that other themes won’t in the market. 

And in the Kadence pro version, it even gets better. That is why you need to compare Kadence free vs pro theme before choosing the right one.

So, let’s get started.

What is Kadence Theme? An Overview

Kadence Free vs Pro

Before starting, below is a quick overview of the Kadence theme:

ProductKadence Theme
Rating5 out of 5
Best ForAffiliate marketers, Business websites, & WordPress blogs
PricingPremium plans start at $59 to $799 one-time payment
Free versionAvailable
DiscountGet a 10% discount on a lifetime plan
Money-Back Guarantee30-days
FeaturesFast, 100% page speed score, Responsive, accessible to all, etc.
Best AlternativesGeneratePress and Astra

Kadence theme is a freemium WordPress theme by KadenceWP (The official company of the theme). The free theme is available to download in the WordPress themes area and the premium theme you can purchase here.

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme with tons of features in the free version for which other themes are charged. 

It is a lightweight WordPress theme that helps your site load fast and offers far more design & customization features than you’ll find with most free themes. 

KadenceWP offers a lot of themes and plugins in its portfolio but the Kadence theme and Kadence block plugin is their popular product. 

Kadence Block is the page builder plugin for the Gutenberg editor. You can create an awesome website with the Kadence Pro theme + Kadence block plugin.

Now, that I think you have a basic understanding of the Kadence theme, let’s get into the detailed Kadence free vs pro comparison so you will be able to choose the right one.

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Kadence Free vs Pro Comparison 2024

Kadence Free vs Pro

If you think the Kadence free theme is just a simple theme compared to the other free themes then you’re wrong.

We can say it’s the most premium free theme in the market.

First, I mention some details about the free theme features, Pros and cons, pricing, etc. then tell you about the same for the Kadence premium theme.

In the end, I will suggest some best points that encourage you to buy the Kadence Pro theme. Below is a quick comparison between Kadence free vs pro.

Key FeaturesKadence ProKadence Free
Theme Price$59/yearZero
Header AddonsYesNo
Hooked ElementYesNo
WooCommerce AddonYesNo
Ultimate MenuYesNo
Custom FontsYesNo
LinksGet NowGet Now

Let’s start with the Kadence free theme in our Kadence free vs pro comparison.

Short on time? Here’s a quick summary of which theme I found best after comparing both the Kadence free and pro themes:

Winner (Our pick): Kadence Pro – The Kadence Pro version comes with unlimited customization features and the pro version is strongly recommended for creating professional websites, WordPress blogs, or eCommerce websites.
Runner up: Kadence free– The free version of the Kadence theme is only best for WordPress blogs and simple websites as it comes with fewer features compared to the Kadence pro theme.

Kadence Free Theme Features

Kadence Free vs Pro

Kadence free theme gives you lots of premium features when you install Kadence theme with ZERO cost.

It is one of the most popular freemium themes with more than 2,00,000+ active installations.

You can find the Kadence free and premium theme features at the “Kadence” link under the “Appearance” tab.

Here are some sections available in the free version of the theme:

  1. Global Colors
  2. Branding 
  3. Typography
  4. Header Layout
  5. Page Layout
  6. Footer Layout

If You click any of those, you will be redirected to the theme customizer where you will be able to do the full settings of that section.

Let’s discuss each setting briefly.

Global Colors

Kadence free vs pro comparison

By using Global colors settings in KadenceWP, you can set the background color of the entire website, content background color, link color, etc.

Here are the options available in the global colors:

  • Site Background
  • Content Background
  • Title Above Content Background
  • Title Above Content Overlay Color
  • Content Link Style
  • Content Link Color


Kadence free vs pro

Here you can upload your website logo, and can set the position of your logo. The site title and tagline options are also available in the branding option.

Overall options available in the branding:

  • Site Logo
  • Logo Layout
  • Site Title
  • Site Tagline
  • Site Icon (Favicon)

In the design option, you will be able to change the site title font, Site title hover & Active Colors setting. The padding option is also available to adjust the correct position of your logo.


Kadence free vs pro

In the typography option, you can choose the font of your entire website. The Google font option is also available in the KadenceWP.

You can choose the body text as well as each heading h1-h6, and breadcrumbs. You can also set the font size and weight for each heading.

Header Layout

Kadence free vs premium

The header layout settings are the most advanced feature of the Kadence-free theme. It just looks like you’re using the drag-and-drop page builder while using this setting.

Most of the free themes will not offer this type of customization.

