GeneratePress vs Kadence

The winner between GeneratePress vs Kadence is the Kadence theme with unlimited customization features. You should definitely go with the Kadence Pro version as strongly recommended for creating professional websites, WordPress blogs, or eCommerce websites.

Are you looking for a detailed GeneratePress vs Kadence theme comparison in 2024 to choose the right theme for your website or blog?

Then you’ve landed on the right page.

After purchasing the domain and hosting for your website, the next step is to choose the best and fastest WordPress theme.

A theme won’t determine how your website looks and functions but a WordPress theme plays a crucial role in your website’s SEO ranking as well.

GeneratePress & Kadence, both WordPress themes are the fastest, SEO friendly, and have the top level of customization.

That’s why people get confused about which WordPress theme they need to buy between GeneratePress and Kadence.

So, In this detailed GeneratePress vs Kadence comparison 2024, I will give you the best reasons to choose the right WordPress theme. 

Let’s get started.

GeneratePress and Kadence Theme Overview 2024

Before going to the detailed comparison of GeneratePress and KadenceWP here is my comparison table for both of the themes.

Active Installations2,00,000+6,00,000+
UsageUnlimited500 websites
Hooks & ElementsYesYes
Drag & drop header builderYesNo
Drag & drop Footer builderYesNo
Site LibraryYesYes
Page builders supportYesYes
LinkGet KadenceGet GeneratePress

Short on time? Here’s a quick summary of which theme I found best after comparing both the Generatepress and Kadence themes:

Winner (Our pick): Kadence – The Kadence theme comes with unlimited customization features even in the free version and the pro version is strongly recommended for creating professional websites, WordPress blogs, or eCommerce websites.
Runner up: GeneratePress– The GeneratePress theme is the best for WordPress blogs and simple websites as it comes with fewer features compared to the Kadence Pro theme. The customization of GeneratePress is not beginner-friendly However, Kadence provides easy drag & drop customization.

GeneratePress Theme Overview

GeneratePress vs Kadence

The GeneratePress theme is the freemium and most famous WordPress theme in the market developed by Tom Usborne.

With more than 40,00,000+ downloads across the world and 1000+ five-star ratings, it is the highest-rated theme in the WordPress theme market.

GeneratePress is not just an average WordPress theme- It’s fast-loading, SEO friendly, super simple, fully customizable theme, and has deep integration with page builder plugins.

You can download the free version of the theme at the WordPress.org site. 

However, if you want to unlock more features, you can purchase the premium version.

You can look around at some GeneratePress theme examples before making your decisions and compare the free and premium versions of the theme.

Kadence Theme Overview

GeneratePress vs Kadence

The Kadence theme is also a freemium WordPress theme. It is known as the fastest-growing WordPress theme ever created.

Its free version is available to download and also offers a pro version that opens more functionalities of this theme.

It is offered by the theme shop named Kadence along with some other themes and plugins. 

The Kadence Block plugin is one of them, a page builder plugin that unlocks the capabilities of WordPress’s Gutenberg editor. 

Like Kadence, the Kadence Block plugin also comes with a free and premium version. You can look around at some Kadence theme examples before making your decisions.

GeneratePress vs Kadence Theme Comparison 2024

GeneratePress vs Kadence

If you search for the fastest WordPress theme on Google, you will find the GeneratePress theme as the most common answer on top websites.

Generatepress is the most loved WordPress theme for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and business website owners.

It is a lightweight, SEO-friendly, fully customizable WordPress theme. You can read our detailed GeneratePress review tutorial to learn more about GeneratePress.

Let’s come to the Kadence theme.

After launching in 2020, Kadence has also become the fastest-growing theme in the WordPress market.

Kadence is now becoming the first choice for bloggers and affiliate marketers as it offers some premium features in its free plan as well.

Before choosing the right theme, you need to have knowledge of all features, capabilities, pricing plans, pros & cons, etc.

So, let’s compare each part of the Kadence and GeneratePress themes to give you an unbiased comparison of both themes.

Keyword Research

When I compare both themes on Google Trends, you can see the huge hike in popularity after 2020.

Kadence vs GeneratePress

It is because Kadence WP launched its theme which became so popular.

I will also share some other keyword research tool data like SEMrush to show the popularity of both themes.

Here is the search volume of the Kadence theme:

This is not the actual search for the Kadence theme, as there is another popular website by the name of Kadence that sells guitars. So, the actual searches are less than the above data.

This is an example of poor branding.

