Writing in a blog is not as easy as it seems. It is not enough to write a few lines, insert images, click send and share it on social networks. The matter is much more complex and, if you want your site to succeed, I will tell you up to 17 blogging tips that will surely help you to accomplish this task.

At first glance, everything seems very easy. You create a blog, download a template, write on the site, share it on social networks and wait for visits to arrive.

This is what most people usually think when they start their online entrepreneurship with their blog. However, this is not as easy as it seems because then all blogs would have a resounding success, don’t you think?

Instead, only a few reach the top of the top, a large percentage are among the recognized and then most are in a medium/low status.

Therefore, this means that essay writing in a blog is to show your greatest potential, your virtues, your essence and, ultimately, all your knowledge. So far everything is very clear. But how to transmit it to the public? And something more important, how do you know that you are addressing the audience that is precisely looking for your content?

This is not easy at all. Therefore, it is always necessary to have some notions of writing, even if it is basic, to begin to achieve your purposes.Blogging tips

So at least as you practice and internalize writing as part of your daily life as an entrepreneur, you will have the ability to cover the audience that you are looking for. And I say this with knowledge of cause because I remember that my beginnings as a blogger skipped many of these rules. It is not that he did it by any means; I thought I was doing it correctly and that’s why I followed that line in my content.

However, I have had the great luck that at one point in my blogging venture I met a great person who helped me improve and above all to recycle.

Well, now that I think it is not that it was luck, but based on my efforts I got that prize. However, I am also aware that there is perhaps a 3% luck factor that probably not everyone has and, therefore, I am writing these lines to help all those who need it. This does not mean that you will solve all your problems as a beginner (or not so beginner) because, after all, it is a task that you must do for yourself by “Cheetahpapers” to know about the essay writing.

But what I can do is help you or ‘soften’ your path and that, the obstacles you may encounter, are at least more bearable.

17 Blogging Tips That Will Help You Write A Blog Correctly

Blogging Tips

1. How to write the first blog post?

Writing the first blog post is the most important part of all. Not because everyone is going to read you because, surely, you don’t have a visit and, if you have one, they will be very few.

But it is the most important part of all because it will define how your blog will be and especially how you will be as a blogger. First impressions count a lot.

Therefore these are my best tips on this section:

  • Explain what your intentions are with the blog without fear (nobody will eat you)
  • Choose well the images that you will put in the post
  • Check your content again and again before giving ‘send’
  • Make a cool presentation.
  • Be close and especially talk about you. If your blog is personal, avoid yourself at all costs because then you will create a certain distance with your readers, which is of no interest.

2. Create a content calendar

Post the same days always. Do not fail in this regard. This will help you in addition to the users knowing which days you are going to publish and that you acquire the habit of commitment.

It is no use wanting to succeed with your blog if you do not comply with yourself. No need to write every day. With that, you make a post a week is enough, but always comply and, if one day you will fail, notify your audience.

3. Study your competition on essay writing

Studying your competition is crucial because it will guide you to know what topics are of interest. If you want visibility no matter what you like, your audience should like it.

That does not mean that from time to time you do not write a post that you like, but following my advice number 1, it will help you so that your visitors know what topics you are discussing in your blog and in the process, they follow you.

4. Don’t get obsessed with visits

Normally we tend to become obsessed with visits as soon as we start essay writing in the blog. That is a brutal mistake. You will not get more because you become obsessed, you can even cause the opposite effect.

Instead of thinking about how to get traffic so soon, focus on making interesting posts. Your audience will arrive sooner or later, I can assure you. So be patient.

5. Provide value in your content always

It is very important to always provide value in all the posts you write on your blog. This will help you gradually increase visitor traffic.

But how can you add value if there is an intoxication in the network? Well, from my point of view, read several blog articles that write about your subject and improve them.

I think it is the best way to add value to the content, otherwise, you will be one more because you will not be saying anything new.

6. Make your articles very visual

Most bloggers do not take this concept into account. They usually put an image or at most 2. That is fine in some cases, but I think it is always advisable to put several images because you facilitate reading to your visitors and you will help to keep your eyes from getting tired.

Also, they will better understand the contents and that is precisely what you should expect if you want to be read again.