There are some options available in the left corner which you can drag & drop to build your header layout. These are:

  • Primary Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Logo
  • Social Media Links
  • Search Box
  • Button
  • HTML

You can add up to three rows in the header and up to 3 columns in each row. Also, you can customize the header in multiple ways like changing its width, height & color and making it transparent or sticky.

You can also do all these settings on the mobile or tablet header.

Page Layout

Kadence free vs pro comparison

Here you can choose which type of page layout you want for your website. 

Along with this, you will have full control over the display of the page title, page width, whether you want a sidebar to be shown, the location of the sidebar, featured images, comments, and more.

Footer Layout

Kadence theme free vs pro

The footer layout is as same as the header layout settings. There are three rows available and you can add up to 6 widgets in the maximum five columns.

Simply you can drag & drop the elements that are available in the widgets option.

Kadence Premium Theme Features

Kadence free vs pro theme

The Kadence free theme gives so many customization options so you may wonder what they are offering in the pro version of KadenceWP.

When you purchase the Kadence pro theme, you will unlock some more features in your customization, and also unlock one of my favorite Hook elements.

Here are some sections available in the pro version of the theme:

  1. Header Addon
  2. Hooked Elements
  3. WooCommerce Addon
  4. Ultimate Menu
  5. Header/Footer Scripts
  6. Infinite Scroll

To activate each setting you have to switch the toggle after purchasing the Kadence pro theme. Let’s discuss briefly what you get in the Kadence pro theme.

Header Addons

The free theme gives you 7 elements but with the pro version, you will get 20 additional elements that you can use in your header. Some of these are:

  • Account Icon
  • Dividers
  • Extra Buttons
  • Contact Element
  • Widget Area
  • Toggle with a slide-out panel

Hooked Element

The Hooked element helps you to create custom elements in different areas on your website. This feature makes your website more customizable and attractive.

As an example, Here is my author bio which I created using the hooked element in my theme. 

kadence free vs pro

You can show the elements on the custom pages like blog posts, pages, and any place on your website area. For example:

  • Entire website 
  • Single post or page 
  • Before or after the header/footer 
  • Before or after the content area 
  • Before or after the sidebar 
  • Before or after the title Custom placement via custom hooks
  • And lots more.

WooCommerce Addon

If you’re an eCommerce website owner, your lots of problems get solved as Kadence pro offers WooCommerce addon in customizer.

Here are some new options for the customizer for WooCommerce stores:

  • Auto-Open Side Cart when product added
  • Shop Toggle Widget Area
  • Custom Shop page built with blocks or Page Builder
  • Ajax Add to cart for single product page

Ultimate Menu

The Ultimate Menu helps you with menu options for mega sub-menus, highlight tags, icons, and more. For example:

  • Use an icon in your Menu Item Label
  • Create Multi-Column Dropdowns
  • Use Custom Content for Dropdowns
  • Custom Background for Dropdowns

Header/Footer Scripts

The header/footer scripts help you to add options into the customizer to add header and footer scripts such as:

  • Header Scripts
  • Footer Scripts
  • After Opening the Body Scripts

Infinite Scroll

If you want infinite scroll on your website then Kadence Pro offers this feature so your users can read more posts.

The URL of the post will change to another post URL automatically when users complete finishing the first post.

So, these are some best features of the Kadence Pro theme. I’ve mentioned all features of the Kadence free and pro themes so let’s move to the pricing of the Kadence premium theme.

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Kadence Pro Pricing 2024

Kadence theme comes with zero bad things and you’re reading this line because you want to purchase the premium one. You can access the Kadence theme in different ways as they offer three different plans.

Kadence Pricing

They offer three different plans which are Kadence Pro, Essential Bundle, and Full Bundle. Here are the details of each plan: 

Kadence Pro

Kadence Pro means you will get a single premium theme that you can use on unlimited websites.

The pricing of the single premium theme is $59 for a year with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and one-year support & updates.

Essential Bundle

KadenceWP essential bundle is best if you want to create your WordPress website according to your requirements.

This plan comes at $129 for a year and also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and one-year support & updates. 

The essential bundle includes the Kadence pro theme, Kadence blocks pro, and Pro started templates.

Full Bundle

This plan is the most premium plan of KadenceWP that comes at $199 for a year. You will get everything in this plan including:

  • Kadence Pro Theme
  • Kadence Blocks Pro
  • Pro started Templates
  • Kadence Cloud
  • Child Theme Builder
  • Kadence Shop Kit
  • Kadence AMP
  • Access to all future products

Along with this, you will get access to all their premium themes and plugins in the full bundle. There’s also a lifetime deal available in the full bundle. The lifetime deal of the full bundle costs you $699 and you will get all premium themes and plugins for lifetime support and updates.