Similarly, you can see the search volume of the Generatepress theme below:

generatepress vs kadence comparison

As you can see, GeneratePress has more searches as it is a highly popular theme around the world.

In comparison to Generatepress, Kadence has less search volume. 

Speed Comparison

This is an important factor when choosing any WordPress theme. The speed of any theme matters most in your search rankings.

In comparison to speed, both the themes offer lightning-speed performance better than any other theme in the market.

Generatepress is a very clean-coded theme and claims it is added under 10KB in size which makes it super fast.

Generatepress vs kadence

On the other hand, the size of the Kadence theme is also just 42KB, which also makes it one of the fastest themes out there.

The size of the Kadence theme is bigger compared to the GeneratePress because it offers more features and capabilities to its users.

I am using the GeneratePress premium theme on some of my other websites because of its speed, performance, and level of customization it gives to me.

My blog takes less than 1 second to load after doing too much customization and adding so much of codes in additional CSS.

I’m able to customize every part of the theme in the premium feature with lots of other modules.

GeneratePress vs Kadence- Which theme is best in terms of keyword research & speed?

GeneratePress is the winner in this comparison as the speed of Generetapress is a little better than Kadence and GeneratePress also has more searches than Kadence because GeneretePress is the most popular WordPress theme around the world.

GeneratePress vs Kadence Theme: Ease of Use

After comparing both themes based on keyword research and speed comparison, let’s discuss which WordPress theme is easier to use.

In comparison to the GeneratePress premium theme, the Kadence theme is easier to use. I customized both GeneratePress and KadenceWP and found the Kadence theme much easier to use and customize.

To prove this, I am going to share some customization options for both themes. 

Header/Footer Builder

After creating your website or blog, the first thing you customize is your website header. It attracts your visitors and gives better navigation of the entire website.

Kadence is the only theme that gives you the drag & drop customization feature without using any page builder plugin.

You can use these header elements in your website header in the Kadence premium theme.

  • Logo 
  • Primary Navigation 
  • Secondary Navigation 
  • Third Navigation 
  • Fourth Navigation 
  • Search Icon 
  • Search Bar 
  • Social Icons 
  • Account (for users signing in and out of your website) 
  • Button 1 
  • Button 2 
  • HTML 1 
  • HTML 2 
  • Divider 1 
  • Divider 2 
  • Divider 3 
  • Widget Area 
  • Toggle Widget Area
  • Contact Information

Just drag & drop the above elements in the header section like in the below picture.

GeneratePress vs Kadence

Using some above elements, I have created a beautiful header using the drag & drop feature. Here is the output:

GeneratePress vs Kadence

Every possible element that you can use for creating your website header is even available in the free version of the Kadence theme. You can create a website header in just a few minutes.

Similarly, you can create your website footer using the drag & drop feature. There are six widgets available to use in a maximum of five columns. 

GeneratePress vs Kadence theme

The footer is also very easy to create and you don’t need any help with the page builder plugins.

Now let’s test the GeneratePress header builder.

You will be able to create your header in the GeneratePress theme customization area in WordPress. First, I need to tell you that GeneraterPress doesn’t offer a drag-and-drop feature like Kadence.

As you can see here is the screenshot of the layout customization under the header.

GeneratePress vs Kadence

It seems so complicated compared to the Kadence drag & drop feature. Another screenshot of primary navigation under the header section.

GeneratePress theme vs Kadence theme

You can’t drag & drop elements on a specific location in Generatepress. You need a custom code in order to do that and need good knowledge if you want to customize the GeneratePres theme.

On the other hand, A WordPress beginner can also understand the whole feature of the Kadence theme.

One more drawback is you can’t show social share buttons on the header in the GeneratePress theme. You have to install a plugin if you want to show that feature.

I think you can now understand which theme gives you the better header customization?

Obviously Kadence!

It’s very easy to create a professional-looking header with the Kadence header & footer builder compared to the GeneratePress theme.

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Layout Customization

For our second ease-of-use test, let’s discuss layout customization between GeneratePress and Kadence theme.

If any theme is offering you a lot of page layout and post-layout customization then you don’t need to use any third-party page builder plugins to build your pages.

First, here is the single blog post layout customization option of the Kadence theme.

Kadence Blog Layout option (1):

Kadence vs GeneratePress

Kadence Blog Layout option (2):

Kadence vs GeneratePress theme

As you can see above, Kadence offers a variety of layout customization options that you can use to easily change how your blog post looks.

Let’s look at a side-by-side comparison between GeneratePress vs Kadence in our blog post layout customization.

