We believe in peoples that want to build their own audience with their content writing skills even they are a beginner

We want to make everyone job free person so that they can start their own blogging business by writing attractive and valuable articles but the main problem is that from where they should start, I mean which blog topics they should choose to kickstart their blogging career.

In 2019, Many bloggers start their blogging career with inspiration and enthusiasm but after starting their website, when they didn’t receive a single penny from Google Adsense or any others advertising network, Then they give up but the main reason behind their unsuccessful blogging journey may be their Niche.

So in this article, I will share 100 blog topics with their short description so that you can start your blogging website and start earning money after some time since your kickoff.

Blog Topics

100 Blog Topics To Start Blogging Journey

1. Host a Competiton or Giveaway

You know new bloggers have a different curiosity for different types of competition and you can also try Giveaway, which really makes your website more interesting.

2. Update Outdated Content

Blog Topics

There is still the audience for outdated content, So you can update outdated content for that audience and can earn a huge income.

3. Make A List Of F.A.Q’s

If you are not interested in writing a thousand words articles then you can make the list of most asked questions about any topic.

4. Health & Fitness for Busy People

If You’re interested in health and fitness blog then you can make the health blog for busy peoples.

5. Analyze Google Trends

You can make a particular website of google trends which can show data for most relevant blogging topics.

6. Make An E-Book And Publish It To Your Website

If You’re passionate about making useful ebooks then you can start your ebook website right now, and you can follow your passion.

7. Write About Common Misconceptions

Start a blog about common Misconceptions that one has and solve them.

8. Interview Small Artists

you can interview small artists or you can choose youtube to pick up your artistic or growing superstar.

9. Make Your Own Polling/Survey Website

You can start your own polling or survey website by choosing the latest trends in your region or according to your Niche.

10. Income Report Of Big Bloggers

You know, New bloggers are very interested to see the income report of the big bloggers for motivation So you have a good opportunity to cover this content.

11. Predict The Result

According to the trending topics in your niche, you can predict the result and create valuable content for your audience.

12. Make Seasonal Content

You can create seasonal content and make a good attraction for your audience but remember one thing that creating valuable content on the right time can make your website with tons of traffic.

13. Blog About Your Failures

You can save the time of others by telling them about your failures and definitely it will be a good one of the good blog topics.

14. Things To Do Before You Die

Create a list of those things in your blog which one should do before dying.

For Ex – 25 Things To Buy Before Dying.

15. Blog About Everything

Create a blog about everything that covers A to Z all Niche. I know this will be tough but it will create a permanent job for you.

16. Create A Quiz

Make a website of different types of quizzes and put it with your valuable content.

17. Blogs On Video Workshops

Make videos on your favorite topic and upload it to your blog or you can also use youtube channel.

18. Use Quora For Blogging

You can use Quora for getting the ideas in your interesting Niche.

19. Create Tools

Create simple tools for your audience which can be used in daily life.

Ex- Calculator, Excel Docs.

20. Make White Paper

In the white paper A-Z information is present on a particular subject.

21. Top Books In Your Niche

Some peoples do not find the right book that they need. Therefore, create some books for your niche.

Ex-Top Novels

22. Find Contents That Dead And Re-create

Some contents are dead on the web, find it and re-create and publish on your blogging site.

23.Learning Blog Language

Writing blogs help us for better-thinking skill that we need for better blogs. Use your skill instead of any others. You can also change your writing style.

24. Self-Employment 

The population are increasing every day so you have one opportunity to make a blog on self-employment

25. Self Development

You can add self-improving tips on communication skill and how to be healthy and fit.

26. Adventure Skill

You can add different type of adventure skill in your blog, one of adventure skill is, to help every animal who is in danger.

27. Self Defense

Crime is increasing every day and you have good skills to defend your self then you can use your blog to let everyone know how they can defend them in a critical situation.

28. How To Lose Weight

Definitely, It will be a good idea to make a blog on “How To Lose Weight“. You can take the help of many online websites to get to know about these exercises and make a good E-book and you can sell it or you can also rank it for tons of traffic.

29. Interior design blog

Make a website on interior blogging and publish your content with consistency.

30. Eating Healthy In Low Budget

You can make a website for middle and low-class peoples on “How To Be Fit In Low Budget“.