You can use my Kadence discount coupon code to get an additional 10% discount on kadence lifetime deal.

Need more clarity?

Here is the detailed comparison table of Kadence pro vs Kadence essential bundle vs full bundle:

Kadence ProEssential BundleFull Bundle
Unlimited SitesUnlimited SitesUnlimited Sites
One year of support & updatesOne year of support & updatesOne year of support & updates
30-day satisfaction guarantee30-day satisfaction guarantee30-day satisfaction guarantee
Kadence Pro ThemeKadence Pro ThemeKadence Pro Theme
Kadence Pro BlocksKadence Pro Blocks
Pro Starter TemplatesPro Starter Templates
Kadence Custom FontsKadence Custom Fonts
Kadence Cloud
Kadence Conversions
Kadence WooCommerce Shop Kit
Child Theme Builder
Kadence Recaptcha
Access to all plugins & themes
Exclusive access to all future products

Kadence Theme Pros & Cons

In this section of our Kadence free vs pro theme tutorial, I will give you some pros and cons of choosing the KadenceWP premium.


Best features (Even in the Free theme)
Lightweight and Fast-loading
Mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized
WooCommerce & Gutenberg ready
Starter Templates
Super easy-to-use theme
20 Additional Header elements
Works really well with all types of page builder plugins
Inbuilt author bio, last updated date, related post, etc.
Show breadcrumbs in blog posts, categories, WooCommerce pages, etc.
Affordable pricing structure
A lifetime deal is also available.


Very complex pricing structure.
Very confusing branding.

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What To Choose Between Kadence Free vs Pro?

Now, At this point in my tutorial, you know everything about Kadence free and pro themes. 

So, let’s discuss which theme is best between Kadence free vs pro according to your needs. 

You’ll probably be comfortable with Kadence free theme if you:

  • Just created a niche website and wanted to earn through Adsense.
  • Have good coding skills to customize the free theme with HTML & CSS.
  • Have a page builder like Elementor or Thrive Architect.

You can download the Kadence theme free version by clicking here (no login details required).

You definitely need to purchase the Kadence Pro if you:

  • Decided to build a professional-looking WordPress website.
  • Want to build a woo-commerce store.
  • Want to create something with Hook elements.
  • Looking for started templates to create professional websites in minutes.
  • Looking for a mobile-friendly, fast-loading, lightweight, and SEO-friendly theme.

Click here to download the Kadence pro theme – You can use our coupon code TAKE10 to get the additional 10% discount on the Kadence lifetime deal only for wpbloggerbasic readers.

Conclusion on Kadence Free vs Pro

No doubt, the Kadence theme is one of the best freemium WordPress themes in the market now. 

KadenceWP comes with lots of features that other themes charge for. 

You don’t need to install additional plugins for some features like author bio, related post, or showing the last updated date in a WordPress post as the Kadence theme comes with all these features without adding any additional plugins.

After comparing the Kadence free and pro themes, here are my suggestions to you between Kadence free vs premium theme.

Kadence Free Theme: You can go with the free version of Kadence if you don’t want more customizations on your website.

Kadence Pro Addon: You should definitely go with the Kadence Premium if you really care about the website layout, template & design, and want to attract users to get more conversions.

If you want to start your own blog, then I highly recommend you go for the KadenceWP theme.

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FAQs on Kadence Free vs Premium Theme

Is Kadence a Free theme?

Kadence is a freemium theme, it comes with both; free and paid versions. The free version is available to download in the WordPress themes area and the premium kadence theme comes at $59 for one-year updates & support.

Is the Kadence theme good for SEO?

Yes, Kadence is a lightweight, SEO-friendly, and fully customizable WordPress theme.

Does the Kadence theme work with Elementor?

KadenceWP works really well with all types of page builder plugins. However, Kadence also offers its own page builder plugin called Kadence block.

Is the Kadence theme mobile responsive?

It is a fully responsive WordPress theme for all types of devices.

Is there any Kadence lifetime deal available?

Yes, Kadence offers a lifetime deal for its full bundle which costs you $699 (one-time payment). You can use this license on unlimited websites. Additionally, you can use my coupon code TAKE10 to get a 10% discount on a lifetime bundle.

Will my website break if I don’t renew my license key?

No, your website doesn’t break. You will not receive any updates and support when your license gets expired. You can renew it with its renewal charges.

Which theme is better between Generatepress vs Kadence?

In my opinion, the Kadence theme is better than the GeneratePress theme. For more details read my guide on GeneratePress vs Kadence.

What’s the refund policy?

Kadence theme offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It means you will get all your money back in 30-day period if you are not satisfied with the theme.

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