GeneratePress Blog Layout option (1):

generatepress vs kadence

GeneratePress Blog Layout option (2):

generatepress vs kadence

As you can see, Kadence offers way more customization than GeneratePress in the single blog post layout options.

Apart from this, Kadence comes with a beautifully looked author bio with previous & next posts and a related post section at the end of your blog post even in the free version.

Kadence Author Bio:

Kadence author bio

Kadence Similar Posts Section:

Kadence similar posts

On the other hand, the GeneratedPress free theme doesn’t offer these features directly in theme customization. You have to purchase the GeneratePress premium theme to show these features.

You need some additional codes and plugins to show related posts & author bios in the theme.

Similarly, Kadence allows you to show the last updated date in the blog post directly from the theme settings however you also need an additional code to show the last updated date in the GeneratePress theme.

Now you can think about which theme gives more layout customization options and other useful features.

No doubt, It’s a Kadence theme.

Even in the free version, you get lots of customization options and other features that other themes don’t offer.

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Color Customization

In our third and last ease-of-use test, I will compare the color customization of the Kadence theme and the GeneratePress theme.

The color of your website is also very important. It should be a match to your company or brand.

So, Let’s take a look at a side-by-side comparison between GeneratePress vs Kadence theme color options:

GeneratePress Body Color Option:

GeneratePress vs kadence theme

Kadence Color Palette Option:

GeneratePress vs Kadence

The two themes handle colors very differently, as you can see in the GeneratePress vs Kadence color choices comparison.

Currently, GeneratePress doesn’t have any type of global colors that tie directly into the theme along with GenerateBlocks (GeneratePress’s own page builder plugin).

In the color customization options of our GeneratePress vs Kadence theme comparison, Kadence has a better color customization option.

GeneratePress vs Kadence- Which theme has easy & more customization options?

Winner (Kadence Theme): In terms of header/footer builder, and website layout customization, the Kadence theme is better than GeneratePress. Kadence drag & drop header/footer builder and other features like the author, similar posts, & showing the last updated date in a WordPress post are the features that no other theme offers.

GeneratePress vs Kadence Theme: Features Compared

In this section, I’m going to compare the free and paid versions of both themes and also tell you why you need to go for the premium.

GeneratePress Free Theme Features

Here are the features of the GeneratePress free theme:

Mobile Responsive: The free version of this theme is fully responsive to all devices. 

Click & Reset Option: If you do something wrong with the theme, You can reset everything in just one click. 

Typography & Font Editing: 100+ free font family & typography options available with the free theme. 

14 Pro Modules: With the help of these 14 Pro Modules, you can customize your website better. 

Light Weight: The free version of the theme is also under 1 MB, which means your site loading time is going to be very low. 

Custom CSS: If you have some coding knowledge, you can customize every part of this theme using a custom CSS option.

GeneratePress Premium Theme Features

GeneratePress premium features can be activated after installing a plugin called GP premium. The GP premium plugin is the premium version of the GeneratePress theme.

Let’s dive into the details of the GP Premium plugin:

Site Library: You will get 33+ demo sites that you can import into your site with just a few clicks. 

Colors: Use more than 60 colors to make your website good-looking. 

Typography: More than 70 typography options, 100 fonts, and even Google fonts for styling & designing your blog attractive. 

Elements: This is a set of 14 elements of the GeneratePress premium style. It enables activating & deactivating any aspect of the site such as navigation, menu, footer, background, site collection, etc. 

generatepress vs kadence

Background: You can remove, edit, and delete your site background. 

WooCommerce: Add more color, typography, and layout options to your WooCommerce site. 

Menu Plugins: Create Sticky navigation, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, and more! 

Spacing: Control the sizes, padding & margin of your site elements. 

Blog: Featured image controls, columns & masonry, infinite scroll & more. 

Secondary Navigation: Add a second navigation with all the same options as the primary navigation. 

Sections: Create posts/pages in the sections. 

Disable Elements: Turn off various theme elements on specific pages throughout your site. 

Copyright: You can change the copyright text from the theme footer. 

Import/Export: You can import and export your theme settings and migrate them to another theme with only a couple of clicks. 

24/7 Support: You will also get 24/7 support via experts.

Kadence Free Theme Features

Kadence free vs pro

Kadence Free is the top-growing WordPress theme in the market with more than 1,00,000+ active installations. Just check out my detailed Kadence free vs pro theme comparison to know more about Kadence free and premium features.