7. Tell stories for your essay writing

Telling stories is essential to make reading more enjoyable and get the attention of your readers. People are fed up with so much theory. Don’t be a Wikipedia, be a person and, people, tell stories.

I assure you that if you follow this rule, everything will be better for you and you will gradually get the impact you expect.

8. Plasma emotions in your content

To express emotions in the contents are vital for the reader to empathize with you. We usually tend to think that humans are rational but in truth we are emotional.

So you can understand it a little better. A person may forget what you said, but never how you made him feel. That means, in a nutshell, that if you offer him a good experience he will have a good memory of you. And if you get that, he will read you again.

9. Capture subscribers

One of the main missions that you must do when you write in a blog and that is not usually done in the beginning as a blogger is the recruitment of subscribers.

This is very harmful in the long run and, when you realize it, you will have to do the task that you should have done at the time, which will take you longer to get the desired conversions.

Having this point in particular very clear will help you to have more visitor traffic and, also, to virtualize your content more.

10. Do SEO but write for people

SEO is essential to obtain organic visibility. However, if you write like a robot you will not hook your audience. Also, Google is already able to see that you are forcing the positioning and that does not like anything.

You can get the opposite effect, so you need to be more natural. Talk like a person and talk to people. Google robots will do the rest.

11. Do not be afraid to link bloggers in your sector

Many people are afraid to link blogs of other bloggers of the same theme to theirs because they think that their visitors will stop reading them.

It is possible that someone can do it, but generally, that does not happen. Also, do not think that you are the only one that exists in the blogosphere. Your audience reads other blogs like yours, whether you like it or not.

But that is not the issue of the subject. Link to blogs of the same theme adds value to the content, that Google likes and can position you better; Without discounting, of course, you are generating karma online, and, surely, you will also be linked. So stop being so afraid and link.

12. Link videos to content

Nowadays videos have a lot of value in the content. It is more than proven that they position articles better, especially if it is your video or if it has the same title as your article.

This is because people sometimes like to watch more videos to read and may even get to better understand what you are trying to transmit, for the simple reason that most users do not read, scan the contents.

It is not necessary that in all posts you put videos, but it would be nice to insert them in those entries that you want to position better.

13. Do not write excessively short posts

In reference to the number of words that should be written in a post, there is a debate that never ends. Some say that quantity does not matter but quality, others the quantity of words is more important and that it also adds value.

I am one of those who think like the seconds. From time to time you can write a short post and nothing happens; I have done it several times. But with the brutal competition on the net, you won’t get much.

14. Insert headers correctly in posts

The headlines are very important and not only to classify the posts of your blog by sections; They also help search engine algorithms to better understand your articles, index them and position them better.

If you never put them in your articles, it will surely cost you much more to the position. So you will see what you do.

15. Don’t try to sell, advise

A very common mistake of many bloggers is that they intend to sell on their blog and, although many times that is the real intention, it should not seem that you are looking for that. It is preferable to advise because who has to decide whether or not to buy is the user.

If you sell it shows and they will run from your blog, but if you advise it will mean that you are helping them and maybe thanks to it you can get recurring sales.

Also, to get to sell on a blog you have to get a community and your readers trust you.

16. Make titles that attract attention

If you do not create titles that attract attention, I can assure you that no matter how much quality you contribute to your content, few people will visit your blog. Because the user will have the feeling that you are not going to help him since at the outset you are not providing optimal information for it.

So you know, keep this concept in mind and you will see the difference.

17. Be yourself

And the most important thing of all is to be yourself. There is no use for everything else if your true essence is not embodied in each of the words you write in your entries.

You must remember how I have already told you during the post that people follow other people. Also, expressing your personality makes a difference because you, as an individual, are unique; There is no one with your same characteristics.

And if you’re afraid of what they will say, think that nobody is seeing you physically and the only thing that can happen to you is that some people don’t like you. But it’s normal, it’s part of life.

So stop complexes and allow your personality to manifest itself at its best. You can apply these blogging tips in your own blog to make a blog successful and profitable.

These are my 17 best blogging tips for you to write your blog correctly. I hope it helps you and Goes for it all!

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