31. Sports Photography

Your audience may want to see some good photographic skills, So you can make a blog on sports photography.

32. Make A Ultimate Guide

You can make a website on the ultimate guide on your favorite industry and can help beginners.

33. Sharing Your Experience

You can take the interview of others and upload it to your blog and you can also make vlogs of that interview.

34. List Of Hacks

If you are a hacker then you can teach them to your audience.

35. How To Deal With Distractions

If you are a motivational speaker or you are a most experienced person in the particular field then definitely you have faced many distractions so you can tell your audience about “how to solve those distractions“.

36. One Scaring Thing In Your Career

Make a blog on one scaring thing that scared you the most.

37. Planning To Achieve Your Goals

If You have some good strategy to achieve your goal then you can write in brief about those strategies in your blogging website.

38. Road To Success Tips

One of the good blog topics is writing about tips on the “Road To Success”, You can make a blog on this post idea.

39. Share Of Gift With The World

Peoples like a gift so you can host a blog about gifting.

40. How To Be Someone’s BF

Definitely, It is something different but still, it is the best niche for blogging.

41. Blogs On Daily Problems

Prepare a list of the problems that you face in your daily life and make a blog on it.

42. What Is Your Dream Job

You can make a personal blog on your dream job.

43. Write About Politics

You can choose your niche “Politics” and can create amazing blogs

44. Recipes

If you are a good foody as well as a good cook then you can host a website about Recipes.

45. For Breaking News

Make a website to share all breaking news with your audience but this is the tough task because all your traffic will depend on social media so you have to share all your post to the right audience so that you can earn more and more traffic.

46. Share A Series Content

You can create a series of content about your interested Niche and can earn a good amount of income.

47. Share Your Secrets

Well, start a blog to share your secrets with your audience.

48. Blog On Best Of____

You can start a blog on best of 2019________ or Best of something_____, Now this is the idea you can implement it and can understand to start your blog right now.

49. Tech Support

You know, most of the beginners don’t get the solution about their tech problem so you can start a blog which can solve beginner’s problem at start level.

50. Blogs On Internet Stars

People search More and More about Internet Superstars to know about them so there is an opportunity, you can select some internet superstars and can make blogs on them For Ex – 5 Things to know about x superstar, etc.

51. Tell How To Do Something Better

You can start a blog on how to do something better, but you should choose a great niche for your blog.

52. Quotes With Your Niche

Start any type of blog and add some value to your article Definitely, it will make your users more engaging.

53. Blog On Upcoming Device

Make A List Of Upcoming Devices and start your blog and rumors blog on these devices.

54. Reveal Some Truth

Nowadays, fake news spreads very fast so you can start a blog which reveals some truth in your audience.

55. Travel In Tight Budget

You Can start a blog, Which tells peoples how to travel in low budget and you can also add affiliates links to your niche for the best hotels and travel agencies and if you ranked your article then you can earn a high income from your affiliates links.

56. Entrepreneur Education

Are you want to become an entrepreneur or you have some knowledge about entrepreneurship then it is the right time to start your blog right now, you can make a blog on entrepreneur education for children, it can help many children to gain some skills about entrepreneurship.

57. Blogs On Losing Weight

You know, Everyone’s care about their weight so you have an opportunity to kick off your blog with losing weight as a topic.

58. Blogs On True Relationship

After 2 or 3 years Marriage, In many of the cases divorced happened or nowadays relationship has a very weak connection, Now you can start your blog on this topic.

59. Blogs On Real Friend

Start your blog on true friends, I mean to say you can start your blog on friendship.

60. Blogs On Career vs Job

Now This is the big question, What Should One Choose, A High Paying Job or Their Passion. Now choose this niche as your blogging topic and start your blog.

61. Blogs On Communication With Female

Start your blog on communication with a female client.

62. Blogs On “How To Make Girlfriend”

Kickoff your blogging career by starting your blog on how to make girlfriend, Definitely It will attract a good amount of traffic.

63. Blogs Of Disease On Early Born Child

You know parents are more and more conscious about their new born baby, Now what you can do is make a blog on diseases on early age child and rank your keyword, You can also use affiliates links for baby products to maximize your earning.

64. Blogs On Parenting

In Todays Busy World, Start a blog on parenting and help new parents by teaching them how to parent their new born child.