The Kadence free theme features are mentioned below:

Mobile Responsive: The free version of this theme is fully responsive to all devices.

SEO-Friendly & Lightweight: The theme will be fully 100% SEO optimized and lightweight.   

Global Colors: You can set the background color of the entire website, content background color, link color, etc by using Global Colors settings in KadenceWP.

Branding: Here you will be able to upload your website logo, and set the position of your logo. Overall options available in the branding: 

Site Logo
Logo Layout 
Site Title
Site Tagline
Site Icon (Favicon)

Typography: You can change the fonts of the entire site in this section. The Google font option is also available in the KadenceWP.

Page Layout: In this section, choose which type of page layout you want for your posts and homepage. 

You will have full control over the display of the page title, page width, whether you want a sidebar to be shown, the location of the sidebar, featured images, comments, and more.

Footer Layout: The footer layout is as same as the header layout settings. There are three rows available and you can add up to 6 widgets in the maximum five columns.

Simply you can drag & drop the elements that are available in the widgets option.

Kadence Premium Theme Features

Kadence free vs pro

When you purchase the Kadence pro theme, you will unlock some more features in your customization, and also unlock one of my favorite Hook elements.

In the pro version of Kadence, you will get all the features mentioned in the free version as well as:

Header Addon: The free theme gives you 7 elements but with the pro version, you will get 20 additional elements that you can use in your header. Some of these are: 

Account Icon
Extra Buttons
Contact Element
Widget Area
Toggle with a slide-out panela

Hooked Element: The elements feature helps you to create custom elements on anywhere your website.

As an example, I created my author bio using the Hook element in my theme.

WooCommerce Addon: If you’ve owned an eCommerce website, your lots of problems get solved as Kadence pro offers WooCommerce addon in customizer. 

Ultimate Menu: The Ultimate Menu helps you with menu options for mega sub-menus, highlight tags, icons, and more. 

Header/Footer Scripts: The header & footer scripts help you to add options to the customizer to add header and footer scripts. 

Infinite Scroll: This feature enables infinite scroll on your WordPress posts. The URL of the post will change to another post URL automatically when users complete the first post.

GeneratePress vs Kadence- Which theme offers the best free & paid features?

Kadence Theme: The Kadence theme offers the best free and paid features than GeneratePress. Even Kadence free theme has enough features which you can use to create a professional website. With more than 20+ header elements, fixed elements, a dedicated mega menu feature, groundbreaking WooCommerce features, and a premium fastest WordPress theme offers the best premium features compared to the GeneratePress.

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Kadence Theme Pricing

I’m going to mention all the pricing plans for both themes in this section of the GeneratePress vs Kadence theme tutorial.

The pricing structure of Generatepress and Kadence themes is almost the same. However, You can access the KadenceWP theme in different ways.

So, let’s dive into the details.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing

Kadece vs Generatepress

GeneratePress premium theme comes with two different plans which are a yearly plan and a lifetime plan.

Yearly Plan: The yearly subscription to the GeneratePress premium theme comes at $59 for the one-year support and updates. This is the most popular plan for GeneratePress pricing.

Here are the key features of GP Premium:

All premium features.
Full access to the site-library
Use of up to 500 websites
1-year updates and premium supports
30-day money-back guarantee.

Lifetime Plan: The lifetime deal of Generatepress premium comes at $249 with lifetime support and updates. You don’t need to pay any renewal charges after purchasing this lifetime deal from GeneaatePress.

This is the best plan for agencies and WordPress developers who have clients all around the world. You can use this theme on up to 500 websites.

You will get all the features mentioned in the yearly plan.

Kadence Pro Pricing

Kadence theme pricing

Kadence Pro theme offers two pricing which are Kadence Pro theme and Bundles. Along with this KadenceWP offers a Kadence block plugin that unlocks more functionalities in the Kadence theme. 

The Kadence block plugin also has two features free & paid. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress.org website.

You can also purchase the Kadence Blocks Pro plugin for more features and customization options.

Here are the pricing and plans for the Kadence Pro theme:

Kadence Pro: In this plan, you will get only a Kadence Pro theme and it will cost you $59 for a one-year subscription & updates. 

The best thing is you can use this theme on unlimited websites. You will get all the premium features of the Kadence Pro theme which I mentioned in the Kadence premium section. 

Essential Bundle: If you want to access the KadenceWP theme along with their Kadence Blocks plugin and Pro Starter Templates then you can go with the essential bundle. 

