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How to Solve “Failed to Send Your Message” Error in Contact Form 7

Fix 'Failed to send your message'

If you’re running a website on WordPress then you must create a page of a contact form. WordPress has lots of contact form plugins and the contact form 7 is one of them. It has 1 million+ installations…

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How to Fix [an error occurred while processing this directive] in WordPress

If you used WordPress then you got too many errors like 500 Internal Server Error, wp-admin not Working, 500 error, Error establishing a database connection and lots of others. Some errors are very irritating errors and “[an error occurred while processing this directive]”…

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How to solve WP-Admin not working issue on WordPress

wp admin not working on wordpress

Almost every WordPress user have faced wp-admin not working issue on their website. In this issue of WordPress, users can’t access their account and unable to login to their WordPress admin area. Login problems can be caused by different errors,…

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How to Embed WordPress iFrame: With and without Plugin

If you’re a blogger and a website developer, you definitely considered a site which is completely different from other website’s web pages. Whether your content sharing or storage space, these problems are solved by incorporating the content of a…

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How to Add WordPress Favicon in your WordPress Site

Add Wordpress Favicon

WordPress Favicon is a type of small image that displays next to your website’s name in a browser tab. It helps your audience to identify your site identity more frequently. Your Website’s Favicon is also used in other places like browser bookmarks,…

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How to Embed Google Form in Website (WordPress)

Do you want to Embed Google Form in WordPress website? Embedding a Google form should be a simple process as the creation of a Google form. The interface is intuitive, all things are in your place and you can come…

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How to Solve ‘DF A8’H Default Error’

DF A8’H Default Error is a very irritating error in any phone. Basically, it occurs with your sim card. It happens as a result of some technical issue of the device. This is a really annoying error because you have tried several ways…

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How to add Google Analytics to WordPress Website with Plugin {Beginners}

Everyone wants to know how much traffic gain or lose his website (Blog) every day. Knowing how your audience of onlookers collaborates with your site is urgent for your prosperity. Adding Google Analytics to your site helps you track your…

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