65. Blogs On Self-Sustaining

Start a blog on self sustaining techniques like grow your own food use solar panels for elecrticity.

66. Blogs On Ghost Hunting

Start a blog On Ghost Hunting.

67. Blogs On Videos Game Tactics

New Gamers want to know the tactics of their new video game so your audience is highschool student and you can also use video game tactics in video form for more clarity.

68. Blogs On Startups

Make your blog startups stories.

69. Start Your Own Social Media

Start your own social media platform. It is not an easy work, you should work hard to make your social platform popular.

70. Blogs On Self Employment

Everyone wants to be their own boss, So start your blog on the option of self employement and publish it.

71. Blogs On “How To Become A Better Writer”

If you are a good writer and you have good skills in writing then make a blog on this.

72. Blogs On Sexually Wellness

Collect information and kickoff your blog on this niche.

73. Blogs On College Planning

Start your blog on college planning.

74. Blogs On “Speaking In Public”

Start a blog on how to overcome the fear of public speaking, you can share your own personal tactics.

75. Blogs On Android/IOS Application

Kickoff your blogging website by writing about the application of android and ios application. Nowadays this blog topics will help you to choose best topic for blogs.

76. Blogs On Latest Technology

Start your blog on the latest technology to update your audience.

77. Blogs On Good Effects

Start your blog on the positive side of the situation, Peoples really loves your idea and blog.

78. Blogs On Use QR Codes In The Business

You can choose your niche as QR Code and teach small businesses about the use of QR Code.

79. Blogs On Bootstrappers

Start your blog on the inspirational stories of bootstrapper business,

80. Blogs On Self Improvement Books

If you have a good reading habit then you should start your blog on the self-improvement of the person.

81. Blogs On Best Jokes

You can start your blog by finding the best jokes and publish it to your website.

82. Seen A Good Movie, Catch It Content And Make Something

Now if you have seen an interesting movie then you can start your blog with this niche or you can make related blogs on this niche.

83. Blogs On Wrestling

Start your blog on wrestling, You know wrestling is very popular in many countries. You can share your viewpoint on various wrestling matches.

84. Blogs On Ancient Civilization

A good idea can be starting your blog on ancient civilization.

85. Try Something New

You can try something new to kick off your blogging website.

86. Blogs On List Of The Year

You can prepare the list of the year on any interested niche and publish it to your blog.

87. Blogs On Work Week

You can start a blog by planning the work week and it is the not a bad topic for blog so you can use this blog topics to blog on.

88. Blogs On Your Traditions

Start Your Blog On Your Tradition.

89. Blogs On Ancient Books

If You are interested in reading books then what you can do is, read the ancient books and publish the most interesting points in your blog.

90. Blogs On Ancient Knowledge

You can share your ancient knowledge in your blog posts.

91. Content From Speech

If You have listened anyone’s speech then you can make the list of imporatnt points of that speech.

92. Answer Your Reader’s Question

Start a blog to answer your readers question.

93. “Most Recommended Books” One Of The Best Blogs Topics

One of the best blogs topics is the writing about your most recommended books, Your audience will love this topic for blog. You know one of the most popular blogs uses this niche for blogging so you have a good blog ideas or blog topics to kick off your journey.

94. Skills For Updated Career

It will be best Topics For Blog because most of the audience have not needed skills for updated job so that you can make the list of updated skills and kick-off your blogging journey.

95. Blogs On Your Friends

You can start your blog on the behaviour of your friends, I know this is something like not interesting Niche but believe me something is always better than nothing.

96. Blogs on Your favourite Sport

Start your blog on your favourite niche, I mean on your favourite sport.

97. Review On Amazon’s Product

You can kick-off your blogging website by creating your own review website.

98. Review Of Beauty Product

You can start Your blog on beauty products and womens will love these types blogs.

99. Blogs On Weired things

You can start your blog on the weired things, and it will make thousand od users to your blogging website.

100. Blog On Bhagwat Geeta

You know, You can find out the reason of your birth by reading the shree bhagwat geeta, It is one of the most knowledgable book in the world. Starting your blog on this topic will make you very clear in your life.

So, friend, I have shared 100 blog topics in this article. You can start your blog on any of the blog ideas but keep in mind that on choosing any of the blog ideas, You should give your 100%.

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