The Essential Bundle costs you $129 for one-year support & updates with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Full Bundle: The Kadence Full Bundle plan comes at $199 for a year. You will get all themes and plugins from KadenceWP as well as their all future products.

Here are the details of the products in the Full bundle:

Kadence Pro Theme
Kadence Blocks Pro
Pro started Templates
Kadence Cloud
Child Theme Builder
Kadence Shop Kit
Kadence AMP
Access to all future products

This plan is for you if you want to create a professional-looking WordPress website. All the plans come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

There’s also a lifetime deal of a full bundle plan. The lifetime deal of the full bundle costs you $649 and you will get all premium themes and plugins for lifetime support and updates.

Kadence theme lifetime deal

GeneratePress vs Kadence- Which theme offers more value for the money?

Winner (Kadence Theme): The GeneratePress premium ($59) and the Kadence Pro ($59) come with the same pricing, but Kadence gives you more value. The Kadence theme is faster & better than GeneratePress. It has really awesome customization, and ease of use and offers more free & premium features than any other WordPress theme in the market.

Pros & Cons – GeneratePress vs Kadence 2024

Before choosing any WordPress theme, you should know the positive side and the negative side of the theme. So, let’s discuss each of the pros & cons of both themes.

GeneratePress Pros

100% SEO friendly & lightweight
Mobile friendly & fast loading
14+ premium modules
33+ demo sites are available to use
Child theme support
100+ customizing options
Full access to the site-library
Support all types of page builders
24/7 support by experts
30-day money-back guarantee.

GneratePress Cons

Don’t have enough features in the free version.
Very complex to learn

Kadence Pros

100% lightweight & SEO friendly
Mobile friendly & fast loading
There are lots of good features in the free version also.
Drag & drop header/footer builder
Starter templates to choose from
Support all page builder plugins
Global colors and palettes
Offers their own page builder
20 Additional Header elements
WooCommerce & Gutenberg ready
24/7 support by experts
30 days satisfaction guarantee.

Kadence Cons

Limited starter templates
No conditional headers

GeneratePress vs Kadence Reddit Reviews

This section is for all those users who search for Reddit reviews before making any decisions. Here I am going to mention some Reddit users’ reviews on the GeneratePress vs Kadence comparison.

GeneratePress vs Kadence reddit
GeneratePress vs Kadence reddit
GeneratePress vs Kadence reddit

As you can see above most of the users are recommending the Kadence theme over the GeneratePress theme. So, the winner is Kadence in this GeneratePress vs Kadence Reddit comparison.

Final Verdict | Kadence vs GeneratePress

So, here is the detailed GeneratePress vs Kadence theme comparison based on my own experience with Kadence and GeneratePress WordPress themes.

Both themes have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

In comparison to the features & customization, Kadence free and paid, both themes offer the best features and easy customization options compared to the GeneratePress premium.

In simple words, the Kadence theme is overall the better WordPress theme than GeneratePress at this time.

If you’re using Elementor on your website then you can go for Kadence theme + Kadence blocks pro. You will be able to remove Elementor permanently after using the Kadence theme and their block plugin.

Your website speed boosts dramatically after removing Elementor from your website and Kadence gives you the best option to do so.

I’m personally using Kadence Theme on my blog and it’s also a very fast and fully customizable theme.

But you need lots of time to fully learn this theme and need enough coding knowledge to fully customize every part of the theme. 

So, In my opinion, the Kadence theme is better than GeneratePress in terms of features, ease of use, speed, and pricing.

FAQs on GeneratePress vs Kadence

Is Kadence & GeneratePress both are free themes?

Kadence & GeneratePress both offer a free version of their themes which are freely available to download in the WordPress themes area. However, if you want more functionalities you can go for their premium version.

Kadence theme vs GeneratePress – Which theme is better?

Regarding overall features and customization options, the Kadence theme is way better than the GeneratePress theme.

GeneratePress vs Kadence- Which theme is faster?

GeneratePress is a little faster than Kadence because Kadence offers more functionalities in its theme. You can compromise this If you want these ease-of-use features.

Are both themes mobile-friendly?

Yes, GeneratePress and Kadence both are mobile-friendly and support all types of devices. 

What is the pricing of these two themes?

The pricing starts at $59 for both themes. GeneratePress offers a lifetime deal at $249 (one-time payment). However, Kadence offers an essential bundle ($129) and a full bundle ($199) that includes the Kadence Blocks Pro plugin and other themes and plugins.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, Kadence or GeneratePress both themes offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their plans.

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